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Mystery plant

Posted: 16/09/2013 at 15:01

Thanks for the replies. I hope it is the Tower of Jewels. Beautiful plant. It is now just over 3ft tall and seems to be happy in the greenhouse. I will bring it inside in a week or two when it gets colder.

As for the Jacaranda, that's just a baby at the minute. I brought it back in April, it was one of those you can buy in all the local shops in Tenerife in the plastic dome containers. It was about 3 inches and has grown to just over 2ft so far. I will also be bringing this inside for the winter. When it gets stonger and bigger I will plant it in the ground.

I also brought a banana back, no idea what species but I planted it in a 6ft x 4ft contained area (3ft deep, solid concrete floor) which is now 4.5ft from 15cm. It also appears to be reproducing quite happily as there are now 4 additional 2ft - 3ft banana plants shooting up. I have a basa banana in a pot (3.5ft) which I can bring inside. I am hoping that a plastic greenhouse and a couple of old duvets wrapped around the trunk will help them survive the winter.

Mystery plant

Posted: 07/07/2013 at 21:12

It normally lives in the greenhouse with my Jacaranda tree.

Mystery plant

Posted: 07/07/2013 at 21:04


Can anyone please help me identify this young plant.

I brought it home from Tenerife in April and it was around 3.5 inches. It is currently just over 13 inches now.

I would love to kow what it is, and if I plant it, how tall will it grow, and will it survive the winter?




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Mystery plant

I need help identifying this please 
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