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Posted: 06/08/2016 at 20:40

Thanks for the compliments re the photos.... just from my phone... ☺ it was that sunny I just aimed and hoped 😁😎

Good to see everyone seems to have hada good day... apart from Fairy at the beginning anyway ☺

Just watching the 'lympics.... currently mens gymnastics.... Go Team GB!!


Posted: 06/08/2016 at 17:24

couldn't get them all in the one post!!


Posted: 06/08/2016 at 17:20

Afternoon all ☺ 

Have had a lovely afternoon out with ma and pa at the RHS Hyde Hall Flower Show 🌻🌼🌹🌸 First time I've been there in the summer and we didn't even look around the borders!!

Some pics:

Best in show...


Posted: 02/08/2016 at 23:33

Well done Lizzie, a good way to end a difficult day

Lantana, I can imagine you weren't happy

Dove.... what are you doing up so late???

And as for me.... am off to bed to put the fan on.... I am boiling here


Posted: 02/08/2016 at 20:15

Oh gosh!  Images of people strolling round GCs in the nuddy are now firmly in my head

Been drizzly here today too.... hope that some of it sticks

Lizzie, hope today went well and that your friend was suitably well remembered ((hugs))

Hi Dove!  Nice bench.... perfect for sitting on

Why is your name so called?

Posted: 01/08/2016 at 19:47



Posted: 01/08/2016 at 19:46

Evening all  

Back to the salt mine for me today.... 158 emails  one held good news though.... my decrepit work laptop is due to be upgraded so today I got to choose my new one

DD, glad things seem to be working out.... have missed a lot recently.... what will be happening to the BnB?  Must be very sad to leave your lovely garden. 

Off to see what else is occurring around the forum......

Why is your name so called?

Posted: 01/08/2016 at 19:16

I am a Guide Leader, and Panda is what the girls call me.  Coz I thought that name would have gone I put my unit number at the beginning!   Don't know if there has ever been a 1st, 2nd or 3rd Panda


Posted: 31/07/2016 at 13:46

Afternoon all ☺ 

Am at M&D's this afternoon for Sunday dinner ☺ Am enjoying sitting in the garden looking at someone else's hard work πŸ˜€ 

Garden presenter

Posted: 30/07/2016 at 17:49

Nanny, are you sure it wasn't a younger Charlie Dimmock?  She certainly fits the description you have given.... red hair, and on the prog with Alan and Tommy in the late 90's - Groundforce - she did all the water features.....?

Last edited: 30 July 2016 17:50:43

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