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Monty Don

Posted: 28/03/2013 at 22:05
I am delighted that Monty is back. He has an easy appealing way and I learn a lot from him. I dont agree with the comments about his knowledge levels. There is so much contradiction between the experts once you get tcuked into books and shows. You'll never get consensus.

Carol drives me to distraction. her enthusiasm is just a bit over the top.

My problem with all of these shows is that they dont deal with reality. I humbly invite GW to come to my garden which has been carved from pencil covered wih about 2 inches of rubbish. Watching Monty plant something makes me sick. 3 goes with a spade and viola ther's the hole. I have to carve holes and actually use an arc welder's pick and/or a mallet. I have no decent soil and have to buy and bring in endless compost and manure.

in fact if ever there was something GW could do, iy would be to discuss soil conditioning and how to improve it. I am sick of statements like "add lime". How much? What is lime? what does it do?
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