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Posted: 30/01/2016 at 11:47


Boob is ok today, my my knee is rather sore  if only I didn't need to use it so much... 

Fairy, your weather sounds mingin'  Hope you don't have to be out in it too much!

Hope everyone keeps well today 


Posted: 29/01/2016 at 22:40

Oh dear Clari, that's not good  

Fell over on my way to the bus after Guides tonight  Luckily no scraped knees or holes in my clothes but my right boob is incredibly sore - I had stuff in my hands and I landed square on it  Ouchie ouchie ouchie


Posted: 29/01/2016 at 08:01

Batten down the hatches.... Gertrude is here! 

Fairy, I hope that is all of your damage. 

Hosta, hope your flight isn't affected 


Posted: 27/01/2016 at 19:48

Ma and Pa, and I think so Fidget  It seems a bit pricey but very nice .... and mostly cook from frozen, which is good if you're useless like me and forget to take food out to defrost  


Posted: 27/01/2016 at 19:14

Evening  We are having posh ready meals here.... from a company called Donald Russell.... their meat is very nice, and their lasagne is delish 


Posted: 25/01/2016 at 20:11

Rubbish news Gg.  Allotment is coming on though 


Posted: 25/01/2016 at 20:10

Evening all 

Training was ok..... would rather do training on a Monday than a Friday  Dd, I did a spot of in house training for a while too.... Mondays and Fridays can be tough 



Posted: 25/01/2016 at 08:25

Morning all 

That's shocking Hosta  but doesn't come as a surprise from what you've said 

A whole day training at work for me.... let's hope I can keep my eyes open 


Posted: 23/01/2016 at 13:56

Afternoon  Not got a lot to say really  The house is smelling nice, I bought 3 hyacinths last weekend and they all are flowering happily and filling the downstairs with their scent 


Posted: 22/01/2016 at 00:00

((Hugs)) to you from me too Pat. Hope the dr can sort it out, and soon x

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