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Compost course

Posted: 22/04/2013 at 08:52

I did the Norfolk Council/Garden Organic Compost Master Course last week and thought I would share some of the amazing information we were taught by the wonderful hard working tutors.

The first day they took us to a landfill site to show what happens when we produce vast quantities of rubbish and don't compost anything. It was such a depressing sight; in the middle of beautiful Norfolk countryside there was this huge mound of bare earth where the site had been 'capped off' with pipes running out of it to release the methane and leachate (some horrible liquid produced by rotting rubbish). They were still using part of the area as current landfill and all the trees surrounding it were festooned with dirty plastic bags.

Then they took us to this very new, clean facility where they do composting on an industrial scale; all out kitchen waste which in King's Lynn area we have to separate out plus green waste is composted using the same process that you or I would use, but it has to be indoors because it is kitchen stuff. The resulting compost which looks and smells good is bought by local farmers who love using it. Over the next few days I will post more about the course as I read all the literature I came away with. Any questions? No sniggering at the back there!

greengage tree

Posted: 22/04/2013 at 08:40

Hi elaine, last year was really awful for fruit trees; my pear and quince both produced nothing, so it may have been the weather and this year has been pretty cold so far. I would leave it to recover from the strange weather.

Info For Newbies - How to ensure that your question appears!

Posted: 22/04/2013 at 08:37

Dove, was it you who mentioned rhubarb and custard cake recently? Any chance of a recipe?

Cat Poo in the compost !

Posted: 22/04/2013 at 08:34

Quote from my new book on composting;Toxocara is a dangerous disease that can be found in dog and cat poo and can be passed on to humans if handled. They do not recommend composting either.

Garden Paint?

Posted: 22/04/2013 at 08:25

Just had a look at the link above; colours are a bit unsubtle? There may be some water based paints that you could use, like externel masonry paints but check for suitability. Suggest email Dulux Paints, and other firms; they have paint boffins who are dying to share their knowledge.

Where have all the hostas gone?

Posted: 22/04/2013 at 08:21

The Fens; Hostas are still asleep in fairly deep shade.

Beginner failing miserably.

Posted: 22/04/2013 at 08:16

What temperature are they? Are they on a window sill, what direction is the window facing etc?

Our own A to Z of our Gardening

Posted: 22/04/2013 at 08:13

Verdun, You can get orange Ranunculus and the Erisymum Apricot Twist is orange.

Our own A to Z of our Gardening

Posted: 21/04/2013 at 19:59

Nut C; Oh my gosh I was at a big plant auction yesterday with a neighbour who wanted to fill gaps in her huge herbacious border and I am sure I saw what you are describing, but sadly did not write down the name as we were going for geums for the front of the border. But Uncle Verdun will know I am sure

Garden Gallery 2013

Posted: 21/04/2013 at 19:55

Ooh yes, a name for the hellebore, it is so beautiful! Cheery PB, how about a competition for a name; you of course would be the judge.

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