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japanese acer

Posted: 19/08/2017 at 16:54

have only hung on to my acer by the skin of my teeth after being away from home during  the hot spell in June.  It is alive, but only just, and it was the sun that did it I think.  I will move it in the autumn to a more sheltered spot, so I agree with the above posters, it is happier with shade anyway.  They are woodland plants and dont like bright sun or strong winds.

unexpected sighting of a frog - help!

Posted: 19/08/2017 at 16:35

Thanks Guernsey, I didnt get an alert that you'd replied, sorry for the delay in acknowledging.  I will post if I get a hedgehog - we used to have one a hundred years ago and it was lovely to see him snuffling across the lawn at dusk, but we got new neighbours with new fences - many of them solid, unlike our old slatted ones, with concrete bases, so it is hard to persuade people to open the gardens up.  But I am persisting!

unexpected sighting of a frog - help!

Posted: 13/08/2017 at 19:30

Great everyone, thanks for all your replies, I have been well and truly told!  I do understand, I rarely use pellets but this was an exceptional case - 6 lovingly reared dahlias reduced to nothing but sticks in a night and I was so fed up!.  But a lesson learnt, it does help to hear how vehemently many of you feel about them. And of course I will never use them after this because I do want the hedgehogs in.   According to our local expert we are going to have to entice the hedgehogs from the other side of our wide road where there is a field with some judicious feeding trails, but we haven't started doing that yet as all our fence holes in the hedgehog superhighway are not yet cut through
And I will look at the frog home.  

Happy gardening everyone


unexpected sighting of a frog - help!

Posted: 13/08/2017 at 18:09

oh ok then I'll definitely lay off them but they are a last resort.  My street is trying to introduce a hedgehog highway with holes cut in fences so they can roam around, and then they can happily feast on the slugs, but they need to be enticed into the back gardens first.  But in the meantime if anyone else can give me some ideas re the frog that would be great 

unexpected sighting of a frog - help!

Posted: 13/08/2017 at 16:57

Yesterday I was in the 'woodland' area of my garden under an apple tree and to my astonishment I disturbed a large frog, which from looking at pictures I believe is just the common frog.  I am astounded as we have no pond and while I cant be sure, to the best of my knowledge none of my neighbours do either.  With high 6' fences pretty much all around I also cant fathom how he arrived.  I am thrilled to have him, is there anything I should do to help him thrive?  I saw him near my compost heap and I read they sometimes live there, but now i'm nervous of disturbing him.  Also whilst I and neighbours are trying to attract hedgehogs into the garden they havent arrived yet, and I have just resorted to slug pellets in that area as I have pretty much just twigs left on some plants.  Will they harm Mr Frog?  Thanks

Other Perenials that will split like Astrantia

Posted: 13/08/2017 at 08:16

I was thinking about this very subject yesterday as I looked at my own astrantia which is going over.  Do you think it is too late to try and divide it now by this method (ie seed compost etc)   It is about three weeks since that first broadcast on GW?  Thanks

What is this tiny Daisy plant called?

Posted: 09/07/2017 at 20:15

I think so too.  Lovely and long-flowrering, and will self-seed in nearby nooks and crannies.  

cutting back anthemis?

Posted: 09/07/2017 at 20:13

My anthemis (think it's Sauce Hollandaise) has pretty much finished flowering, but if I cut it down by half now, will I do it any harm, and will I get more flowers later on? Thanks 

earthing up potatoes

Posted: 07/06/2017 at 16:38

 Brilliant responses, thank you both!

earthing up potatoes

Posted: 07/06/2017 at 15:02

I have planted potatoes in a container for the first time, and am finding conflicting advice about earthing up, as the rules seem to be different for growing them in a container or in open soil.  is that right?  They are growing fairly swiftly so they poke an inch or so of stem/leaves above the soil every couple of days at the moment.  Do I earth them up immediately they poke through the compost, or should I allow them to develop a decent height of stem first, and then put in enough to completely cover them again?.  If so, how tall roughly should I let the stem grow before putting in more compost?

Also, am I right in thinking that once the container is full I allow them to grow into full leaf and flower, and then harvest the new potatoes?  Thanks for the advice.

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