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Posted: 05/04/2013 at 19:21

hang some old cd's over them to scare the birds away.

Apples from pips

Posted: 05/04/2013 at 19:18

I grew some breaburn apple seeds, they grew to about 6" then I planted them out, the weather turned nasty and they died. I was told that they would bear fruit.

help to identify plant

Posted: 28/04/2012 at 17:00

Are the leaves like these?  if so it may be mock orange (philladelphus)

<img src="" alt="PHILADELPHUS CORONARIUS (Mock Orange)" />

help to identify plant

Posted: 15/04/2012 at 19:29

As for the dried bit the roots may have been damaged on that side.

help to identify plant

Posted: 15/04/2012 at 19:28

It looks like! privet is it in a hedgerow?


Posted: 15/04/2012 at 12:06

Thanks I will plant mine out in May.

help to identify plant

Posted: 14/04/2012 at 15:28

Looks a bit like honysuckle


Posted: 14/04/2012 at 14:40

Hi I have two seedling plants I grew from seeds in my cold greenhouse, When can I plant them out and will they be frost hardy?  I live in Durham and we have some very cold weather here.


Posted: 14/04/2012 at 14:24

Yeah it sounds like a Bizzy Lizzy, I used to have one it died during a house move and I have since been unable to find a replacement, (It looked great on the dinning table.)

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