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Movie quotes

Posted: Today at 20:00

Ill have seconds please. 

Movie quotes

Posted: Today at 19:30

Thanks YVIE.   I hope you 'behaved' at the table YVIE. 

Movie quotes

Posted: Today at 18:30

What movie is that from YVIE ?


Posted: Today at 17:24

Lovely picture of your dog Lizzie.  He looks a smart fellow. 

Just as I said, the owners fault. They should have protected you if they knew you were coming to their house.   The dog was only doing what he was supposed to do.   Guarding his patch.   Owners eh !!!   Know what you mean though......once bitten, twice shy.  


Posted: Today at 16:52

OMG.   There are no words except utter gorgeousness !!!!  Thank you Matty & Yviestevie. 


Posted: Today at 16:50

WINTERSONG is so right when she said it was the owners fault when she got bitten.  Unfortunately German Shepherds had a reputation of being a dog that bites.    Not true.     A dog doesn't just bite for no reason.     It's usually the owners fault or the dog is scared or above it's station.      If  a dog is brought up properly and trained to be sociable with humans and other dogs there should'nt be a problem.     On saying that I would NEVER EVER leave a small child alone with ANY dog, whatever the breed.    I know there will be people out there who will have an opinion on that.    But why take that Chance ?    Always make sure the dog knows who is in charge, you and family members first, then the dog.    Then you should have no trouble. 

My daughter has four children and always had 3 GS's  at the same time when they were small. (for protection as well as being loved, they were outdoor dogs, lived very rural)   They were the most obedient, loving, protective dogs you could wish for.    

Have you ever seen a fat, wriggling mass of 8 GS puppies at eight weeks old following you around the garden ?   No ?  Then you haven't lived .  Can you tell I love GS's ? 

Im SO envious of anyone with a dog now.   You are so lucky. 


Anyone done any gardening today?

Posted: Today at 16:28

Yes,  emptied all tubs and trugs of rainwater and turned upside down.   Put upturned black pots over lillies.  Watered geraniums I'm trying to save from last year.  Put slug pellets around in little piles under slate.  

A little delight......several snowdrops emerging in front lawn that I planted last year.  Others are thru and showy elsewhere in the garden.  

I have  an old summerhouse that I'm hoping to get repaired this spring.  The door keeps blowing off with the wind.  It just blew off again and hit me on the back  but I didn't mind because inside I saw a brown bag full of huge tulip bulbs with two inch dark green shoots,no idea of the name, and a bag of alliums. How did I miss those ?  No compost so will wait until tomorrow.   Oh dear, another trip to the GC. 

Put plastic shelving together for little shed.  (I keep w.pwd tabs, bleach, Dettol, kitchen & T.rolls in there.)   I'm a hoarder of those things.  My oh says if anyone gets dysentery we have enough to go round.  

Picked more carrots for tea. 

water butt tap not working

Posted: Today at 14:32

BIrdy13.   Brilliant. 

Naki.   How's your butt this morning ?  


Posted: Today at 12:54

Afternoon all.   Bright, sunny and very windy here.  

CLARI.   I'm SO envious of you.   Reggie is gorgeous.  You will never regret having a GS.  Iv had 3.   They are so clever and responsive.  Loving and loyal pets.  He will be fine once he knows what's what and as long as he knows YOU are the boss. 

Lots of pictures please. 

PUNKDOC.    I'm thinking a dog might just be the right thing for you. 

Such a lot has happened on the forum this morning.  I'm wishing everyone a good day whatever you are doing.  Stay safe and warm.  

Worries & troubles that affect Forum friends.

Posted: Today at 12:22

BL.   I have no words. I'm shocked at such things. My thoughts are with you and anyone connected.  So very sad. x

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