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Resurrected Thirty-Six

Posted: Yesterday at 19:28

Iv just seen the weather conditions up North.  Atrocious !!  But tell me why the motorists are driving way to fast for the conditions.    Don't they want to get home ?     You did the right thing TB ny staying home for now.  Moffat Rescue has even been on Midlands Tv.  

Aye up !   I can feel eyelids drooping....food coma coming on.   Oh noooooo, quick make a a coffee Lants to keep me awake please.   

MU.  Finished 'The Dark' and have ordered 'Tulip'        Have you read Tulip Fever by Deborah Moggach ?  A cracking read  about obviously  the Tulip fever that took hold but with a good story attached.  Greed, lust, and all manner of scullduggery going on.   

Resurrected Thirty-Six

Posted: Yesterday at 13:18

JOYCE.   I did order A snowdrop, a cheaper one of course.   Couldn't help myself.   Grassman has been this morning and chopped up my Cmas tree and filled the brown bin with cuttings and leaves.  Cut back a wild Montana that had grown into a tree And a general sweep up of leaves.    Where would I be without him.  

Watching the news....why oh why do they send reporters out in this weather to shout down a microphone to tell us it's snowing or raining.   Seems daft to me.   

PRINCESS HAZEL.   It will feel strange for a while but it's done now.    

Wheres LANTANA ?  

Just popped out to post 'little squeezes birthday card, just in case we're snowed in on Friday and I can't see him in person.  He's having a tea party on Saturday and yes, Iv checked, there will be cake .  

Just going to prepare dinner as I want to hunker down all afternoon and watch telly.  I'll be half woman half sofa by tea time.   

Resurrected Thirty-Six

Posted: Yesterday at 12:12

Could this be a close relation of your Ginger cat LB ?  

Resurrected Thirty-Six

Posted: Yesterday at 11:59

Morning all Rezzers.  

SGL.  Thinking of you.     Be kind to yourself today.   Not a pleasant job but one that has to be done I'm afraid. 

RUBEE.   Your Oh is going through the mill isn't he.   Feet up and rest, not a lot else he can do is there. 

TB.  I think you've made the right decision to leave your trip for a few days.   I once got stranded and it's not nice at all.    

I hope all those who are snowed under are safe and snug.   It was white over here at 4am and gone by 6am.   Now it's just freezing cold, windy but with bright sunshine.   Bbbbrrrrrrr !!   

Iv had an Avon Bulbs catalogue this morning.......no, I'm not looking at it.....No,.it's going straight in the bin......I don't need anything anyway, I'm cutting back.........half an hour later i was still drooling over the snowdrop section.   Some are £100,£110 even £130  πŸ˜³πŸ˜³πŸ˜³for one bulb.  

Morning to all Iv not spoken to.  πŸ™‹πŸ™‹   SYL.

Resurrected Thirty-Six

Posted: 16/01/2018 at 19:36

Signing out for tonight rezzers. 

TOPBIRD    Have a good trip and a safe journey.   

Hi Lants.  

Sleep tight.    Let's hope we don't wake to a world covered in the white fluffy stuff. 

Resurrected Thirty-Six

Posted: 16/01/2018 at 17:06

Stobart it should read.  

Resurrected Thirty-Six

Posted: 16/01/2018 at 17:01

I remember saying a short while ago that "we don't have to pay......then blow me down.   Just before C'Mas, we had a letter telling us that if we want them emptied it will cost £38 as I said.   

FEDGE.   Here 'brown bins are for garden waste, blue for recycling and black for household waste.   We have sticker to stick on the brown bin to show that we have paid for the priveledge,  then they turn it into compost and sell it back to joe blogs.  

LB.  you may have spoken to soon as I did.  

Great Joyce.  I always try to see what names are on the Eddie    Stonart lorries.  Do you have those up there

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Resurrected Thirty-Six

Posted: 16/01/2018 at 16:21

HAZEL.   Your welcome to come and listen, but I doubt it will ever sound like IZ.   I heard his version a few weeks ago when I was looking at Eukele tunes to play and it struck a chord with me too.   Hauntingly beautiful Hazel.   

CHEY.  We have to £38 pa now to have our brown bins emptied.  Hadn't used to, just another way to get your money.  £30 plus pounds has also been added for 'social care' to,our CT bill. 

Resurrected Thirty-Six

Posted: 16/01/2018 at 15:52

Back a while from town and only just warming up. 

Very very cold out there.   Yellow snow warning last night but none as yet.  

Didnt get scalped thankfully.   Just a tidy up of my own 'hacking' before C'Mas. 

HAZEL.  That's one of the tunes I'm practising on my Eukele.   IZ's version is just beautiful.  What a lovely voice he has.  It's haunting.   Course I don't sound ANYTHING like that.    

FEDGE.  You were brave  today. 

JOYCE.  Yes, stay indoors, if you were to fall it would,be terrible for you.   Another day !

Hello there LB  

PAULINE.  You have enough on your plate without being upset over a kindly meant remark.  Hope  you are feeling a little better today.  

PANSY.   Flippin heck, bet that itching is driving you mad.  lets hope it's calmed down a bit today.  

Watching 'The farmers country showdown', feet up with a coffee.  SYL.  

Resurrected Thirty-Six

Posted: 16/01/2018 at 11:50

Morning Rezzers. 

Its brass monkey weather here too.

Happy belated birthday wishes to you Daisy.  πŸ·πŸŽ‰πŸ’.   

Off into town for a quick πŸ’‡ I just hope Eddie Scissorhands sister isn't on duty, and to return a couple of items .....again.   Why do I keep doing it !! 

HAZEL.   Shows he and his family were well thought of.  So very young though. 

RUBEE.   Love looking at old stuff like that.  I have old old birth certificates of a sort from my grandparents where it just states, name and how many children in the family and occupation of parents.   As you say lovely old copperplate handwriting too.   I have a ration book belonging to my mother dated around 1954 and an I'd card.  Wished I had more of those things.   Love poring over old photos, much better than iPhone shots.  Makes people more real I think.   My daughter has the family bible, it's not that old as my father bought it for me when I was 12 .  Beautiful paper, white leather with gold leaf pages.  

MU.  How is your Oh today ? 

Enjoy your day SGL.     

Must fly, can't remember anymore.  SYL.   

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