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Winter 2014/15

Posted: 04/11/2014 at 12:45

Oi u treeuga ,dont u go getting all wrapped up with the MALE bit, if ever youv been to a farm you wont see many MALE cows will you, No just the odd bull, so where does all the manure come from I ask myself, perhaps a fair share of it is FEMALE,!!!! thought i would just tidy that one up a bit girls,carry on.  from your ever friendly male Alan4711  coolin a bit erein Muns,.,off 2 c the physio

Friend or foe

Posted: 04/11/2014 at 12:26

Hi ,to kill the rats and not other wildlife,simply take  a 12 inch piece of plastic drain pipe about 3/4 inches dia, cut a 2inch square  in the middle,place this inside a  12 inch piece of drain pipe slightly larger   than the first also with the same  hole cut in it ,line the holes up, inset the bait and twist the outside pipe to cover the hole,place the pipes into position and put a brick/weight on it to secure it ,,  very rarely do the rats die in the pipe but if so simply tip the pipe into dustbin and empty without touching or even seeing, cats /dogs cant get in ,all you have to do is make the pipes not to big, easy and its worked on the allotments for a long ,long time, and the never needs replacing. easy and clean. Alan

Purple Tree?

Posted: 04/11/2014 at 11:52

Hostafan1  Hi,how long do I leave it till i have a peak to see if any roots,and how long did you leave it before it was ok to move the new one, many thanks for that I find it so much better when someone has actually done it on here,

Purple Tree?

Posted: 04/11/2014 at 11:45

I recon she,s Monty in disguise,and all the other regulars are all sitting in a big greenhouse with her,suppin tea,getting sunny erein Muns

Smallest size for a wildlife pond

Posted: 03/11/2014 at 13:18

Hi Mino,heres some more good stuff.             good luck

A "how much?!!?" moment.....

Posted: 03/11/2014 at 11:57

Tootles,we find more garden stuff at the auctions ,were at our local one in Norwich,on Monday looking at a mix of planters,statues, garden burners and the like even good stuff dont cost anywhere near the prices you mentioned,get on line and find the ones near you ,log on and see whats up at the next one there doing ,give em a call and ask what bids they already have on the item if they have one  and either go or put a bid in on the phone ,saves you actually driving there although the buzz of the auctions is brill, dont be afraid to give it a go,but you might get hooked we did, good luck Toot

Purple Tree?

Posted: 03/11/2014 at 11:47

Hi D,D as smoke bushes go thats a very nice one,mines about to get a big hair cut as the prev owners no TLC  so it just went tall and spindly so an early autumn prune is the thing i think ,also you have a lot of life still on yours mines got 6 bright red leaves left thats all as the rest is going into sleep mode, I think i,ll chance a stooling if thats what its called so ilI get a new start then i can train it a little better, in summer  and autumn they really are a bush to have in the garden , Iv layered 2 very low branches in July and hope they take so we can have more smokies , good luck  


Posted: 01/11/2014 at 21:22

Hi Pirate, we are going to do the same and I found this was really good simple info,ill pass it to you 

Good luck


Posted: 31/10/2014 at 14:11

Most of the questions iv asked on here  I already have an idea of the answer probably from the net, what im hoping for is a reply from a person who has actually got first hand experience of what im asking, this is what the forum is about for me. Tips from experience and easier better ways of doing things are a great help, and im sure the regulars must really get """Why do I bother """" when people don't even thank you for your time and trouble even though you do get a kick out of helping someone.Once or twice iv had questions hijacked ,ie:  a garden question ends up with people  talking about  there cats names when they gave no help with the original question in the first place. I do rather find that rude but hey in all this forum is a friendly place to be and i can understand Diggers comments ,and its all right saying dont read it then but you have to actually read something before you agree with it or not thats how it works aint it,,iv had so much help from ere and i dont forget the good comments when I was ill,so good luck all, and its a little lighter erein Munds,  Pub 2nite folks meat raffle good luck Digger  avagooden

Stones to use in wildlife pond

Posted: 31/10/2014 at 13:01

I do like the easy access to leadfarmers pond very nice is that ,,good one

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