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Posted: Yesterday at 23:00

I didn't think I'd find much of interest on the site so I just hit B at random and there were two before me

gallery of shame

Posted: Yesterday at 21:50

Eccentricity is actively encouraged and definitely not an excuse for exclusion.

gallery of shame

Posted: Yesterday at 21:14

We may have to open a sub thread involving well-intentioned gardening gifts we have secreted about the garden or put in intentionally parlous situations

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Posted: Yesterday at 21:11

With regard to the gaffer tape  - We may have made a scientific nay archaeological discovery. 

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Posted: Yesterday at 20:59

Bob, your pic reminds me of the programmes on freeview where a bunch of eeejits bid for the contents of a lockup

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Posted: Yesterday at 18:37

Runny,keep lurking and join in the banter whenever. If anything becomes messy in your garden, you can post it and progress from associate membership.

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Posted: Yesterday at 17:30

We must welcome all who have a genuine desire to achieve sloth. We must embrace the backsliders and teach them the error of their ways by example.

Even sinners who have googled ' storage solutions'  or looked in an ikea catalogue or even gone into an ikea store for something other than meatballs are not entirely beyond redemption  - but whether they're worth the effort, I'm not entirely sure.

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Posted: Yesterday at 16:44

What's that lurking behind the leaves. Have you been putting anything in it?

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Posted: Yesterday at 16:01

Perhaps you could make a guy for it

gallery of shame

Posted: Yesterday at 15:12

Cloggie, you're a natural!

Using paving slabs as weed suppressants is priceless!


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