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What would be best for my tete a tete (and me)?

Posted: 12/05/2012 at 14:15
Berkley wrote (see)

Thank you Alina. I think I'll replant them in soil in old potato sacks. Do I then leave them there until September?

To be honest, I think that's as convenient a place to leave them as anywhere. Bulbs can dry out too much, particularly anemone corms, and keeping them in compost keeps them moist and plump.

What would be best for my tete a tete (and me)?

Posted: 12/05/2012 at 13:35

Both types of bulbs need to have the leaves die back naturally, so you need to plant them somewhere where they can do this; they will also benefit from feeding whilst they are dying back.

Drying them out isn't the best approach for either, and if you do it before the leaves have died back, you will get nothing from them next year.

Meconopsis (Himalayan Blue Poppy)

Posted: 12/05/2012 at 13:08

Backyardee, you are aware that meconopsis baleyi (or betonicifolia) is monocarpic? In other words, they flower once and then die. You're not losing them, they're behaving normally.

Growing clematis in a pot

Posted: 12/05/2012 at 13:03

The closer that you can get to a half barrel the better. I have two clematis alpina growing either side of an arch in half barrels, and they have been there for about a decade and thrive. They do still need regular watering in summer as they are about 3m high and bushy with it, plus plenty of food, but seem generally happy.

What's the weather like in your area?

Posted: 11/05/2012 at 23:45

Good luck, Frank - a budding poet laureate?

Help needed identifying pest on tree

Posted: 11/05/2012 at 21:44

Your leaves have probably been eaten by caterpillars of some sort. There's not much that you can do about them other than pick them off when you see them.

The two "eggs" at the base of each leaf are not eggs, but a normal part of the leaf, so nothing to worry about.

What's the weather like in your area?

Posted: 11/05/2012 at 14:43

The sun's come out here now, too.

Please don't mention weeds, Frank - the garden hasn't been safe to walk on for days because of the mud, and they're getting enormous

Clematis for pots.........

Posted: 11/05/2012 at 14:30

"Solidarity" (sometimes "Solidarnosc") is a nice burgundy-tinted red for early summer. It's fairly compact at under 2m and is happy in a pot. It's also very hardy.


Posted: 11/05/2012 at 12:28

If you want to make compost you will need more ingredients - layers of weeds, twiggy bits, grass cuttings, shredded cardboard etc., into which you can mix your ingredients. Once that has all rotted down you will have a good compost.

BBC Gardening Arrivals - Meeting Point

Posted: 11/05/2012 at 11:50

Hopefully we'll have as much fun here, Greeneddy

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