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Resurrected Nineteen

Posted: Today at 17:31

Afters   Hark at me, all trendy 

JOYCE.  Nice new puter, good luck with it.    I'm so old fashioned I thought I could sit next to the rear gunner on a plane.    

Talking od puters and Tablets, there was a question on quiz show yesterday asking what was Tablet made from.  I was able to answer through you lot talking about it.   

MU.  No luck with the seat covers, but like your idea of leather pants for Oh     Good thinking Batwoman.  I don't think he'd be pleased though.   I don't know about cutting a dash but I think he'd be cutting something.  Ouch !!!  Yes, I did get my hair clip thingy.  Not tried it yet as have to wait for my 'bangs' to grow a little after my last attempt at a choppy fringe.   I'll let you know.      

LANTS.  Loved Rising Damp too.  Vienna always looked as though she was going to 'have him' at any moment.  

HIya Kitty.  

Bought a rose on offer, and a few baby things for C.......s,  'Wild Thing' a dark pink bush rose.  I want it for a wild place so that's ok.  No idea how that happened, car just sort of veered in to the GC.  Got talking to a dear old lady of 93.   We said goodbye half a doz times and kept bumping into one another.  She said "I wished you lived next door to me". Bless.  I don't, I'd never get anything done.  

Can someone come and stop me eating forkfuls of fried onions.........

Wonder how LB got on and wonder what she bought ????

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Resurrected Nineteen

Posted: Today at 12:48

Afternoon girls.  

WE'VE HAD  RAIN !!!!  Lashings of it in the early hours and again this morning.  Really heavy, the garden is soaked.  

Cant read back just yet, will do later.  We are off to find a leather type seat cover for passenger seat as Oh is struggling to get in the car with material type seat.   Old car was all leather seating. He could drop in and couldn't get out.   This car he can get out but struggles to get in.   and ne'er the twain shall meet.   Something like that anyway.   

I hope LB has a good day and brings us back some goodies to ogle over in that pink 'truck' of hers. 

Enjoy your day girls.  SYL.  

Resurrected Nineteen

Posted: Yesterday at 21:04

Night Everyone.  

Let's hope we all have a lovely deep sleep. 

C u tomorrow,  

Resurrected Nineteen

Posted: Yesterday at 16:54

After girls.  

Today is grey and overcast and very muggy.  It feels almost tropical out there.  

Yesterday was a complete wash out.....had to take the car in as the boot catch kept sticking.  No good in my situation, lots of paperwork and telephoning, none of it mine  a really good headache and at 7pm daughter, 2 GC and GF in tow paid a fleeting visit.   It still involved tea, cake and strawberry's     I was glad to go to bed last night. 

SGL.  Pleased you had a nice day out with your sisters friend.   Sad but good to talk as theynsay.  

PF.  No rain here either.   It's forecast heavy rain and thunder but so far not a sniff.   

LB.  Hope you have a great day tomorrow at Tatton Park.  Don't forget to take pictures.  Pansy and I will have any rain forecaast that way.  

REBECCA.  Nope !!   The Grenfell Tower victims aren't sorted.  Disgraceful... Why doesn't the Government just give them a lump sum to buy or rent a property of their choice.   They will have to pay them huge amounts of compensation anyway so why not give them some now to ease the pain they are and have suffered already.   I know there are lots of connotations to all this but people need help NOW !!!    I don't need a clock to wake me anymore.......... iv been retired for 16 years.  

LANTANA.  I agree some agricultural smells are more pongy than others, while others are good at clearing your pipes.   When we lived close to a farm and they were muck spreading my Oh used to say "two sniffs of that and your a greedy sod".   Hope Tiggs was ok sleeping with her Mum.   On line shopping here too with SM trips,in between.   I never remember everything.  

JOYCE.   Perhaps my headache will shift it we get a storm.   Like you I never wish for rain, but now......

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Resurrected Eighteen

Posted: 17/07/2017 at 19:31

Hi SGL.  Yes, definatley a begonia.  It's lovely.  Iv seen the red/orange ones and they flower forever.   

Subject on Mastermind MU.  Now let me see   Food i think.  .  

Signing off early tonight.  Too much to do inside and out.  

Sleep well girls.   

See you tomorrow.  

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Resurrected Eighteen

Posted: 17/07/2017 at 19:01

Oops a Daisy !!!   Fell into a food coma there after tea.     

LANTANA.   Her I am, here in am, not busy now.  How's about one of those choccies each.   What an angel I am.    That's only because you all know about them now..    Otherwise....    Thank you Rebecca.  

JOYCE.  Never ever been able to keep an indoor or outdoor Cyclamen much as I like them.   They seem to rot away. 

Shed man is coming tomorrow to work out why it's letting in rain.   Lants, it's an all day appointment, but they will ring half an hour before they arrive.  Have you heard that one before ?   We wanted to take the car to the garage as the boot lock is sticking.  Not good when you come back to the car and the boot won't flick open.  Gggrrrrrr !!!!  

Have a nice evening girl,   Mastermind has started. 

Resurrected Eighteen

Posted: 17/07/2017 at 16:52

NOTE TO SELF.  Slow down Runny.   You keep putting stuff in the wrong place when you edit your posts.   Even you can't keep up with yourself, so how do you expect anyone else to. 

Ok, I'll slow down, but I can't promise I will be any better. 

Well try...


Resurrected Eighteen

Posted: 17/07/2017 at 16:42

Yea, whatever LB said.      Lots to do, places to go, people to see, pans to strike, pots to riddle. (VW)

That Lily Lb will turn out to be a true Star gazer Lily.  I hope. 

I often say it when I want to leave any where and am asked to stay (believe it or not) leaves em with a smile.  

Gawd knows how that happened LB.  I think  it might be how I hold/turn the iPad when I'm taking the picture.  My screen is rotating again after one of the GC got their mitts on it.   LAnts did tell me how to rectify it but Iv forgotten. 

JOYCE.   Don't blame you at all.   Much to early for you.  Your beautiful garden will be a great healer I'm sure. 

HAZEL.  It's a Spider Lily.  3 for a £1 from Morrisons at end of,season.  Turned out to be a bargain I'd say. 

I cant 'go' anywhere, I'm much to busy 

Thanks LB

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Giant Lilies

Posted: 17/07/2017 at 16:31

DHR.  I think we have the same yellow,tree Lillies.  5-6' tall now.  Grown in a pot.  

A few of my Lillies, a new Dahlia, and a Rose named 'Blue eyes' with a beautiful sweet perfume a bit like Dolly mixtures.   It changes colour from pink to raspberry to white. The picture doesn't do it justice at all.   

Beautiful pictures everyone.  Thanks for sharing them.   More please !!!Sorry pics are upside down. 

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Resurrected Eighteen

Posted: 17/07/2017 at 16:09

After all.

Corr it's hot here.   

Sweltering around the shops.  

JOYCE.  Beautiful,pictures of your garden.   I love those sweet liitle violas.  They look good enough to eat.   

HAZEL. Take care out there on the roof, and be careful whatnyounjang on to. .   Not long now before the baby comes is it.      Will you be volunteering for baby duties as well as gardening, painting decorating, upholstering etc etc.....

REBECCA.   Any cake left ?     I'm a complete div o when it comes to technology.  I can hardly spell it for a start.   Ain't LB clever !!   

A couple of pics taken when I got home....it's all kicking off with a bit of sunshine.   Let's see some more gardens/flowers shall we ? 

Can you tell I love Lillies.  

 LB.  Help  !!!

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