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Posted: 15/05/2013 at 17:29
cheers Andy having a look now mate thanks for that


Posted: 15/05/2013 at 17:04
Hi all again ,im moving soon hopefully to a house with a large back garden and need help on polly tunnels ,iv never used or purchased one and wondered if anyone had any experience as to good and bad pollys on the market, do,s and don't,s and any other advise for buying and using them im looking at pollys as a large greenhouse seems to be silly money, any help would be good. Good luck Alan4711


Posted: 15/05/2013 at 16:47
Hi all iv just come back from the allotment and noticed 3 different types of bee on the yellow flowers of the nobbys ( Brussels sprouts to most people) that a fellow allotmenteer has left for them, and they were really busy and obviously have a grand time of it ,so this has to be another one to remember for the future for our garden,also i noticed the tadpoles were doing a piranha on a garden snail that must have fallen into the pond, i always thought they only ate plant life but not these matey they were hungry alright,OK good luck to the Bees and you lot get your sun-cream out just in case,( i would insert a smiley face with sun glass,s and winking) but i don't know how to get them biyall

white strawberries

Posted: 15/05/2013 at 11:08
Hi all again ,just looking at our strawberries in the cold frame and doing very well mostly flowering nicely probably due to the nettle juice maybe,anyway has anybody yet got and of the new white stawbs i saw in Grow It mag last march 2012 i thought if they have they might want to keep us informed of the results they get as they were said to be the best tasting IN THE WORLD and highly disease resistant i think their are 3 varieties one tasting like pineapple it seems so if its out their how about an update for us all, no wages just appreciation good luck all Alan4711

Advice on Weeping Willow, please

Posted: 10/05/2013 at 19:39
hi Pip iv just planted about 100 Willow cuttings to form a hedge ,kept the cuttings in plastic milk bottles and 10 days all had roots one week after that with 4 inch roots i planted them ,also iv tried sticking the cuttings about 12 inches long straight into the soil and it works almost as well ,not quite so quick on the uptake but ok, i would take some cuttings about 12 inches long and go for it its dead easy ,if you go on the net with Willow you will be amazed what can be done with them, Good luck,Alan4711

Weed or plant

Posted: 09/05/2013 at 18:46
not unlike a nettle

Ants on my cucumber plants

Posted: 08/05/2013 at 15:24
Hi Nat search semolina on here

Brown Turkey Fig is Dying

Posted: 07/05/2013 at 16:38
Hi iv just got some fig cuttings and i,m going to grow a couple of trees ,they do need a little attention to their planting and also their next years fruit needs attention before winter ,how to do this is on the net ,RHS and others offer mostly the same advise which im following ,usually no fruit is covered by most of them and very simple.
Good luck

gravel bed/border ... replace with bark?

Posted: 07/05/2013 at 16:22
Hi dj some time ago Monty went to a garden that had the most wonderful veg ,,one of the best he had seen he said, the chap used bark chips which he riddled once a year ,what went through the riddle he used as compost, what was left he put back onto the path and added new on top and so on,he only used Comfry and nettle tea he said he never buys any plant food at all yet his produce was just superb, on our allotment we are now lucky to get free bark from local tree workers, and most are converting to it, as we are,good luck

Jeyes fluid uses

Posted: 04/05/2013 at 19:26
best cat repellent i ever used.

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