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ask a silly question....

Posted: Yesterday at 23:42

Right foot, right hand. 

Horseshoe Shaped marks on lawn

Posted: Yesterday at 21:32

I think it may what's know as a 'fairy ring' where toadstool spores spread.  It will right itself in the weeks to come.  I used to have one every year.   If it botheres your friend use a weed killer but remember it will kill the grass as well.  I'd just leave it.

Unpleasant adverts

Posted: Yesterday at 21:22

There you go, I knew I shouldn't have typed that.    Touch of the vapours here !!!!


Posted: Yesterday at 21:19

SGL.   No I'm not poorly, just Heartbroken.    I'll have to get an extra drool in tomorrow nite.      I'm just warming up now, but I think it's been really cold today and a cheeky little wind made it worse.  Think I'll have a Sherry 

Unpleasant adverts

Posted: Yesterday at 21:16

I knew that was coming...... I could have written more, but I think you have a similar SOH as myself.  

Unpleasant adverts

Posted: Yesterday at 21:12

Ooo err Missus !!!  and I thought it was for Guns as in bang, bang,  


Posted: Yesterday at 21:08

Stunning Garden LIRI. 

Unpleasant adverts

Posted: Yesterday at 21:05

Am I missing something about 'Gun Oil'. ????   Or shouldn't I ask  ? 


Posted: Yesterday at 21:03

SGL.     I'm a broken woman, what am I gonna do.  I'm bereft.  Heartbroken ! 

I know,  I'll buy a big poster and put it up in the L.Room,  oh will love that. 

LIZZIE.   They sell Garibaldi biscuits everywhere, maybe they had just run out of them where you were.   Mmmm Clarnico peppermint creams.  I think they  still sell them too, also other brands make a similar one but they're not quite the same.  I'd eat them tho 

Yes, Iv been freezing all day....when I came home this pm I fell asleep for two hours ..........I'm now on the sofa with a fleecy around me and the heating on. 




Posted: 17/04/2015 at 21:30

DOVE.   Pleased it all went well today for you all, especially your Ma. 

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