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Bad year for Impatiens?

Posted: 20/07/2014 at 18:33

 Mine's just starting to flower finally ! Planted up in May ...... But a beauty 



Posted: 13/07/2014 at 16:46

Hello there, saw this by the roadside in Lagos Portugal last Week and was beautiful , wondered what it was - now I know! May be a new purchase happening to me  

Great year for Fuchsias

Posted: 02/07/2014 at 16:24

Now I didn't know that - thanks buddyboy. I like / prefer to water in the morning but never can get out of my snug bed early enough. Will make an effort to water fuschia before work   . Everything blooms earlier daaaawn safth than ooop  north 

Great year for Fuchsias

Posted: 02/07/2014 at 10:02

Wow, well what am I doing wrong ? Just a few buds on mine, must be patient I suppose..... Am in NW, where are you ?


honeysuckle won't flower

Posted: 21/06/2014 at 21:45

Cut it back hard, feed well,  water well and mulch, watch it grow and you'll have lots of flowers but.... Next year x

Dealing with Fuschia Rust

Posted: 19/06/2014 at 07:19

I have it only slightly tho, I read on rhs that even spraying can kill fuchsias!  If we bump to top, someone more in the know May have an answer 

Dealing with Fuschia Rust

Posted: 18/06/2014 at 16:48

they damage growth and vigour, pick off affected leaves as soon as they are noticed & bin, dont compost and feed the plants to boost vigour

When do you water?

Posted: 16/06/2014 at 19:46

Daily, try to do in the morning but like4th panda can't always get up early enough  So then it gets done after work! But prefer morning, so not all wet and attractive to slugs n snails. Feed twice a year with chicken manure and rose crystals plus FYM topping, then my baskets with tomato food weekly if remember ha. 

Sick tree

Posted: 15/06/2014 at 22:53

Is this not verticillium wilt - just cut out diseased bits and the rest should be ok 

Frog hopper / cuckoo spit / good, bad or indifferent

Posted: 13/06/2014 at 20:47

Good, thanks for replying, I'm really pleased! Have left them to their own devices thinking was ok and then thought .. Er hang on, so much, I wonder if I've missed something.... so googled and got all confused with such conflicting advice ! One less thing to worry about x

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