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Non Support of Poor Companies

Posted: Yesterday at 17:35

I've always had good results with thompson and morgan and when I emailed them they replied and sorted the problem straight away.

Overwintering Pelargoniums

Posted: Yesterday at 17:30

I usually take cuttings and get rid of the parent plants but last year mine were so riddled with rust that I didn't dare take cuttings and left the plants in a dry sunny sheltered place without heat, the winter was so mild that all the plants survived and as I had removed the rust effected leaves throughout the winter they were rust free by spring and ready to repot. This year I took cuttings which are growing well on a north facing windowsill but I also kept the parent plants in the same location as last year, I also kept a couple of fuchsias and some busy lizzies. I do water them infrequently when the temperature is on the mild side and only enough to stop the compost from drying completely never getting the leaves wet, so far so good.

Sprout harvesting

Posted: Yesterday at 17:17

Blimey six sprouts and a few kale leaves do me and the wife for a meal I couldn't eat half a stalks worth all on my own. I have taken to removing the lower leaves and any yellow ones from my plants as last year the sprouts got black mould on them, it seems to have worked.

Kohl rabi

Posted: 17/11/2015 at 16:20

Kohl rabi surprisingly nice in salads it has a slightly nutty flavour, I've never tried it cooked.

One lone survivor

Posted: 12/11/2015 at 17:24

I clapped Diana as she came down the Harlestone Road on her last journey in fact there was a round of applause, that might have been crass I suppose but it beat just standing there watching her coffin go past like some gawper, it was probably all a bit over the top but there you are it won't make any difference now will it!

Potatoes lifted later in season went to gluey mush during boiling

Posted: 09/11/2015 at 15:52

I lift first early in june seconds in july and main in august or september never had any problems.

All Year Round

Posted: 06/11/2015 at 12:16

It really depends on which veg you like to eat but it is possible to grow veg to last all year if you have enough space to grow a range of crops and to be able to rotate crops as it isn't advisable to grow some crops in the same soil year after year without a break. You could grow enough potatoes to last all year but you need quite a bit of space to grow them in and there's always a chance that maincrop potatoes could be hit by blight and you may lose them all, you would also need somewhere to store them in the correct conditions too. Cabbage will grow all year as long as you use the correct varieties for each season, beans are easy to grow and can be stored, also carrots can be stored, fruit can be made into preserves or pies which could be frozen. Of course there's always the question is it more cost effective just to buy veg from the supermarket than to bother growing it yourself but I always try to grow as much veg as I can no matter what the cost implications are.

Butternut squash- but no sign of fruit

Posted: 23/10/2015 at 15:42

Nin how did the butternut squash go mine had one fruit on it when this thread was first posted but today I harvested 7 squashes 4 small and 3 big ones not as good as last year and a bit later than last year too but it's amazing how quickly they have grown and ripened given the slow start.

Vine Weevil

Posted: 21/10/2015 at 17:51

I have a heuchera which was planted in full sun in my front garden and as it was looking a bit sad and I had read that they like to be divided and replanted deeper every couple of years I did what was suggested, when I dug it up I was puzzled that it had holes in the roots but then I saw the culprit a vine weevil grub, I checked for any other grubs and divided the plant a replanted it/them, the plant grew well and looked better straight away these plants can survive anything just replant it deeper it will grow and spread. I also had a yellow one which last year was covered in rust but as it was a bad year all-around for rust I left it alone, this year it came back fighting but within a short time I noticed the rust coming back, I noticed my neighbour had a yellow heuchera in her back garden which looked healthy so I moved mine into a shadier part of my back garden, the plant divided into several pieces without much root at all but I planted all the pieces and picked off some of the rust affected leaves not wanting to leave it leafless, within a month new leaves were growing so I could pick off the rest of the rust affected leaves, the plants grew strongly through the summer without the rust returning, success on both counts.

A Point of View

Posted: 19/10/2015 at 16:27

I’ve always regarded Will Self to be a smug intellectual unhappy with life unhappy with himself and yes he even brought this country's imperialism into the subject of gardening, what I would say to Will is give it up old chap because you will never win no one is impressed by your moaning tone at least no one that I consider to be reasonable isn’t. He goes to prove a point that I have always believed in that those who can, do and those that can't be bothered just talk about it.

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