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Dreaded Dandelions

Posted: 22/07/2014 at 21:06

Will they guaranty to eradicate the dandelions, if so I am interested.

Dreaded Dandelions

Posted: 22/07/2014 at 20:36

I have heard the same thing but found it had no effect on the dandelions I had. Mowing the lawn frequently keeps them from seeding and spreading which is a good thing. Have not tried scarifying. The only thing I found works is digging them up individually and that is very labour intensive.  

Guelder Rose

Posted: 03/02/2014 at 12:14

Will scrub around the Callicarpa and stick with native shrubs. I am not found of ivy even though they are good for wildlife because it over takes a garden and is one of the causes that have contributed towards trees being blown down during recent storms. Saying that I do have an ivy growing over a low brick wall which is easy to keep under control

Have looked at my neighbours fence and figured out how I can connect wire to it so will order the clematis. Would also like a rambling roses but find them too hard and time consuming to prune. 

Guelder Rose

Posted: 03/02/2014 at 11:14

How do you determine where a plant came from if it is not tagged, which most of them are not.

Talking about wildlife, my hedge has not one evergreen shrub, only the Hawthorn are starting to leaf up. 

Incidentally, are Cornus alba and Callicarpa any good for birds to feed on?

Guelder Rose

Posted: 01/02/2014 at 23:56

Thanks nutcutlet, remember it now, spoke with Mandy, Buckingham Nursery. Will give our local a chance, if they don't come up with the goods will contact Buckingham. .

Guelder Rose

Posted: 01/02/2014 at 19:59

If my garden centre don't come up with the goods can you recommend somewhere I can order the Ligustrum vulgare. I'm sure to told me but I can't find it.

Guelder Rose

Posted: 01/02/2014 at 19:15

Tried to get Viburnum opulus from my local garden centre but they didn't have them in stock, said they would try and order it for me. It makes me laugh, the centre has everything imaginable except a selection of plants.They must know what they are doing because we had to queue to get into their huge parking today. 

The climbers will be difficult to organise because the fence posts are concrete. I like the idea of the Ligustrum vulgare but my book says the  fruit are black. Do birds eat the black berries? 

Guelder Rose

Posted: 01/02/2014 at 01:17

Thanks Jim for the suggestions, the problem I have is that the fence is my neighbour's and I am hesitant to plant against it. Any suggestions on how to get around my predicament.

Guelder Rose

Posted: 31/01/2014 at 10:54

Yes, know Findern garden centre well. Derby Garden Centre which has been taken over by the Blue Diamond group is closer to us but not as good plant wise as Findern. 

Guelder Rose

Posted: 30/01/2014 at 21:18

If the rain lets up I'll go to our local garden centre in Derby. If they don't have any I'll go back to Buckingham Nurseries, they were very helpful. I couldn't wait for cuttings to take and grow to cover a bare fence. My wife is not very understanding, when she wants a fence covered she wants done then and there.

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