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GW Presenters

Posted: 17/06/2012 at 11:31

Dove from above, "remarks about her appearance and manner because she is female..."?   I am female too and it is nothing to do with her appearance.    I don't like her manner because it sometimes seems exagerrated enthusiasm and that would put me off what she was saying whether she was male or female.   

And it is because I love gardening that I bother about what presenters we have. Because, as human beings, we will be affected by who is presenting what.   And Gardeners World is the only choice we have as gardeners now.   It was much better when there was a variety of gardening programmes on, then it didn't matter so much.   

 ( This might be a whole other thread, but part of the reason why I like Monty Don is he has had mental health problems, i.e. depression, quite badly and he often cites gardening as being his therapy.  He is not ashamed of this and it does a lot for other people, including myself, who have had depression.   Gardening is one of the best therapies available.    It really helps me when  there is someone I  can identify with who is not ashamed of their past.

GW Presenters

Posted: 17/06/2012 at 02:16

Paul N, I wasn't around for the first discussion.  

I just miss the fresh approach of the TB/AF era as I love gardening but am a relative newby at anything but flowers.   I needed the light approach of Alys and Toby, though, as I said, I like Monty Don.   That is the reason I brought it up.  Feel like I'm misisng out on something now.

GW Presenters

Posted: 16/06/2012 at 13:59

ZenZinnia, your suggestion was really good.   There should definitely be more than one gardening programme.    Toby Buckland was brilliant in one way and I enjoyed it when he was on too.    I like Monty Don's  love of gardening.   (Toby Buckland did an excellent series with his wife about doing quick fixes for people with not much money, to transform their gardens.   That was so enjoyable.   If only they could bring that back, in addition to Gardeners World.)   I missed Geoff Hamilton as I was too young then.   I like watching him on Youtube though.


GW Presenters

Posted: 16/06/2012 at 10:25

That is ridiculous.  People are always going to prefer certain presenters, hence Toby Buckland being removed in the first place.   I know it is a gardening programme as I love gardening and because I do, I happen to think taking Alys Fowler out was a big mistake.   It is not who I find most attractive as I am a woman.   And I think Alys Fowler presented her passion for gardening as well as, if not much better, than most of the other presenters.

GW Presenters

Posted: 16/06/2012 at 00:22

I love Gardeners World and I love it now Monty Don has taken over.   But I am bewildered by the choice of other presenters.   I  mentioned this on another forum, but why on earth would the BBC want to take Alys Fowler off and replace her with Rachel de Thame.   Alys Fowler seems to have a far superior gardening knowledge than Rachel and, in my opinion, she is infinitely more watchable.   She brought a freshness and has radical ideas that the programme badly needed.   Every time Rachel de Thame comes on now, it just grates me.   And I see that Alys Fowler is not even on the list of presenters on Gardeners World Live.  Unless she turned it down, why on earth would they not have her, when she has such a huge contribution to make.

As for Joe Swift and Carol Klein.  I know people like her but Carole Klein just irritates whenever I watch her.  Her over-exaggerated enthusiam is really annoying and her constant grin.   Joe Swift is a non entity.   Why not keep Toby Buckland and Alys and get rid of Rachel de Thame and Joe Swift.   I suspect politics has a lot to do with it, in AF's case anyway?

Talkback: Gardeners' World Live 2012

Posted: 12/06/2012 at 23:41
You didn't mention Alys Fowler? I love Monty Don and the new programme but I miss Alys. She brings a freshness and youth to gardening tv that it badly needs.
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