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Posted: 30/10/2012 at 15:29

many thanks for that its all go from now on



Posted: 30/10/2012 at 15:00

AlinaW is ericaceous a brand or a description of a feed iv not heard of it before and cheers for the good advise it all helps,the reason we dont get front garden sunshine is the council have a huge tree overlooking and next to our property a Maple i think and its still full of leaves which has started to fall on our garden ,still i,ll collect them for the allotment  so many thanks

front door shade

Posted: 30/10/2012 at 14:53

Me again needing advise,new house ,front door facing north good light but almost no sun, what can i plant in large tubs to put some colour here at present there is three large (6foot) evergreens in large pots they are well passed there thingy date so they have to go,Kate wants something that looks good and if poss colourfull,we understant in shade and almost no sun is not easy ,i cant move the house for her,So help please perhaps a climber or a mix we really dont mind, come on greenfingers advise please




Posted: 30/10/2012 at 14:31

advise please, not long been in this house ,we have a Rhodadendem (even spell check didn't recognise my spelling) its about 5 feet tall and wide and is growing from a large stump cut down probably years ago its a little lacking in the amount of branches it has but looks healthy and is starting to bud,Now can i get it to be a little bigger and more bushy without it growing too tall ,when and how to prune and feed,it sits beside a hedge but has no other competition ,also it doesn't get hardly any sun due to the position of our house front garden north facing, back gardens great lots of sun but that don't help this Rhody so apart from my carp spelling any help please, 

Train Station Gardens

Posted: 30/10/2012 at 14:16

Nice one Garden girl, having just moved into a new house in Wales and have taken on an allotment from scratch time prevents us from helping or starting a station venture, but we have moved from Falmouth and a couple of stations there were just suphered one has a large wooden noddy type of train for the kids brightly painted and full of colourfull flowers and i hasten to add yobo problem free, its really great what your doing Good Luck


Posted: 26/10/2012 at 16:51

acording to the frog internet most frogs spend winter in compost heaps or beneath mud as  becouse they can breath through their skin they can do this ,we have some around our compo heaps which we think are now asleep as we havnt seen them for some time, also they dont seem to spend as much time in ponds as we first thought they would pehaps more to the mating season maybe, were also luck enough to have some warty blackish toads who im told help keep the slugs down ,ours must be on diets ,

good luckAlan4711


Posted: 24/10/2012 at 15:29

many thanks to you both next spring it is in J,innes and ill have a go at sending pictures  nice one flower and soton  good luck



Posted: 24/10/2012 at 12:13

i know its a long shot but can anyone tell me does my cacti need potting on its a 4" high and 5"across ferocactus stainesii the spikes go red as it gets bigger and this year it has almost doubled in size iv fed it trice this year on nettle juice i made and watered it twice more ,water only, its looking very good and its in a 3" pot and is over growing the sides do i leave it or do a bigger pot please dont know how to upload a picture sorry,,good luck Alan4711

blown away

Posted: 24/10/2012 at 12:03

hi Frank  you ar e100%  correct, all the people who lost their sheds lost the roofs first then they just collapsed ,hense the rope over the roof to scaff poles,and water butts,,iv got 30 new  Hydranger cuttings hopefully  they will form a wind break later on, the trouble we have is up till 3 years ago the allotments were just an open field,very open and on a slope,we all had to import top soil and lots of manure but theve had some famouse veg and flowers so fars so were doing ok, hopefully in about another 3 years we,ll be settled in much better, thanks for the info Now where did i leave dem dare tank plates   By all


Eek! Hedgehog in the pond....

Posted: 23/10/2012 at 15:01

anybody got any info on hogboxs i,ll put some up the allotment, what are they like and how to make please


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