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Rosa 'Albertine' Rambler rose

Posted: 24 January 2012
Overall: I grew this beautiful rose in my previous garden. I lived in West Sussex, we had a south west facing garden and we grew the tree into an old apple tree. It was a highlight of the garden year when it came into bloom. Always an abundance of the most gorgeous and fragrant flowers. It always came out during Wimbledon fortnight and if I was very lucky, I would have blooms for about 3 weeks. I recently moved to North Cornwall and the soil here is a lot heavier and my garden faces North, but, I am going to give the Albertine a 'go' alongside an Oak at the bottom of the garden, where it does get a bit more sun. I do hope I am successful as I really do love this rose as thorny and as unruly as it can get! Those 2/3 weeks are well worth it.