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Lawn advice

Posted: 05/06/2015 at 17:08
Thanks for your reply Dave. We are having the stepping stones put back across the lawn in early July, as I've had the person back who's Company it was. He said to fill in the ants nests bare patches with the turves cut out for the stepping stones, but there are so many and I would prefer it was seeded with the original grass mix. The workman who actually laid it also did the front lawn in September 2013, and we had no problems with that, probably because we didn't go away and watered it ourselves every day. I've now found out that the neighbour didn't water the back lawn when it when it rained. Today my O.H. filled in the gaps as you suggested above, but I will try again to find out where the original turf came from and to get some of their grass seed - anything else will just look odd. Also my suggestion to water each area for half and hour and not just 10 minutes is being done today.

Lawn advice

Posted: 04/06/2015 at 18:33

We had a new lawn laid in the back garden on the 8th April, went on holiday for 2 weeks and came back the 13th May, and the neighbour had watered the lawn and the garden, although apparently it rained while we were away.  On our return the grass was 18" high, we measured it, so it  was cut very high twice and the third time again on No. 7.  Three weeks later and it's looking very sorry for itself;  the turves are separating despite being watered and the heavy rain we've had in Kent recently, and it's not very green looking in patches.  It has been cut again on No. 6.  We also found about 15 ants nest after it was cut the first time, which have left bare patches in the grass.  I say it still needs lots of water and we need to fill in the joints with soil;  he says if it rains it doesn't need watering.  We use a sprinkler and move it down the lawn abut every 10 minutes.  Just how much is enough water to bring it back to the condition it was when it was first laid, and what can we do to green it up please?   It is about 107 sq.meters and cost a LOT of money to lay it.    

Barrels as water butts?

Posted: 07/03/2015 at 17:10
We have 4 plastic water butts filling up from the downpipe from the gutter, instead of going into the soakaway - not as good looking as a barrel but not wasting the water. We also have a dustbin with a lid either side of the Summerhouse. My O.H. has fixed gutters to the sides of the Summerhouse, and then downpipes which angle at the end, and go into the side of the dustbin at the top. We used this method at our previous house when we didn't have room in the garden for a water butt against a drainpipe.


Posted: 22/01/2015 at 18:08
We had a Moleman out twice last year, in May and again in September @ ??60.00 a time and ??10.00 each mole caught; he caught two in May and one in September. At various times I had tried crushed garlic, chilli pepper and mothballs down the holes, Nematodes watered in, battery operated mole deterents stuck in the ground, empty cans on metal rods, but nothing worked, so in he came.

We will have to re-seed that part of the lawn, which was newly laid in September 2013 at great expense as it measures 165 sq. metres, and I look out each day wondering when the first of this years molehills will appear.

We didn't have as many Crane flies last year as previously, probably thanks to the moles eating the larvae, but we are having the back lawn re-turfed later this year, as most of that has now been eaten up with leatherjackets, despite dosing it with Nematodes.

I posted on here when we first had the problem, and someone said we would never get rid of the moles. I can but try.

Mole hills

Posted: 11/12/2014 at 21:03
That ?? should be a pound sign - wonder why it didn't work?

Mole hills

Posted: 11/12/2014 at 21:01
I've now had the moleman in for the second time recently - costs me another ??70.00 - ??60.00 his fee and ??10.00 each mole caught. Last June it cost ??80.00 for 2 caught, but by September another one had moved in.
I've tried everything anybody suggested - smelly stuff in the hole, tins rattling on metal sticks, children's windmills, mothballs down the hole, etc., but nothing worked so in came the moleman. I
t was as a last resort, but when you've paid out loads of money to have someone in to put down 165 sq.metres of turf last year, then for part of it covered with piles of molehills, 17 at one time, it got beyond a joke. Not only do we have worms - good - but leatherjackets - bad. I got some Nematodes last year and although that seemed to kill some of the leatherjackets, there was still enough left for a mole feast. No, I'm not happy about killing the moles either, but it was as a last resort.

Arum Lily

Posted: 27/06/2014 at 18:14
Hello, On the 9th June I bought an Arum Lily on line from a well known Company; it arrived 2 days later well packaged and looking healthy, not in bloom but it had some green leaves. I looked on line again and they said it could be put it into aquatic compost and be kept in water. I did this but now it is not looking very healthy and the leaves are turning yellow and dying off. I got back in touch with them, sent them a photo as requested, and they suggested putting the Lily back into compost, as they thought the water was too warm, (which it wasn't). I've now put it back into fresh compost and it does still have some of the original compost around the roots. Can anyone suggested where I should put the pot now to, hopefully, recover and should I keep it very wet and in the shade?


Posted: 29/05/2014 at 18:13
The Moleman came and set 10 traps. The mole/moles pushed one trap out but another trap has caught 1 mole. The man checked the other 9 traps and is coming again next week. I've still got the cans and windmills in place.

Oh no, lily beetles are back!

Posted: 19/05/2014 at 21:00
Saw and caught my first lily beetle here in Kent yesterday, but have been dealing with my mole problem and didn't spot it until it was too late. My Siberian lily looks like it's had it - even the top where the buds would have been have been eaten. Didn't see any eggs though.


Posted: 19/05/2014 at 20:54
I still have my mole problem; came back from holiday last Wednesday to find 20, yes twenty, molehills in the front garden. Seven of them were on the grass and the rest in the left side border, which I only recently planted up.

I've tried cloves of garlic, Caster Oil granules and Nematodes last year; there are empty cans on metal rods which rattle in the wind, together with 3 childrens windmills, and I'm now trying hot chilli powder down the hole I find when I clear away the heap of soil - I now have a large crate full of the soil I've removed from the molehills.

I have decided to send for a Moleman, and he is coming next Sunday.
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