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What to do next

Posted: 14/04/2012 at 13:31

I would keep them in pots for at least a year, as the bulbs will be very small. Also, the emerging leaves look a lot like grass and there's a danger you'd weed them out next spring!


Posted: 14/04/2012 at 13:11

Not a disease, but a positional problem. I'd guess that the culprits are snails. If you go out at night with a torch you may find them at work. There may also be caterpillar present - check the backs of the leaves carefully.

Starting off Dahlia tubers

Posted: 14/04/2012 at 13:09

Try burying them slightly, so that the tubers are covered - they may not be re-hydrating enough.

Garden pinks

Posted: 14/04/2012 at 13:05

Probably nothing - many of them are actually annuals.

If yours are definitely perennials, then drainage may be the issue - dianthus don't like cold, wet soil and do best when kept fairly dry over winter.

the gardening bbc forum

Posted: 13/04/2012 at 22:55

A few people are already here, Marty - have a look at this thread:

desperate for advice please

Posted: 13/04/2012 at 22:51

Poor you!

The easy part is the bird feeders - put those out, either on a bird table or hanging from a post, and the birds will come in time.

After that, spend some time thinking of which insect-friendly plants you had, and which could fit comfortably into pots - you coulld start with a mixture of summer flowers like calendula, poppies and snapdragons, but the majority of shrubs can be grown in pots, too.

Good luck!

BBC Gardening Arrivals - Meeting Point

Posted: 13/04/2012 at 20:51

Nice to see all you old new faces

Talkback: Growing woodland anemones

Posted: 13/04/2012 at 12:37

They need a little sunshine to thrive, even if it's only early in the day. Also, I'm not sure if the flowers will open well without sun.

tulips not flowering..

Posted: 13/04/2012 at 11:38

It might also be to do with last year's dry spell as they were finishing - although tulips like it dry in summer, they do need water when developing.


Posted: 13/04/2012 at 11:13

I had some foil-packed T&M hollyhock seeds that were 15 tears old and had been in the garage. Result - almost 100% germination.

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