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Beasties etc found in lawns

Posted: 23/04/2012 at 22:23

The alternative is to treat the lawn in late summer with Provado Lawn Grub Killer - you'll find it in your local garden centre.

Help! Tens of Tree Saplings all over lawn - how to kill?

Posted: 23/04/2012 at 21:46

That's definitely a sucker. I'd be cautious about using a stump killer - that would probably affect the tree. Instead, expose the base of the shoot and cut it off as flat as you can to the root, or rip it off - that might be enough to stop it sprouting again.

Where to plant a forsythia cutting

Posted: 23/04/2012 at 21:41

They will also tolerate less sunny positions as long as they get a few hours' sunshine a day - mine has a north-westerly aspect.

BBC Gardening Arrivals - Meeting Point

Posted: 23/04/2012 at 21:21

Hello all, good to see you here!


Posted: 23/04/2012 at 17:41

It sounds like you have an insect infestation of some sort. Have a good look at the underside of the leaves with a magnifying glass - it may be scale insect, small white or brown limpet-like creatures. If there are only a small number you can wipe them off; larger infestations can be treated with Provado Ultimate Bug Killer.

BBC Gardening Arrivals - Meeting Point

Posted: 23/04/2012 at 17:14

There should be a link within the email - copy and paste that into your address bar and that should take you to the thread.


Posted: 23/04/2012 at 16:12

Drought is a possibility, although fancy tulips often don't last more than a year or two before disappearing.

What's the weather like in your area?

Posted: 23/04/2012 at 16:09

Frank, do you think you could keep your showers up there? I got drenched coming home at lunchtime.

And now, of course, the sun is shining...


Posted: 23/04/2012 at 16:06

You really need to move it away from the heater.

If you can't, you can try sitting it, in its base, on a large tray of damp pebbles.

Digging up Spotted Laurel

Posted: 23/04/2012 at 16:04

They won't re-grow from any bits of roots left, if that's what you mean. A lot of their roots are near-surface, but they do spread quite far - if they are really large you might find it hard work.

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