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pretty plant needed for bathroom

Posted: 24/10/2014 at 12:55

Dove. I agree about begonia, I have a simple little white one in the kitchen which flowers non-stop. Every few months it gets a hair cut to stop it getting straggly.

Blank Canvas

Posted: 24/10/2014 at 12:53

All those trees in the distance are wonderful, what is called a 'borrowed view'.

That wall is going to look great.

If you have any carpentry skills you could make your own troughs from pressure treated timber.


Posted: 24/10/2014 at 12:49

Hello, could we see a photo of the house; is it really hard edged Art Deco or more suburban (which would possibly mean standard roses and hollyhocks).

Remember to wash your bird feeders

Posted: 24/10/2014 at 12:42

Thanks for the link, but I would need 4 of those little ones to substitute for my 2 big ones = £100....and even with the big ones I sometimes have to refill every other day.

To wash them, rubber gloves, hot water with fairy liquid and disinfectant, old washing up brush, buckets, rinsing water and all done outside. Once really clean, they dry off on top of the boiler in the conservatory/utility area. I would never wash them in the kitchen. I don't consider myself that fastidious but I feel that that kind of stuff should not be brought into the house.


Posted: 23/10/2014 at 18:35

Would love to see some pics of your garden

Watering a greenhouse on allotment site

Posted: 23/10/2014 at 18:33

Perhaps a solar powered pump?

Blank Canvas

Posted: 23/10/2014 at 18:29

Katie, you can now get 'patio' apple trees, 'step overs' so it could be in a sunny corner and only 1.5m high or less. Black currents are delicious and not a big plant, they can go in with the flowers. I think flower borders need to be no less than 1 metre in width, possibly with wider bits here and there.

You can grow salad veg and herbs in troughs near you seating area.

Have you considered re-painting the shed, perhaps a mid green so that it is not so imposing? Also the fence needs a bit of work doing on it, this should be done before you start planting flower beds, so you have good access to it.

That new Blooming m and s baby advert on here!

Posted: 23/10/2014 at 18:22

Not you Nut

Remember to wash your bird feeders

Posted: 23/10/2014 at 17:41

I try to clean the feeders every 6 weeks or so, but it is a pretty vile job and they are fiddly to take apart.

I like the idea of a magnetic one Liriodendron, what make is it?

Nails in plastic compost bin

Posted: 23/10/2014 at 17:34

They've been stolen by mice, who are building a house?

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