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A Puzzle to help you over the winter

Posted: Today at 19:39

Old Glory (USA flag)

A Puzzle to help you over the winter

Posted: Today at 19:33

Oil rig.  Onion.  Orb. Oast house. 

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A Puzzle to help you over the winter

Posted: Today at 19:26

Olive branch, olives, Olympic flag, ocelot, oxon, oust house, Oscar (statue)

Resurrected Seven

Posted: Today at 18:33

Evening all.  

JOYCE.  Corr, your lunch is just up my street.    Those flowers are a real pick me up.  I love that sweet damp smell of Spring.    

My Lady Elphinstone 'yellow' snowdrop has produced a second flower, so it is multiplying im pleased to say.   

LB.   Iv got a bit of varnishing to do here LB.   Iv got the Baileys and a brush.  

'Man who does' has been and gone.   All cleaned up again and a chilli almost ready for tea.  

Batton down girls,  storm Doris is supposed to be paying us  a visit.   

Signing off for tonight girls.   Sleep tight. 

Resurrected Seven

Posted: Today at 09:44

...I hadn't finished when post flew away.  

LANTANA.  Hope all went well at the hospital.   Beautiful Iris.   So beautiful and intricate, yet so tough.

SGL.   Happy shopping Lily.   Any chance you are passing a cake shop ?  

LB.     good news.   Now be a good girl and open wide. 

.......Iv finished for now.   

Have a good day everyone. 

Resurrected Seven

Posted: Today at 09:38

Morning Ladies 

'Its blowing a gale' as they say here.   Its lashing rain and turned cold. 

'Man who does' is here again.   Moving a radiator and new architriving on a couple of doors.  Some clever bod sunk nails in that show and it's been annoying me for years.    Trapped again. 

Im not kidding, as Iv been typing the rain has stopped and the sun is shinIng.   Rainbow weather

Resurrected Seven

Posted: 20/02/2017 at 22:18

MU.   Stop it !!! 

LB.   Brilliant idea.  You clever lettle person.   Pass me MU's cakes please.       

Resurrected Seven

Posted: 20/02/2017 at 21:41

Evening everyone.  

Iv put my cozzy away, it  turned quite cold this afternoon.  

Iv exhausted myself watching the 'man who does'.  He's done lots of jobs for us including, hanging a heavy mirror, changing a light fitting, caulking around coving before painting, jobs like that.  He's coming back on Wednesday to move a radiator.   I'm sure I can find a few more jobs for him.  But as we said the other day, it's awkward having people in doing jobs.   I don't know where to put myself.  

SGL & LB.   Pleased you had  nice lunch's.   Ladies who lunch eh !!  

LANTANA.   Sooooo glad you said you had other clothes on.  I thought 'Spring madness' has taken over the woman.  Made me smile though. 

MU.  Lemon Lupins sound lovely.  Iv never been able to grow Lupins without them being smothered in greenfly.  Love them, but I don't bother with them  now.   I'll admire yours instead. 

I don't mind Wasps or Bees until they get cheeky, otherwise I just keep stock still til they go away.   

Longing for a peice of cake but I know the sugar will keep me awake......ggggrrrr !!!  

Resurrected Seven

Posted: 20/02/2017 at 12:40

Afternoon Glrls, 

Very mild and dry here.   Almost cozzy weather. 

Iv had a stroll round twiddling my thumbs as we have 'a man that does' in at the moment.   My oh has banned me from doing some things for a while.      On my stroll yesterday I think I saw my Blewberry Tart snowdrop showing a tiny bud.   Have to wait and see.    The Bird Cherry has a few tiny pink flowers showing on the  'sunshine' side and the perfume from the  Sarcoccoa is heavenly.    

LANTANA. Yes, at last that ruddy advert has gone.  What a pain !!   It didn't inspire me to fly Lufthansa, quite the opposite in fact.   

HAZEL.   I'm not surprised your achy, you've worked really hard the last few days.   Take a chill pill today.  If you can 

SGL & LB.   Enjoy your day/lunches out today.     SGL.   What times tea   I'll be there.  

Is anyone watching 'Taboo' ?  Last episode this week coming.   It's been a close shave for my affections between him and Poldark.  There is definatley something about him, but I think I'll be true to Poldark.   I would think that the man in Taboo would make a good James Bond tho.   

Dont know what to do with myself as the 'man who does' is everywhere.  Thankfully !!    I think I'll have a go at one of those Vases/or might go and look at paint, or shall I do some Ironing ?   Nah !!!  I'll stick pins in my eyes first.  

Coffee first then paint shop.  Iv decided.  

Have a lovely day all of you. 


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Ivy Cottage with no Ivy!

Posted: 19/02/2017 at 23:03

Little red.    Have you thought about a Wisteria or even rambling or climbing roses.  Their roots ar not invasive.    Even Clematis grown in pots.    Try and see Busy Lizzies Clematis.    She grows some beauties in large pots.  .

As EB says, I woul definatley avoid VC.   It looks gorgeous for a while but can be quite damaging as your builder has pointed out.   

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