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Salvia elegans Pineapple sage

Posted: 22 December 2013
Overall: This is a wonderful plant, fool proof to grow, and suits a variety of gardens. I have it in a cottage garden, but it would be just as at home in almost any situation. I don't know why they say you need to be experienced to grow it! It grows extremely rapidly, has lovely vivid foliage and flowers that never stop, and as long as it gets a little sun it doesn't care where you plant it. Yes, it is tender, but pinch off a tip (one where the stem is still pink, not yet green) throw it into some wet dirt, and it will strike in a matter of days. This is a MINT people! You can't fail! Give it a go, and you will love it. It grows like crazy and I think would take over the whole garden if the frost didn't kill it off, but as I said, very easy to keep a cutting in the greenhouse (or bathroom) over winter. A great option to fill in any gaps in the garden.