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the birds and bees

Posted: 28/09/2012 at 13:11

Hi ,again more info is good ,were going to put all these around the beds and were growing garlic to try to make up that mediterranean salad garlic in oil and herb  mix that cost a fortune in the  deli,so its all helping nice one many thanks and more if anyone has any

good luck



Posted: 27/09/2012 at 17:37

many thanks Alan4711

the birds and bees

Posted: 27/09/2012 at 17:28

many thanks fr that all good luck Alan4711

the birds and bees

Posted: 22/09/2012 at 19:12

Hi now we have the allottment ready for next year as this is our first time at allottmenteering,  can anyone recomend what flowers we can grow at each end of the raised veg beds , i know some flowers like marrygolde help keeping unwanted stuff away from your crops so if i can help the local widlife and the bee hive in the next field and get some help as well we,ll be happy, we have already built a 4foot deep small pond hopeinjg for frogs and toads to help keep the slugs etc down and are now planning for next year any help please 


Posted: 22/09/2012 at 14:44

Hi all can anybody recomend spuds for next year iv just received Kings catalogue and not grown spuds before iv got theperfect spud selector on the pc but always try for recoms,that more experienced have done so any help on first earlie salad spuds second earlies and main for roasting if that makes sence  hopefully 

Alan4711 cheers

What's the weather like in your area?

Posted: 22/09/2012 at 14:37

Tenby S/Wales sunny dry touch of wind but thats probably the beer last nite, allottment has 10 ton of manure just tipped onto ready for next week, and the plumer,s just fitteed an outside tap at the house, always wanted one, no more buckets in and out sloshing everywhere Kate will love that while she,s cleaning the car,bless her, cheers all


Posted: 21/09/2012 at 15:28

Gary mi duck,,didnt think of the worms i need in it,and the mice are better off in the darlek than in my gardening clothes in the shed good advice mate thanks 4that



Posted: 21/09/2012 at 13:48

paliasglide might be good for this,ears on Frank,got no bully beef  cheese on toast before i go to the allottment,anyway iv just been given a compost machine,now do i put it on grass or slabs and do i put a bitof cardboard in the bottom to start it off or anybody got better  ways please  good luck Alan4711

Japanese knotweed

Posted: 21/09/2012 at 11:42

japanese knotweed ,from experience cat call this expert Glen 01559370109 he is the no 1 person that Pembrokeshire council use as he guarrantees success and he dont mind giving advice to people but be very carfull not to try things without expert advise i have come up against this plant ,dont let any cowboys near it

good luck Cat Alan4711


Posted: 20/09/2012 at 17:09

Frank whle your here its Alan iv just got one of them big plastic compost machines, iv put at the corner of our allottment hoping for some good stuff next year,,now its got no bottom to it ,do i put it straight onto the grass or some slabs, and do i put a bit of cardboard in the bottom to start it off or no,looks like a Darlek sitting there, for a laugh i might just paint it


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