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Idea's and suggestios for my front garden please

Posted: 20/05/2013 at 22:20

What´s that in the middle of the lawn? A lamp? Think of a lamp post (before you

returf!) with handles (or what-do-you-call-them) to hang baskets. It would add

seasonal  colour without having to mess with the lawn scheme. No need to

place the post in the middle; a little to the side of the gate would add charm.

You could also plant a small bunch of low flowers to fit around or ahead of the


Fairy Girl´s hint at gathering the pots is excellent: oppose them  to the shrub, in

a corner. If you can, add pots of different heights and widths, though of the same


Hedges are such a bore! Imagine airy bushy shrubs like Daphne, Escallonia,

Kerria that will do the job well, let the air and light in, and attract bees galore.

Whatever you do, do with love and everything will suit well.

Lazy Monkey

Posted: 18/05/2013 at 19:58

It is such a pity only two plants survived, here is the first one to bloom:



Lazy Monkey

Posted: 14/05/2013 at 21:05

I bought a packet of seeds of Mimulus hybridus from T & M, and from the paltry forty

seeds therein, only a dozen sprouted, and from this, only two grew up! Is that normal,

or am I a lazy monkey flower grower?

Trite Lilies

Posted: 10/05/2013 at 16:37

Thank you, Mummy Muddy Paws, I really did not know the bulbs make roots

before the shoots come up. But I have been waiting for a few weeks since I

noticed the roots growing. Is that normal? Will they take many weeks to sprout?


Trite Lilies

Posted: 10/05/2013 at 13:06

They flowered last year. The leaves never turned brown...

Some of my new Tulips

Posted: 09/05/2013 at 22:15

Fantastic! Loved all, but specially the raspberry and white one...

Trite Lilies

Posted: 09/05/2013 at 22:12

I know this is a very hackneyed question, but what to do with oriental lily bulbs

after flowering? I was going to dig out the bulbs from pots from long spent plants,

when I found out a good deal of new roots were produced, as if they were sprouting 

back! Yet, only a few buds on top of the soil are visible: are they roots from the main

bulb or from the bulbils? And er... what should I do (besides waiting) ? Thanks.

Please help me design my garden - part 1

Posted: 05/05/2013 at 13:04

Your soil looks nice, why not some easy stuff like Lavender, Salvia (there are

many types and colours, many of them perennial), perovskia, some dependable and

adaptable shrubs like Spiraea and Skimmia, colourful foliage like Heuchera and 

Tiarella. All of these are easily available and won´t need much care.

Deep flower bed - how to fill it

Posted: 04/05/2013 at 20:52

An article in the Telegraph argued that there is no point in placing pebbles or shards in the bottom of whatever, the reason behind it I cannot repeat (something to do with capillarity). But as it rains like hell where I live, and the containers with shards keep having better crops than those without I won´t say anything else.

But definitely, add some sand. If the place your flowerbeds are gets a lot of exposure to rain, you´ll regret you haven´t. Too sunny in summer? All right, be content with one fifth grits, mixed well along very good compost. Because even the best brand will get soaked with frequent rain, and your plants will suffer.

After planting, don´t forget to mulch. If you can´t find dry leaves in bulk, buy something like decorative stones or bark chips. This will help your plants keep moist and in the right temperature.


Jewell garden - suggestions

Posted: 27/04/2013 at 21:32

Love-in-a-mist, scabious, dwarf hollyhock Majorette (if you can find plugs),

some tall chrysanthemum (carinatum, e.g.) if the spot is not sunny enough.

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