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Talkback: Hornets

Posted: 10/11/2012 at 08:46

I live in France where the asiatic hornets (frelons asiatique) have continued their march northwards after their arrival in Bordeaux from China a few years ago Let's hope they don't reach the UK. They devastate the bee population. 

there is a video here so that you can see them at work (only the version with sound is available now)

How do I treat a wound in the trunk of my acacia tree

Posted: 31/10/2012 at 12:57

Thank you so much for that thoughtful and helpful reply. The tree looks perfectly healthy, so I will leave it for now..

How do I treat a wound in the trunk of my acacia tree

Posted: 28/10/2012 at 15:21

In our garden stands a very beautiful old acacia tree of about 8 metres tall. There is a wound on the trunk (maybe 10 centimetres across and 18 cm high) which has at some time been filled with concrete (no it wasn't us). The tree has been fine for the 8 years or so that we have been here but this spring a trickle of sap came out of the wound, which has left a pool of sap on the ground. It was fine during the summer but after recent heavy rain the same thing happened again.

In a nearby park I have seen trees with wounds which have been filled with expanding foam, (the sort you use for DIY work to fill holes / gaps).  

So, does anyone know if I should I clean out the old concrete and the wound and fill it with expanding foam? Do I need to treat the area first? Or should I leave it alone?

I hope someone can help


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How do I treat a wound in the trunk of my acacia tree

I would like some advice on taking care of my acacia tree 
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