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Various questions/seeking views.....

Posted: 28/05/2014 at 20:42

Re read posts, how do I divide when it appeat's that the plant only has one main mass/stem, also when you say root cuttings, is it a specific bit of root I'm looking for. It's gayser gaura I have and cuttings take easily but they go fusty or damp in time. Also scabiosa, Beaujolais bonnets, am I doing something wrong as they seem to only last 2 years, turn woody and yellow and die/don't grow back! 

Various questions/seeking views.....

Posted: 28/05/2014 at 09:39

It's the oil you can see in the clay that is my biggest concern!! I just need to think of a design or get a drawing for the shape, then go for it, book the skip and order some soil. My think is visualising the shape and where how to put walk ways etc. if I move the new people will never know the work it's taken! I also desperately want the lawn doing it is soooo full of weeds, couch grass, clover and a running purple plant!!

Various questions/seeking views.....

Posted: 28/05/2014 at 08:45

No not discouraged, far from it, loving the back so want the impact at the front. My neighbour has been working his soil for 30 years and it's still tough. When my other half tried to dig border out he broke a fork. Then we also found out that the owner before us spilt oil on land hence why our efforts were rotting off and dying! So we decided that if we did beds that it would be beds I could maintain without breaking my back, so out with the clay and in with decent soil. We have dug out over a foot Abd half deep and put in soil. Firstly the beds near the house and under the front window, then this year a long the drive. My partner wanted uniformity but now on reflection he wants sweeping beds in and out!


So I think it will be a project of taking a bit more then more then more! See where that gets us! I think it will look but better when flowers are established a bit more! 


The he back I zoned this year, shady, sunny and then a sunny and dry. So 3 zones and things are happier!! 


Tips for for my wood fence would be great, I bought some modern creacote and then 3 months after it was back to pale and unkempt! 

Various questions/seeking views.....

Posted: 27/05/2014 at 20:55

Thanks for the replies, I agree and love all comments. My back is cute and I like how it's going. I have climbing French beans on my arches and some raspberry in back fence but agree need more. Not sure when to paint fence again as it fades as fast as painted. I have an evergreen honeysuckle one side of pergola. Wanted to avoid the woody winter look.


i hate the front, my partner wanted it to run down drive but it's clinical, I would love to sweep it in and out but I'm struggling as look 2 skips and bought in soil, I can't use existing soil I can't work it and it's sticky blue oily clay! the tree now has a carpet of dahlia under, but I want it to all look cottage and billowing but ... It's took me 2 years to do this! But the more I do the more I want to do! 

Various questions/seeking views.....

Posted: 27/05/2014 at 19:23

Hi all


few questions for you all....

i have some allium purple sensation, can I multiply, divide, set seed, how long do they take to make flowering bulbs??


any ideas of other things like allium that don't put on much leaf growth that could add a tier of interest but not compete with my compact is perennials, hopefully that I could plant deep so not disturb with any winter bedding. 


Cuttings.... When is best to take cuttings from my long serving favourites, scabiosa (Beaujolais bonnets), gaura, lythrum, agastache (new to me this year). Do winter cuttings take best, or get them going now and overwinter.


seems my cuttings took last year but overwintering they either suffered with powdery stuff or came through but didnt look healthy. I would like to know tips to do it and get healthy plants. When I did end of season cuttings and left them limping on I had a better start to season but again got damping off and powder. I don't have a greenhouse just a plastic one without ventilation in winter or a conservatory.


also I have a brass type coal skittle, tall and the handle came off, shall I pot up with a hosta, will the slugs climb it, would it look cute or just weird???


finally, this is my garden, please give me a critique, ideas, hints, criticism. I likw to know how to make it better or what others would do. Especially as the front is a new project and the bottom border has just got a mix of lupin, delph, dahlia and other perennials in. We had to dig down the side of the drive and replace the blue clay, it took a lot of hard work!! And it still looks like only a starting point!!  Guess what, my favourite hobby is talking plants and about my tiny simple garden, I'm only a mere puppy to gardening as dad would tell you,  and I love speaking to people that can garden well. 

Flummoxed by foxglove!!

Posted: 18/05/2014 at 07:14



Happy viewing but you can see that the flowers are split in half and there are stamens sticking out of each side. Rather gutted as my farther bought me them both as a gift. First picture looks amazing and this one just looks well weird!!!

Flummoxed by foxglove!!

Posted: 18/05/2014 at 06:56

I wish I could but I am an iPhone user but will add a link to twitter. It's meant to be perennial and it grew from the sme base just lots more flowering stems. I will post firstly...

the pink one that has returned as it was last year and meant to be perennial


then I will post the pink that's meant to be white that has funny funny flowers. Really I am lost. 


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