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Resurrected Fourteen

Posted: Today at 17:05

Cor, quite a haul there Sunny and all for £17.    

I did look in the 'dead n dying' corner but nothing there to entice me to buy.   

Thanks MU, PF and YVIE for the planting advice on Peonies.   I k ow you can look it up but sometimes it's better from someone who has actually grown them.   

YVIE.   Aren't you going on holiday tomorrow ?    If so, have a great time.   I can't imagine what it's like to be burgled, very upsetting I'm sure.   Finger crossed nothing like that happens here.   

Iv just popped out and taken the colander off the little BT as I have seen several adults flying about.   I'll check later on.  

Resurrected Fourteen

Posted: Today at 16:18

Fingers crossed for him eh.    LB.   Thanks for turning the pic for me.  

MU.   Lovely many headed plant you have there.     Iv never had a peony before.    Do they  need anything special to grow them ?  

Resurrected Fourteen

Posted: Today at 15:57

Back from the GC.   It just started to rain as we getting into the car.   Good.  

I found this little fellow drowning in a piece of black plastic that's protecting my chard seedlings when we returned home.   It's a baby Blue tit, no bigger than a small egg..   He was cold and sopping wet.    Iv had him in the kitchen wrapped loosely in kitchen paper and under a colander until he was dry and popped him out under the Leylandii where there is a good size dry patch.   I didn't want to frighten him to death by keeping him indoors.  There are quite a few Blue tits around.   Fingers crossed for him.  

I said I was going for a Rhoddie but they were not very good.   Either gone over or to big, but I did buy a Peony, Sarah Bernhardt, and a packet of coriander seed, can't stand the taste but I love the smell of it in the garden.  A couple of pot saucers and a bag of seed spuds for £1.  Can't remember the name just now.   There was also a beautiful Geum, that name escapes too, but I had a slight smell of Celery.   I hate Celery too but love the smell of it.  

LB. HAZEL.   What did you buy ?  Isaw that one too LB.   

joyce. Beautiful plans..   You skipped in behind me there. 

Thats a lovely Rhoddie MU, I'm after a late red one.  

BL.   You are a nice Nana aren't you.   I hope you have an easy time looking after your two littlies.  Is your Oh with you ?    21 years ago I looked after my daughters 3 children at the time, as she was so ill after the third baby.  They were 5, 4 and new born at the time.   But that was 21 years ago .Lb  can younturn the littlebird around please.  

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Resurrected Fourteen

Posted: Today at 12:23

Afternoon folks.  

Its lovely and cool after a night/morning of gentle rain.   I don't know how much we've had as I haven't ventured out yet but the soil looks lovely and dark.   I'm pleased because I was struggling with seeds germination.   Nothing like 'real' rain.  

Hi Pansy, Lily and PP.  I thought you had popped in, peaked  and popped out again PP.   Of course you can all sit together in the corner.   We will bring tea and bisqwits over a regular intervals.  

I think we are all off to the GC today.  Hi ho hi ho it's off to the GC we go.....Iv a voucher burning a hole in my pocket and my eye is on the lookout for a Rhoddie....and cake.  

I know Lants, a fool to myself leaving without cake.   Anyway I enjoyed the piece of virtual cake sent to me this morning from MU. 

Steady on debs, that word is likely to bring the red mist down in someone's eyes.   Her name begins with M and ends in U.  

PANSY.   No storms here either, just gentle rain.  Its still black over Bills mothers tho.  

PP.  I know, I'm absolute disgrace aren't I.    I have a few weeds, albeit small ones which will be seen to as soon as poss.   What a disgusting thread that was.  

MOrning HAZEL.   When all that lots moved and moved back again, it  will be a good job done.  Enjoy your shopping. 

JOYCE.   Pleased to read that you had a good nights sleep last night.   

Ah shame about John Noakes.  I liked him.  

SYL.  Off to GC as soon as I'm dressed.   I'd feel uncomfortable if I was undressed but at least we would have the GC to ourselves.....    

Resurrected Fourteen

Posted: Yesterday at 20:35

Evening all.  

Back ages ago BBQ,  as LB said about hers, good company, plenty of food and laughter.  we only stayed a couple hours ours but enjoyed it.    Guess what ???   I only went and left before the birthday cake was cut.   How stupid am I ?   Don't answer that.  It was a massive chocolate number too.   

SM shop came bang on time.  I'm not venturing near the shops for days now.   GC are different.

JOYCE.   I hope you both have a more settled night tonight.   

Enjoying yourself Sunny ?  

DEBS.  Do you have  to scrub behind his ears and clean his nails for him ?    

LANTS.  I think I'd call a male diva, 'a right girl' 

MU.  Enjoy your 'jammin' session and a few snifters to boot.  

signing  off for tonight too.    Have a good night everyone.   zzzzz

Garden Gallery 2017

Posted: Yesterday at 13:49

Lovely pictures once again.   Just gorgeous. 

Cant remember if Iv posted this £1 Iris on here before but it turned out to be a bargain.   Siva, siva, whatever that means. 

 Clematis Josephine entwined with Malvern Hills rose. 

Resurrected Fourteen

Posted: Yesterday at 13:31

Amberspy Lily. 

MU.   I forget who I am everyday.    Doesn't seem to make much difference    Ooh I'd love a Jam session.  .   I used to go to Bromyard and Upton for festivals  where they have all that in the pubs and outside in the street.   I'm not at all folky but it was great all the same.   Lovely when the weather is good like today.  Enjoy yourselves. 


Resurrected Fourteen

Posted: Yesterday at 12:27

Afternoon girls. 

Bright and sunny not to hot and a lovely breeze blowing.   

All quiet on the western front last night.   A lot of laughter this morning as folk were gathering up all sorts of 'traps' from paths and in front of sheds.  Metal buckets, rakes, string () etc.  One chap said they would put the cold steel up em if he came face to face with anyone in his garden.   He's about 90, bless him.  We have all come to the conclusion that it was a chancer or a drunk or someone who was broke and wanted to make a few bob, or all three. Oh might be ok for the BBQ this pm, but only a short visit as he is still not right.   I can't miss out on a chunk of birthday cake can I ?   An hour or so and leave the young ones to it.   I have SM delivery between 7-9 anyway.  

Good to see you Lily, you know we are a mad lot on here and you have been missed.  Also mentioned several times in dispatches.     Steady as she blows.....

MU.  Great feeling when all is planted.  Have a chill out day today and try not to keep looking at your veg patch.  They won't have grown since yesterday.   We all do it I know     Go polish a suitcase or something instead. 

JOYCE.  What a shocker......you will have to hide all keys away now wont you.    Put them somewhere no one has ever been before  

LB.  might need to get kitted out like you for our bbq.   Have a good time LB. 

HAZEL.   I have just one teeny chair to,do for the bedroom.   Could you just squeeze in one more ?   It's been sitting there for weeks looking at me.   Hammer, tac's scissors all at the ready.    No ? ......ok 

LANTS.   Lucky lad...free and single.   

SUNNY.   Enjoy your day to yourself and happy planting.    When I did have those rare days, I used to make a sandwich cover in cling film and put it in the cuoboard so that when I came in for a cuppa it was already done.  What I'm trying to say is 'don't forget to feed yourself'.

 I forget who asked but AS is over on Forkers.  

Gawd !!!  Turned the page and Iv forgotten everything else....just to say, have a good day whatever you are doing and be good.   If you can't be good......swear blind it was your twin 


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Resurrected Fourteen

Posted: 27/05/2017 at 21:14

Evening all.  

Its been a funny old day weather wise.   Rain, really sunny. dried all my washing and then it turned grey and overcast.  It's still like that now, wish it would do one thing or the other.   Very humid again.  

Im ok now about the incident last night,   Our neighbour's have practically launched a 'Home guard' offensive  today.     However, Oh is still off his legs but a little better than he was.    Hop he picks up for tomorrow at least for a couple of hours for the bbq.   

SUNNY.    Beautiful job there.  Lots of space for new plantings.  It will look splendid come next year.  Lillies are one of my favourite flowers and those white ones are gorgeous.   

Iv snogged in a few places like most, but never behind the bike sheds.    My Dad used to clap very loudly and pretend to call the dog in when  I was due home.   How embarrassing !!   Lol.  

Done absolutely s.. all today.   Just eaten a lot....sorry LB    Bought some salted caramel ice cream, just about to try it out......I might be gone quite some time.  

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Resurrected Fourteen

Posted: 27/05/2017 at 11:20

Sorry couldn't finish what I wanted to say earlier as Oh called me.  

We had someone trying to get into my little shed on the back patio at 1.30 this morning.     Luckily I was awake and put a light on ........

A garden bench has gone from a neighbour's garden and oh is not good, he is upset that he couldn't protect me.    Things like that don't happen around here.       

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