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Posted: Today at 16:03

GG.   Really loved looking at all those gardens.  Thank you.  Really like the Peoney and the Summerhouse picture taken through the daisies. 

Cuttings From Pinks

Posted: Today at 15:59

VERDUN.  You have so many plants.  

Identify this flower please

Posted: Today at 15:44

Cosmos ?  

Garden Pictures 2015

Posted: Today at 15:22

My word that's a massive Poppy  Lyn.  Lovely colour.   Lovely pics as per.

 Niobe.  £1.49 Lidl. There are at least 30 buds to pop. It's Climbing to the top of my £3 apple tree from Aldi.

 My £3 French Lavender from Morrisons yesterday.  

I'm taking slippings from all my lavender this aftnoon.  We've just had an almighty cloud burst so I hope the sun comes back again and I can get out and do it. 

Hidden Villages with Penelope Keith

Posted: Today at 15:14

Ooooooer indeed David.   You buying  ? 

Summer parsnip

Posted: Today at 14:19

Iv planted two lots.  One lot for eating and the other I shall let go to seed for the most beautiful flower heads.  They get to about 5' tall and have a beautiful mustardy coloured head full of seed.  They would be great for back of the border. 

Supermarket tomato sprouting

Posted: Today at 14:15

Oooh That's interesting.   Never seen it before.   I like weird stuff like that. 

Hidden Villages with Penelope Keith

Posted: Today at 13:04

touché  Tootles. 

Cuttings From Pinks

Posted: Today at 12:51

We call them 'slippings' here Verdun. 

I wonder what they are called in other parts of the country ? 

Well the girls are better

Posted: Today at 12:49

Are you Welsh, Welshonion ?  

Well done our girls. 

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