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Resurrected Thirty

Posted: Today at 21:01

Did make me laugh MU.   Great SOH those pair.   Cherry scones aplenty in the Midlands.  

FEDGE.  Your walk me me laugh,  go ooooh, then aarrrgghh re the boy cows.    A good walk then.     

SUNNY.   If it cheers you up to change your room then do it.    Not sure the Kitties will know not to damage it though.     

JOYCE.  Get the mop out !   

LANTS.   Hope your son doesn't come down to badly with the lurgy.   All packed are you ?   

Clocking out for tonight. 

Night night, sleep tight.

Resurrected Thirty

Posted: Today at 17:38

Joyce.  They  werehorrendous shopping trip s you had.   I sort of remember very long shopping expeditions into B'ham with my Mother.    She either had her purse pinched or she lost it one Xmas eve when I was small.  I remember the tears....   How did they shop for long at one time ?    I always seem to be taking something back or looking for something.   Dinner Joyce. 😊

LB.  I don't remember those cuties from last year although Iv had them on my iPad for ages.  Always worth another look.  

RUBEE.  I like the lamp even tho I'm not keen on cats. She says running for cover.  Gives a nice glow,    Very thoughtful of your Oh.   Was it for you or him or both of you ?  

CHEY.  Did you have a good day at your other home ?    New socks hey !   Let's have a look then..  

SGL. re Strictly.......if I see another 'celeb' squeeze there fists in front of their mouths  and say "I'm so excited", I won't be responsible for my actions.   You can't be that excited for that long or you'd  be locked up in the nut hutch.  

Enjoy your evenings Rezzers.   

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Resurrected Thirty

Posted: Today at 16:16

Blimey, I'm glad I smeared goose fat on my chest and put my liberty bodice on before I went shopping.   It's brass monkey weather out there.   Feels like snow, if you know what I mean.   It's beginning to look a lot like Christmas...........

PF.   It's Scon or scone here, whatever you want to say.......and you are a silly billy forgetting the marzipan.      Are you sure you didn't eat it on the way home ?   

PP.  what a lovely 5 mins you had when you came home.   Wish your GG a very happy birthday from me.   Have a smashing weekend.  

PAULINE.  Hope you are enjoying your restful day.   

All C.........  cards bought and written out ready to be posted.   A few missing from last year   Ah well,  way of the world sadly.   

Passed an old chap who had been knocked off his bike by the look of it.   Plenty in attendance but hope he is alright.   He looked quite elderly.    Someone's Dad, Grandad, bro etc.   

Cheese and onion cobs with plain crisps for tea.  Can't be bothered to cook anything today.  Plenty to nibble later on if  so desired.   

Looking ward to Strictly tonight.   Cute or what !!! 

Resurrected Thirty

Posted: Today at 11:17

Morning all Rezzers. 

Lovely and sunny here but very cold.  At least it's dry.   

Charger thingy broke yesterday.  New one is pants as iPad keeps,'pinging' when it's plugged in.  Iv one of those plugs where you can still use the plugs but have your iPad and phone charging at the same time.  Pants !!!  Another trek to the shops later on.  

A stollen for me, a stollen for me....oh no  it's a Gordon for me a Gordon for me .   Love Stollen.  I'm mad for those miniature Stollen cakes from Aldi or Lidl.   Too too moreish.      Good walking weather today, enjoy it F'Edge.  All day....I don't think I could manage that.      .   MU.  I don't have cats but I still tie my C.mas tree to a cup hook screwed  behind a curtain or under a windowsill.   Won't fall over then.  We're having a real tree this year, Iv given away my uge artificial one, can't be doing with it any more.   Are you doing the Monkey tree this year ?       LANTS.   It's the final countdown, now where have I heard that before .   Best of luck and enjoy your jollies in London.    HAZEL.  Lovely day planned I see.  Lemon cake hey    Where did you say you lived ?    PP.  enjoy your weekend.  

Morning RUBBEE, LB, PF, Joyce n Rebecca and all Iv missed and are yet to arrive.   Off to the shops, bet they're heaving.  

Hey up Pauline and Lily.  Snuck in while I was typing.  


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Resurrected Thirty

Posted: 16/11/2017 at 20:05

Have  a restful night Pauline and stay in the quiet corner until you are to peek out again. 

SUNNY.  Lots of 1st's to encounter.     Take it,easy and get rid of that chesty cold.  Sit in the quiet corner With Paulinemfor a while.  

Night everyone.  

Sleep tight.  

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Resurrected Thirty

Posted: 16/11/2017 at 16:22

Dark n damp here.  No more to be said.  

PP.  yes it's me with 'marcus' for a grassman.   He talks your head off if he catches you.  My Oh always laughs when I say that.....wonder why   He's on loan with Joyce at the moment.     I'm sure you have your hands full with your very own G.guy.      Yep, me who changes duvet and pillows twice a year.   It's not expensive and I love new bedding.    

MU.  What a picture of that PC last night !!!    I hope they weren't standing near it when it exploded.  Took mine back personally to JL this pm.  It's gone !!!  Aaaaaat ease !!!!

CHEY.   Most vets will, take your old bedding.  That's where mine goes now.  If not, do you have any of those bottle banks, clothes banks,on your supermarket car park ?   You could put it in the one for clothes.  

RUBEE.  Good news re your oh.    Why does it knacker you up going to the hospital ??  

JOYCE.  Busy lady.   Enjoy your book and don't forget to send 'Marcus' back soon.  

LANTS.  I know I was going to,say something to you but...... it's gone. 

HAZEL  What a nuisance.   Good window cleaners are like gold dust aren't they.   We call ours 'Porthole Pete' because he only cleans the middle bit.    I tell him every time that we have third generation spiders in the corners of the windows.   He just laughs and takes his money.    He's better than nothing I suppose.  

Hi to everyone v missed .   SYL

Resurrected Thirty

Posted: 15/11/2017 at 20:40

You are right Joyce.  Food tastes lovley when slowly cooked.    Good riddance to the PC i say.  

Hazel.  Glad you had a restful day......for a change.    Enjoy PB's.  

Im having long blonde falsies, waist length, down my back.   Gorgeous !!    

Signing out for tonight.   Going to watch Gone to Pot American road trip on ch3 at 9.  

Night night sleep tight. 

Resurrected Thirty

Posted: 15/11/2017 at 19:52

LANTS.   Boadicea, Iv heard it pronounced Boodika many times.   Not that I speak the Queens English but.....

PAULINE.  Bet your glad to be home.  Hope it all went well today.    Cup of tea and feet up.  

Couldnt do it, couldn't bring myself to risk red gravy all over the kitchen.   Pressure cooker is back in it's box and I'm going to return it.  Gone right off it.    Chilli bubbling away safely in the slow cooker.   

Resurrected Thirty

Posted: 15/11/2017 at 14:58

LB n MU.  Great cartoons.  Got my hairstyle spot on LB.   where the heck do you find em !!   

I agree about the choc's n I consider myself an expert chocolate tasting .   The chocolate seems to tdate oily and grainy to me.    

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Resurrected Thirty

Posted: 15/11/2017 at 12:46

After everyone.  

Damp, cold and very still.  

HAZEL.   Wouldn't it be a dull world if we all liked the same things.   I haven't watched PB, but I know of it.   knew a few rouges like that when I was growing up.  Not violent but not good either.     Lovely picture of 23 last night.  Was he wearing a fur coat ?    Same here Hazel, new pillows and duvet this weekend.  Change mine twice a year.  Always have.  

JOYCE.  Grassman has been and gone and he's winging his way up to you as we speak.   Don't keep him too long will you ?    Have a very pleasant afternoon with your friend. 

LANTS.  Countdown to the start of your new bathroom....  I hope Tiggs is still parlour sweet.  Maybe not  depends.  

RUBEE  I did wonder ...     REBECCA.  Steady as you go.  

PAULINE.   You know we are all rooting for you here.  

MU.  Love Magpies.   We have lots here.  Big fat bossy ones, unlike the skinny ones I see by the roadside. Alive I might add.  

I remember Keith Barron.   R.I.P.

First go with my replacement Pressure cooker.   I'm doing a chilli for GD and daughters tea tomorrow.   If you don't hear from me again, Iv gone up with a bang.    You might see me on the 6 o'clock news ' woman stretchered from building covered in Chilli'.   Will she survive the embarrassment...... errrr, No.  

Have a good day everyone.  SYL

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