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Refurbishing Garden furniture

Posted: 16/10/2013 at 12:35

Hello Fellow gardeners.

In your opinion would you buy new (bearing in mind some of the poor quality products at the lower end costs), or refurbish metal/ alloy tables & chairs and general garden furniture.

Looking at the costs of around £200.00 to refurbishing a typical set of 4 chairs and 1 table that comes with a five year anti corrosion warranty surly it would pay in the long run to have them sorted over buying new.

We purchased a set two years ago and all the paint is peeling off. I guess it's a lack of care, preparation and poor paint that has given rise to this problem

Looking around at some local powder coaters I have found one in Heybridge Essex who say that after careful blast cleaning and using the correct materials they offer a five year warranty in any standard "ral colour" even if the said parts are left out all year round.

So getting to the point has anyone else had this done and what were the results.



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Refurbishing Garden furniture

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