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Posted: Yesterday at 22:52

Blimey Pansy. 


Posted: Yesterday at 22:50

Catdude.... You do realise you've posted this in the 'Tools and Tecniques' section.

night everyone before,I get in trouble .


Posted: Yesterday at 22:47



Worries & troubles that affect Forum friends.

Posted: Yesterday at 22:39

SGL.   How is your friend and her daughter doing ??


Posted: Yesterday at 22:36

Gemma. Your hard core willie remark made me splutter out loud. Funny. 

Edd.  Haven't heard that C&A one for ages. 

I have a pair of 7yr old Riggers.  They are two or three sizes to big, they were very cheap so I bought them.  Very easy to get on and off  even with 9 pairs of socks.


Posted: Yesterday at 22:15

PM  gran...

sweet williams

Posted: Yesterday at 21:57

I have some Sweet William growing albeit a bit straggly at the base of a Clematis and a Hollyhock.  I didn't plant them and Iv been here over 3 years.  Obviously self seeded themselves.  You can't go wrong really with them. 

Worries & troubles that affect Forum friends.

Posted: Yesterday at 20:15

Matty..... Really pleased you are through the first op.  All best wishes and hugs from me.  Try and rest and have a good night . x


Posted: Yesterday at 20:09

Last post just went........

Threatened with a hose down this pm at a garage.  I went to fill car up with petrol and half way there was a gurgle and as I pulled the nozzle out it exploded out of the tank all over me.   Luckily my Mac was buttoned up to the neck, the whole of the front of me, my shoes, my trousers, my bag strap soaked.  Went to the Kiosk and a lady customer asked if she could help. "Yes" I said, "don't light a fag" . Assistant took me in the back room to wash my hands and arms,(I washed myself, not her ) triple bagged my coat, was most concerned as I smelt as though I was gonna explode. Even came with me to make sure I put said bagged Mac in the boot. Apparently it's SM procedure and gave me a token for a free car wash.  Phew !! What a pong.  

Went to daughters nearby, where I washed and changed and  she Invited us to stay to dinner.  Roast Lamb, didn't need asking twice. 

Just going to finish my Xmas tree in a mo. 



Posted: Yesterday at 19:58

Matty.  Aahhhh !  Hugs from me to you.  Have a good night Matty !! 

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