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Please help me design my garden - part 1

Posted: 05/05/2013 at 11:32

Any garden centre will have a soil testing kit for about £5.00 apparently according to this forum you should use water from the water butt (rainwater) to activate the kit; according to Gardeners Question Time on Radio 4 you should use distilled water. My jury is still out on this

Once you have tested your soil you will know whether you can plant acid loving plants like Camellias and Hydrangeas and some Heathers, (but not all). My soil is pretty alkali so I plant accordingly; if I want an acid loving plant it goes in a pot with 'ericaceous' compost.

Please help me design my garden - part 2

Posted: 05/05/2013 at 11:24

Do you get sun further up the fence?

Nesting Doves

Posted: 05/05/2013 at 11:23


robinson greenhouse for sale

Posted: 05/05/2013 at 11:21

Would the buyer have to dismantle it? Could you show us some photos?

Please help me design my garden - part 2

Posted: 05/05/2013 at 11:20

Laura, this link does not work, could you post a photo here? Then I am sure you will get lots of advice.

Veg through the winter months

Posted: 05/05/2013 at 11:17

Nigel, your question is not silly at all. Quite a few veg are planted in the Autumn but are not ready until the next spring/summer, like garlic. I am assuming you want veg to eat throughout the winter.

I finished eating the last of the carrots a few weeks ago; they managed the winter well, Chard seems to survive the cold very well, lambs lettuce is a little salad veg also the leeks were ok. I believe there is a form of lettuce that can manage the cold and Giant Winter Spinach, but make sure you plant it at the right time; I left it too late and nothing happened. I expect there are lots more; just avoid trying to grow ones from hot countries like tomatoes and aubergines.

best organic matter

Posted: 05/05/2013 at 11:10

Home made compost would be very good; if you don't have enough, try googling 'Green Manures'. These are plants like Sweet Clover that you grow and then dig in (preferably before seeds form) Good luck with it.

Chelsea 'Bud' Show?

Posted: 05/05/2013 at 11:05

I just think the logistics of getting everything to flower must be a nightmare!

best kind of bird feeder?

Posted: 05/05/2013 at 11:01

I had some problems with rats when I first started feeding the birds, I now have trays under the Niger seeds and the suet balls. I use hulled sunflower seeds as the husks make a real mess.

 Sunflower hearts

 Fat balls with a tray attached using a large nylon washer and nut and bolt. Annoyingly the trays can only be attached to one brand of bird feeder; the sunflower hearts have to be in a metal and plastic container to stop the local squirrel from destroying it.

I no longer feed seed mixtures as the birds just discard what their species don't eat.

 This is a water feeder, if it is windy all the water drains out!

 After water feeder, dried meal worms, I think - it is really hard to see photos as I'm uploading them. Above is Niger Seed for the Finches, they are messy feeders so have to have a tray.

Leggy mint - help!

Posted: 05/05/2013 at 10:44

I think 'Baby-Bio' do a plant food specifically for herbs; it comes in a small bottle if you are short of space

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