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Posted: Today at 22:28

   Sorry Baza.  That's really disheartening.   It's not to late though.  We could have an Indian summer later on as well.   Glass half full always. 

Over-excited novice gardener

Posted: Today at 22:21

Well done Lena.   Your plants look really healthy and bushy.  Keep going. 

Even you hard hearts......

Posted: Today at 22:17

Don't tell FB.   Remember how I got ribbed last year when I said I'd been to see Doddy in B'Ham. 


Posted: Today at 22:15

Same here in Sth Staffs Baza.   Can't complain.  Very hot or very warm days and nights.    Had the fan on in the bedroom a few times.   No I don't want to rub it in either.   Muggy still at, have lounge window open with a lovely breeze coming in,  An hour ago we watched 4 deer on the field at the bottom of our garden.   Young ones , 3 does and a young stag. 

Where do you live Baza ? 

Pole for washing line

Posted: Today at 20:05



Posted: Today at 20:03

VERDUN.   Gutted for you .   Iv just eaten 7 out of eight Fondant Fancies and I begrudged the one I had to give away. 

Garden Centre Bargains

Posted: Today at 19:20

Bit like the time I helped carry a 12' piece of carpet into a Hotel in Kidderminster.  I'd buttonholed the poor chap with the carpet when I was doing Market Research years ago.  We did have a laugh about it. 


Posted: Today at 19:11

HOSTA.  I bet Charlotte was pleased. 

Market stall holder was quite rude when I asked him for a certain material. He said "ain't winter yet Luv, it's Summer". What ???    Bought a lot of lovely fruit and nothing else.   NO.  No plants.   

4'. Clematis at Aldi.  Very good condition.  £4.99 each. 


Posted: Today at 18:24

VERDUN.  Pleased to read about your cousins progression with your help . 

DD.  I don't know how you do it.!!!!    I was thinking the same as you, that this is a lovely site too.  

KEF.  Glad you liked your 'pink Fir'.  Firm and nutty aren't they.   My faves are Charlotte at the mo.  I have loads to unearth yet and can't remember what some are.   doesn't matter as long as they taste good. 

WWomble.   Oh I see.  Saved on a removal van then.  Your garden is so colourful since I last saw it, and yes, it will be great to go straight out to it instead of round the Wrekin. 


The Bakewell Show

Posted: Today at 18:11

Pansyface. PM x 2

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