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Resurrected Twenty-Five

Posted: Yesterday at 20:50
MU.   So sorry, just read your post again.   Obviously hadn't read it properly by the barmy reply I  gave you about investments and fir forests.     I need locking up at times.  
Muddle-Up says:

Runners.....3/4 past?  OMG.   Tell me, what have I being paying taxes for for the past 45 years?  Not the education system, clearly. 

See original pos

.Night RUBEE  hopeyounfeel a little better tomorrow.    

Night everyone.   


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Resurrected Twenty-Five

Posted: Yesterday at 19:43

and the door ?  Cheers Joyce. 

Resurrected Twenty-Five

Posted: Yesterday at 19:12

JOYCE.   I have to move a desk and find a home for it over the holiday.  Shove an armchair over which narrows a space to get to draw the curtains.  It's a right palaver as it's a big tree.   How about I pop it your huge hall.   We have double doors from the tiny dining room into the lounge and it's one of those that will be coming off and stacked  somewhere.   Oh just rolled his eyes and said nothing.       

Resurrected Twenty-Five

Posted: Yesterday at 18:59

PANSY.   I can understand and have even used those two ways of saying what time it is or was, but come on 3/4's past    Maybe she never finished being taught how to tell the time on her Mickey Mouse watch.     Mind you I have had a kith n kin ask me "do you need your kidneys Nan ?"    No answer to that.   It's still bandied about for a giggle.  Not in her presence tho.   She is a real Mrs Malaprop in the making.   

Have you seen those massive veg at the Malvern show.   I would love to have gone.  

Resurrected Twenty-Five

Posted: Yesterday at 18:46

Forgot to say.   Saw a lovely sign when out today, it said,  APPLES PRESSED HERE.  RING FOR APPOINTMENT.  Never seen that before.     Also sadly almost every Horse chestnut tree we passed was either dead or dying.  

MU.  Oh don't give up on the Monkey puzzle decs.  We all enjoyed the shenanigans last year.    I'm getting rid of my artificial X...s tree and having a 'real' one.   Mind you I'll have to take a door off to put it where I want it. 

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Resurrected Twenty-Five

Posted: Yesterday at 18:38

MU.   Oh you know,  my massive investments,  my property portfolio, my investment in the fir forests in Scotland.   Little things like that.    It's not a huge amount but  enough to almost buy a good washer dryer.   S'ok by me.   .

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Resurrected Twenty-Five

Posted: Yesterday at 18:22

Back home at last.  Phew !!  

It's started to rain here after a lovely sunny day.  

Boiler ok til next year.   Birthday girl seen.  Flu jab had  and fish n chips consumed.  No Joyce, I didn't get any cake, it wasn't cut in my presence.   Normally i could understand it but being as I can't taste ........  Good for your daughter, putting that Doc in his place.   Hope she gets some relief soon. 

RUBEE, PANSY,  PAULINE hope you all have a good night.   Keep taking the tablets ....

Before I went out I had reason to call Midshires co-op about my membership.   The lady I wanted to speak to wasn't in the office ( when are they ever) but i was informed that she would be back at 3/4's past one.    Get your breath, 3/4's past one.     

Resurrected Twenty-Five

Posted: Yesterday at 12:53

LB.  Ooopppss !  .   Its only pretending ironing, honest.        Turns those guns away, Pppllleeeaaasseee.  Not up to running just yet. . 


Resurrected Twenty-Five

Posted: Yesterday at 12:43

Morning all.  It's blistering hot out there, I'm not kidding.  Want a picture ?   I'll have to put my cozzie on to go to the shops.   

Just waiting on the boiler man to service the boiler (no, not me).  Then pm off to GD's it's her birthday.  Flu jab later and the chippie.   Even though I still have no smell or taste  I won't have to cook anything for tea.  Bonus.  

LB. Enjoy your canasta session and only F-3 days to holibobs.   That's one posh washer.  My dishwasher has a blue light when I open it but no music.   Think I'll complain.      Have to agree with HAZEL and SGL, I'm tickle stomached about some things too    Babies nappies come under the category of nuclear waste but I can handle that, although sometimes it does make you wretch.  

FEDGE.  Send those cats over here when I'm out please.  My inside windows could do with a clean.  

PAULINE.  A good sleep is worth its weight in gold.   Keep on getting better.  

JOYCE.   Thinking of you and your daughter.   Hope the Morphine helps.   As for startling the delivery man....anyone remember Cherie Blair morning after the election opening the door of No10 in her tatty nightie.     Classy or what !! 

LANTS.   Hope Tiggs is all better now.  

CHEY.  Shopping.....that's a year of mindless shopping in my book.   Bet they don't catch you out again...or will they ? 

PP.   go for new doors me duck.  

PF.   Did you 'stick it to em' again at the hospital yesterday ? 

SGL.  Hope you are feeling a lot lot better.  If not, as may be the case, just take it steady.

MU.  I hope the River has gone down and that you don't have any rain for a while.   I'd be eating my fingernails down to the quick.   Water and gas I'm always fearful of.    With you all the way on Govt form filling.   Nosey beggars.  You know they wanted to see if you have 57 migrants living there don't you.    

Had a nice letter form the tax office saying they owe ME money.     It'll go toward my new washer/dryer.  

Hi to all Iv missed, it's never intentional.  

Have a lovely day everyone.    Must get the sun cream out  after Iv ironed my cozzie of course.   Forecast spot on for a change.  

Resurrected Twenty-Five

Posted: 20/09/2017 at 17:01

PAULINE.   Well done.  Your doing great.  

F'EDGE.  Lovely programme wasn't it.    

CHEY.  I wouldn't worry about where you saw that C.....s stuff.  It'll be everywhere shortly 

HAZEL.   Get plenty of rat poison in the hole and I mean plenty,   Everyday until you see it not been taken.....and then some.    They are clever animals those rats.   Good Luck.   I understand your fear.  Iv had them in the past, but then I kept chickens and rats are par for the course when you have birds.    

Signing out for the night early.    Oh not too good.   

Night night everyone.   

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