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A Puzzle to help you over the winter

Posted: Today at 11:53


Resurrected Six

Posted: Today at 11:03

Morning girls.  

A thick frost earlier, very pretty, but all gone now.  Bright and sunny, but you will need your long johns.

Hi Kitty.  You have been a busy bee.  Is it all done now ?  How long before the floordrobes are in use 

LANTANA.   Steady as you go.  I can't help this morning .   Still in my pj's. 

JOYCE.  Love your quotes this morning.   

New baby is coming home today.    Might pop in for a visit if parents aren't to tired.  


Resurrected Six

Posted: Yesterday at 23:00

Night all.  

Night Vlad.  

Resurrected Six

Posted: Yesterday at 21:39

Resurrected Six

Posted: Yesterday at 20:45

I think he's saying something like....... Mmmmm, I think there are a couple of peices  of Kentucky chicken left in the fridge.  

What do you think he's saying ??? 

Resurrected Six

Posted: Yesterday at 20:13

Girls, girls, please,  I DID say when he's running or jogging or dashing from one limo to the other.    Get your minds out of the gutter.  Please !!!!  

SGL.  I'm sure I read that it's a rug made out of Llama hair.   It wouldn't so bad (who am I kidding) if it was cut shorter at the back.   It's way to long.     Pole up his wotsit made me laugh.   

LANTANA.  Maybe hypnotism will work.    Personally, I think the image is funny.   But thats just me it seems.  Lol.

What do others think that face is saying........answers on a postcard please.  

Last edited: 21 January 2017 20:14:43

Resurrected Six

Posted: Yesterday at 19:25

PF.  Must say I felt embarrassed watching the video.    Why does he pull that face ?  What does it say ?    She looked as though she couldn't wait for the dance it to finish, and weren't they grateful when the cast from Dallas came on in full regalia.   

Resurrected Six

Posted: Yesterday at 19:16

Yes thanks, I'm all thawed out now.  Apparently it was an overhead cable.  But neighbours hadn't seen anyone all day trying to fix it, so it must have been elsewhere.    

SGL.  No manners and no brains either.   Sometimes the elderly think they have a right of passage just because they are knocking on a bit.  Not that I'm knocking on a bit I prefer to make fun of situations like that.   The ones who try to get into the lift before you have got out are just plain stupid.   Or, you both go to the left and then both go the right.....I always say, "oh alright then, one more dance then I really must go home". Usually raises a smile.  

TETTERS.   Only a horrible day in as much as I was in and out of shops all afternoon and Iv said how much I love doing that.       

PF.  Prey tell of nights in Barnsley with spotty adolescents.    The m.ind boggles.   You tell me about yours and I'll tell you about my Boy Scout.   Ha ha !!  

PANSY.   Flippin eck !!    Did you see the size of the first lady's rock on her wedding finger in that video.  Fantabitwinklygorgeousness personified.   Love a diamond.    I wonder if Donald's hair stays in place during 'energetic' moments.       Hey hey, you at the back, no tittering.   I mean when he's running for the bus and such....

Last edited: 21 January 2017 19:18:30

Resurrected Six

Posted: Yesterday at 18:59

You never know Tetters.  He's started already with sweeping changes to Obamas health laws. 

Yes he looked very coiffured.   Although i thought  his tie was to long and not a good colour either.   I liked his wife's powder blue suit.   Very Jackie K I thought.    We shall have to wait and see how he pans out won't we !!!   

Resurrected Six

Posted: Yesterday at 18:21

Evening girls.  

Hope you are all well and nicely warm.  

 On one of the coldest days yet, we have had a power cut ALL day from 9ish this morning until 5 this evening.  We were frozen indoors so we went out shopping and ate out just in case.  Text neighbour twice from the shops but still no power on.   Just as we were coming in the power came on.   Even the furniture felt cold.  Cup of tea with a wee dram on board for oh.   Daughter only lIves 4mins away but she went  to America yesterday.   Eldest son said "come up here Mom, we've got the woodburners on".  Did he really think I could drag myself away from a woodburning stove.   He might have had us all weekend.  

JOYCE.  Made me smile the comment from your daughter.   Keep her thinking that way.     

PF.  They're not instruction they are destructions.    

My Lor, iv forgotten what was on the last page ......again.    

I saw a hairpiece like Trumps when I was out.   Fortunately this one was on a dog.  

Is it me, or are all John Lewis customers rude and up themselves.   A woman practically physically shoved me out of the  way as I was looking at a coffee machine for oh.   No excuse me, or do you mind, just a glare that said 'out of my way, I'm coming through.   Well she didn't 'come through'.      Am I just a bit techy with the cold or what ?   

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