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Talkback: Growing cucumbers

Posted: 16/07/2012 at 10:52

Most tomato fertilisers contain a really good balance of nutrients (major and minor), but are particularly high in potash to support flowering and fruit production.

This makes tomato feed ideal for all crops including tomatoes, cucumbers, peppers, chillis, aubergines, etc, plus any flowering pot plants or summer bedding.

Talkback: Growing cucumbers

Posted: 14/07/2012 at 20:52
Hi dunnejames, I'd recommend growing greenhouse cucumbers as a single main stem. When side shoots develop from the main stem you can just cut them back at their base.

However, if few cucumbers are forming you could let the side shoots develop long enough to flower and form a fruit, and just cut off the tip of this side shoot a couple of leaves past the fruit.

Hope this helps

Talkback: Growing herbs

Posted: 28/06/2012 at 14:15
There is a variety of coriander called 'Leisure' that is claimed to be slower at running to seed (bolting). I haven't evaluated this against others to see if it produces better leafy growth. Has anyone else.

And is there a difference between coriander and cilantro?

Talkback: Gardeners' World Live 2012

Posted: 19/06/2012 at 11:03

Many thanks for all the comments about Gardeners' World Live.


Please let us know what you thought about the show, and we'll pass on your comments to the show organisers (BBC Haymarket Exhibitions). 



Talkback: Gardeners' World Live 2012

Posted: 11/06/2012 at 21:09
Thanks Karen. I can hardly believe it's 20 years since our first show – much smaller then, but an instant success.
I've got a greenhouse full of plants to take along for our theatre shows. They should really be outside enjoying summer, but the wind, rain and cold feels more like March!
Well, the sun always shines on Gardeners' World Live!
Do come and join us.

flowers that change colouer

Posted: 03/05/2012 at 15:15

It's hard to say, as I have not grown enough gerbera to have experienced this myself at first hand. However, this is a distinct possibility.

flowers that change colouer

Posted: 03/05/2012 at 14:11

Yes, flowers can change colour as they develop, and many, many do. Take a look at my blog from last autumn about Tulip 'Antoinette'. This tulip starts as a pale yellow colour, but gradually becomes more pink as it develops and faded.

You can see the same thing happening with many roses too.

This is a very different thing from a new plant growing with a different coloured flower from its parent, or perhaps one stem on a plant carrying flowers with a different colour from teh rest of that plant.

Talkback: Ask Adam

Posted: 24/04/2012 at 15:44

Hi Lindylou3.  As this is a quick one I'll answer it here. Thhe greenhouse watering system is the Quadgrow from Greenhouse Sensation – a great system to look after greenhouse watering automatically while you're on holiday. Find them at

Also check out the systems produced by Autogrow, which I've also used successfully for many years.

Black Soot

Posted: 19/04/2012 at 15:44

Oh yes, and you can wash it off – although not sure you'll be able to use a hose pipe for teh job! I can't in my area. If the rain has softened the black coating try sponging it off, or fill a pressure washer with water and try getting spraying it away.

On my camellia I just went over teh bush with a bucket of water and a sponge, and this did the trick.

Hosepipe Ban

Posted: 18/04/2012 at 21:05

As far as I know, it is fine to use a hose attached to a water butt. The ban applies to hoses run from a mains water supply.

You could run a hose to syphon water from your bath, for instance, out of a window and onto your garden.

Several companies now produce pumps to take water from butts and distribute it via a hose, and these should be fine to use.

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