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Jardins Ouvert/Open Garden

Posted: 22/06/2015 at 22:55

Me too, and we all know I like to travel for a garden visit

I hope, nay know, you will have a lovely day


Posted: 22/06/2015 at 15:19

Chocolate Cake please Lizzie   Congrats on becoming a Grandma again 

Hiding my mistake!

Posted: 22/06/2015 at 10:51

My neighbour has a screen of these and I have successfully managed to plant 'under' them.... I have helibores, geraniums, bleeding hearts..... I know they aren't supposed to grow but no one has told them that! Occasionally they get a liquid feed when I feed my hanging baskets, other than that they just get on with it 

Quick, Quick

Posted: 21/06/2015 at 20:15

Got it on +1  Thanks Runny  Watched the last series, not sure how many I wpull have said were 'sheds' as we know them  


Posted: 21/06/2015 at 16:53

Lovely pics Frit  You must be very proud of your girls 

Lunch was a success  S&P pie was delish with loads of lovely gravy  Had to laugh though when I realise (at serving) that I'd forgotten to put the potatoes on  Normally they are under the bamboo steamer, but for some reason I failed to put them in the water..... good job I did loads of veg  Pavlova was too big for a plate so we ended up making marshmallowy Eton Mess - very very yummy  Still some left if anyone fancies it?  And we ate in the garden 

Hope everyone else has had as lovely a day 


Posted: 21/06/2015 at 10:07

I think it will look like a small boot  Nice and quirky, and just what you'll need for a garden competition 

Morning all 


Posted: 20/06/2015 at 18:39

Now that's just mean   


Posted: 20/06/2015 at 18:36

I'll try not to be upset Winter  


Posted: 20/06/2015 at 18:28

Don't trust me, but I'll be planting out my Cosmos 'Chicky' and my rudbeckia 'Chicky' tomorrow ...... would have done it today but rain stopped play 


Posted: 20/06/2015 at 16:56

Looks lovely  I've got the steak and kidney on a slow cook, now thinking about the pavlova 

Rain here too Dove, all afternoon - ruined my plans for the garden  

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