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Laying in the bath plotting...

Posted: 05/10/2013 at 17:57

Verdun - mission unsucessful!! His seed heads are not ready so wasn't the right time. Although he has a penstemon like the pictured one above so thinking cutting or seed!!!

i have verbena and looking others up. Unfortubately the local garden centres seem to sttock the everyday stuff and annuals but not much else!!


looking fior a nice helenium! Not one that looks like it's gone over, I like pert flowers and petals

Cyclamen advice

Posted: 05/10/2013 at 17:27

Will keep an eye out! 

Laying in the bath plotting...

Posted: 05/10/2013 at 17:05

Penstemon looks fab. My problem if I love all flowers. I have learnt that I need to add some height to my slim boarders tho!!

Cyclamen advice

Posted: 05/10/2013 at 17:03

I think I got the non hardy type, they only flowered for about 4 weeks!

Laying in the bath plotting...

Posted: 05/10/2013 at 16:53

Wow bit tall fory tiny garden but googled it and it looks fab!


im trying a bee balm next year! 

Cyclamen advice

Posted: 05/10/2013 at 16:39

Rounded, whole plant only stood about 10cm tall if that

Laying in the bath plotting...

Posted: 05/10/2013 at 16:38

I'm at my farthers steeling seeds. Rudabekkia the yellow daisy type


oh also this year someone bought me 2 lythrums, robin and a dwarf type. Both incredible plants and lovely.


robyn lythrum about 120cm and the dwarf one about 60cm

Laying in the bath plotting...

Posted: 05/10/2013 at 13:24

I had tall cosmos and that has been flowering since about July! But it's huge!!!


variagated astrantia, interesting! I love the form and shape of these, interesting even when not in flower

Cyclamen advice

Posted: 05/10/2013 at 13:21

Yes please! 


My my cyclamen were red, pink white abd a purple pink. No idea which has survived! 

Cyclamen advice

Posted: 05/10/2013 at 08:50

Oh thanks. I will plant and leave alone then

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