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Please help in identifying these plants

Posted: 26/06/2012 at 23:09

Thank you so much for all these kind words. I will definately try to find some sweet peas and visit the discounted section in the garden centre and ask my neighbour round. great ideas!  I've heard that toddlers and babies love marigolds, so maybe I will experiment with child friendly gardening this year...and remove those possible foxgloves as mentioned! your encouragement is really appreciated- thank you!

Please help in identifying these plants

Posted: 26/06/2012 at 15:19

Hello everyone,

yes, correctly guessed, this Newcastle mum is a new gardener, in my twenties, and with wo young boys to stop gardening progress in it's tracks! Can't believe I've grown bindweed up garden stakes thinking that they're sweet peas!  I completely love this new found passion for gardening but gosh it is hard if you have absolutely no knowledge of gardening previously. (your advice has been invaluable- thank you). When I moved in last autumn the garden was covered in snowberry bush. We dug it up, naively believing that by June 2012 I'd have something rivaling Monty's Longmeadows. haha! (it's postage stamp size to boot).

Thank you so much for all your help with identification. I think that my hasty investment in Poundland's 'Rake and Shake' wildflower seed will be my regret for time to come, as these buttercups are now everywhere, and I honestly believed I was growing large vegetables- marrows even.  The only flowers looking to have any potential are the poppies sown by my toddler.

I have elderly gardening-keen neighbours who might help with further identification, but I'm too embarassed to show them my weeds. I've been watering them! haha.

Thank you for your help once again, it is very much appreciated.


Please help in identifying these plants

Posted: 25/06/2012 at 23:37

I would be very grateful if anyone could possibly identify these plants for me?

As you can tell I am a gardening novice and I sprinkled lots of seeds (forgot what I bought) and inherited a very over grown garden, and cultivation of the masterpiece that I anticipated this time last year is not going well!

plant 1- This is growing in what was the previous garden owner’s herb patch:


plant 2- I was very disappointed when this triphid produced this tiny yellow flower. I then thought it could be a vegetable, dug it up…no. No idea now!


plant 3- I planted a red hot poker in this spot, but don’t think this is what is growing here:


plant 4 and 5- absolutely no idea what this seedlings are:


plant 6- Now this plant is a fast grower, but I sadly think that it’s probably a weed ?!


plant 7- well, I planted sweet pea everlasting in this spot in April and knew I had to stake them, then I sprinkled a few extra here and there for good luck and now these vines (if that’s the right word0 are strangling everything. I suddenly thought they looked like bineweed and could be inherited from previous owner, but don’t look like bineweed pictures of Google images.


Plant 8- I put ‘bird and butterfly seed mix’ down here:


plant 9- I thought this could be a thistle but it isn’t prickly:


Mixture 1: here’s a real array of plants, and ideas are much appreciated:


Mixture 2: I planted this out as a veg patch and can’t tell whether these are nasturtion plants left over from where previous owner grew them, or pumpkins, as she had those too.

Any ideas/comments are very much appreciated.

Many thanks for any help in advance,


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Please help in identifying these plants

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