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Posted: Today at 22:35

It's not mine Bekkie - I don't have a car  


Posted: Today at 17:38

Fairy, go to the nursery  Esp as KEF has offered to do your ironing 

I've the room KEF, just have been a bit undecided at their final resting home 


Posted: Today at 17:29

I did Lily, I have nasturtiums, some climbers (black eye susan and morning glory) some small white plants and another thing I can't remember the name of. Won't post a pic just yet as it could do with a tidy up 

Edit: course I haven't planted them yet KEF  


Posted: Today at 17:04

Afternoon all 

P'doc, bet the mole is quaking in it's hole  Good luck with your battle 

Took a trip to Homebase to get some compost, with a pick up from Pa Panda, and oopsie, I bought 2 fuschia, a white lace cap hydrangea, a French lavender, an erodium, and three geraniums. I don't feel bad though as they were all reduced

White flowers

Posted: Today at 16:30

Beckie, that is indeed the one you mistook 

Forum names

Posted: Today at 13:40

I think we could use Liri  Welcome btw 

White flowers

Posted: Today at 13:39

Gaura is one of the plants that I bought and put a pic on the Forkers thread. I love it's floaty nature 


Posted: Today at 10:37

Morning all 

Lyn, I agree with OLs analysis of posting from an iPad - I use mine all the time and have no probs with pics, but as she said, can't change my avatar pic. Have to use OH's laptop for that  I love my Bernard (iPad) and wouldn't be without him 

Am going to have to google Carfest as have never heard of it. Have a lovely time there OL 

Still enjoying my holibobs Lily  Hope the salt mines are going ok for you . . . can't be many days left now 

Not sure what's on the cards for today, but the sun is shining 

Catch you all later


Posted: Yesterday at 16:52

Gosh it was warm work! Grass is now much shorter  Feeling better for it  Might have run over some grasshoppers, I did see them getting out of my way but not a sure if they jumped high or far enough 

Am off out again tonight for dinner  Aren't I a lucky girl 

Forum names

Posted: Yesterday at 16:46

I'm a Guide Leader, and my girls call me Panda (their choice, not sure why, was a long time ago ) 4th signifies my units number in my city. When I had to register for another website Panda was already taken so I stuck 4th in front. When it came to a username for this place I assumed someone would have taken Panda so I stuck with 4thPanda. 

I hate to say it but I do like being a Panda 

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