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Posted: 31/03/2014 at 14:30

Afternoon all, is it really Monday again!!  I can't complain really, we had a lovely weekend and I don't work on a Monday.  But after all my gardening this weekend, I decided a day off, so after a dash round with the hoover (inside the house!) I went for a coffee with a friend, so good to catch up.  Then sat and read a gardening magazine to get some inspiration. (There are a few plants need pricking out, which I may be tempted to this afternoon).  Then came on here to catch up with everyone's weekends, photos etc.  Just waiting for my shopping to be delivered (lazy I know!)  But at least I can get on with stuff while I wait.

Bit peeved that my green bin got rejected for being too heavy!!!  They don't even have to lift it, the lorry does is for them.  So I'm going to have to take some stuff out!!  I will have to bag it up and take to the allotment for the composter! 

OH said he would cut the grass on Saturday, but when I got home, he had forgotten the front garden!! Don't know what planet he's on.  I'll have to finish the job he started!!  Off to make a cuppa . . .  


Posted: 30/03/2014 at 22:04

Evening all ! Looks like everyone had a very busy weekend. Me too! very tired, but feel like we've acheived lots.

HWdone friday eve, Sat am sorted out my two daughter's wardrobes, pm went shopping in Cambridge. 

After eggs and bacon in bed cooked by OH whilst kids slept we then opened mothers day pressies. Got lovely bouquet of flowers. Today OH and spent time at the allotment. He planted the potatoes, I planted the onions I had started off. Sowed parsnips. Sowed a selection of salads and covered with cloche. Completely rejigged the raised bed of strawberries and ended up with around 30 extra plants. Dug up last leeks. Weeded some areas. 

Back at home in the garden I decided to extend the flower beds so decided some sort of shape usjng the hose pipe and began to dig up turf!, may take me a couple ofweeks. Can't wait to decide what to plant when its alk done.


Posted: 28/03/2014 at 15:02

Can't wait to finish work today. The sun is out after a foggy start and I have many plans afoot for the weekend.  Not much doing at work, so would rather be out in the garden!!!  Plan on planting spuds at the weekend at the allotment and any other tasks which need doing.

Yellow is the colour.......

Posted: 28/03/2014 at 14:59

Love yellow in the garden in spring.  Have made a lovely display of daffs and a few snippets of forsythia to brighten up the living room in a vase.  Smells lovely too!!!

Can't wait for lots of other colours too.

Moving peony

Posted: 26/03/2014 at 12:27

I found two peony at the allotment, which the previous owner had planted.  They just say deep red peony on the label.  So I have moved them both and planted.  Once is in a pot and the other in the ground.  Both see to be showing good new growth.  Hopefully they will flower this year.


Posted: 23/03/2014 at 19:43

Happy birthday.


Posted: 23/03/2014 at 19:42

We had a similar problem with some cheap compost we bought a couple of years ago, I think it was Homebase or Focus.  However, we just bought 3 bags of Homebase Multi purpose extra and all looks good so far.  It was just to put on the raised beds to top them up and was dug in and mixed well with the existing earth.  Must say, not one foreign object found.


Posted: 23/03/2014 at 19:37

Oh Tracey  - the perennials were good last year, you will just have to grow them on a bit first as they are only small.  Geums were great in particular.


Posted: 23/03/2014 at 19:36

Lovely piggy cake photo.

Managed to get to allotment and weed two raised beds and top them up with new compost.  OH managed to refit the lid of the composter which blew off in the wind last week.  Dug over a small patch.  Tidied up the other strawberry patch. Tulips are out in the corner, lovely yellow, pink and orange.  (Previous occupant planted those)  Have spotted several plants on the newest half of my allotment, delphinium, doronicum, lupins, tulips, and some other yet unidentified plants.

First potatoes went in last week.  Planted peas and covered with fleece last week. Spread manure around the base of raspberries and fruit trees.

Was going to start on the borders in the garden today and reshape them, but the hail put a stop to that.  Spent some time in the greenhouse. 

Made leek and potato soup with home grown leeks this afternoon and then a leek and stilton bake to go with roast dinner tomorrow.  Took some home grown apples out of the freezer as everyone requested a crumble to go with tea tomorrow, may go and pull some rhubarb too.  Yum.

Busy time of year for us all. Still feel we have to be slightly cautious of the cold though as today has turned rather nippier that I though it was going to be.  Brrrr!!

Off to make packed lunches, clean school shoes, watch countryfile (catch up).  Good night all. xx

Garlic Crop

Posted: 23/03/2014 at 19:22

Try starting them off in modules first and then transplanting to the plot once they have established roots.  I did this and it worked really well.

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