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Growing onions with Simon

Posted: 23/05/2015 at 14:36

Simon great film as usual that badger's in fantastic condition it looks more like a pet than a wildie. As for onions mine are doing well apart for the fact that I am growing them where I had the potatoes last year and despite my best efforts I have left some tubers in and have volunteer potatoes shooting up everywhere. Have to say that the Solent Wight garlic that I bought from a supplier and planted last November is four times the size of the supermarket bought garlic which I started off in pots and planted out in February.


Posted: 21/05/2015 at 14:50

Not much change with my broad beans after my week away apart from the fact that the flowers at the bottom which had turned black had in fact been pollinated and now little pods are growing, silly me.


Posted: 20/05/2015 at 16:42

I too planted broad beans last autumn but I noticed that they weren't as frost hardy as I had thought so I erected a enviromesh barrier around them which protected them from the frost and from birds, then a month ago I noticed that the bottom flowers had turned black so I removed the barrier as it appeared that it was preventing the insects from pollinating the flowers. I've been away for a week so I will see what the situation is tomorrow.

Boundary advise

Posted: 10/05/2015 at 12:28

I don't know if this is pertinent.

Photinia Red Robin trimming

Posted: 10/05/2015 at 12:09

I pruned mine in March and it is covered in flowers and red leaves now, I did look online and it suggested that they are pruned in spring or autumn so give it a go now you could cut it back hard and if it lives it's a bonus if it dies start again, by putting it off it will just get worse.

A quick question for Allotmenteers?

Posted: 10/05/2015 at 11:10

Personally I'm in favour of cutting plots in half or even smaller because 250 sq meters of ground is too much for someone who can't spend lots of time looking after it, this is even more true when there are people waiting for plots. As for people with ill health the site I'm on has had cases where elderly people are helped by other plot holders just so they can keep on top of their plots.

A quick question for Allotmenteers?

Posted: 10/05/2015 at 10:12

I couldn't agree more, when I first considered taking on an allotment plot I thought it would be a place to get some exercise and grow food, little did I know that many plot holders are attracted to the allotment more as a social club, that's not to say that they don't also keep tidy productive plots but there are also people who due to work and family commitments can't spend as much time on their plots as they need to to keep them up to scratch as well as partaking in the social activities. I guess that I must be old school, the chap with the plot next to me which is half covered in couch grass has given his plot up due to ill health but told me that he intends to keep the gate key because he likes to visit the site to keep in touch with his many friend, this doesn't strike me as being wrong or out of the ordinary but I think that it sums up the whole thing of being more a social activity than a mainly gardening one. Perhaps this site mentality is an oddity in the allotment scene and not the norm?

A quick question for Allotmenteers?

Posted: 09/05/2015 at 16:37

The site is managed but people do neglect their plots whether they are good friends or relations of the committee I couldn't say. I'm sure other allotment sites have their fair share of neglected plots. I'll give you a for instance. my plot was completely neglected when I took it on, I was shown 6 or 7 other plots and only one could have been described as cultivated some were worse than the one that I took which was waist high in weeds at the time. This plot had been used for keeping chickens and storage of materials by one of the committee members who had decided to give it up but not before letting it go to weed, I was told by a long time plot holder that he couldn’t remember it ever being cultivated before. The person who had the plot also had the next one which he did cultivate but in a way that still had uncultivated areas of weed. Eventually the chap decided to also give this plot up, now this plot wasn’t offered to someone on the waiting list as it was in fair condition with a fruit cage and substantial shed and greenhouse but went to the son of someone on the site who since taking it on twelve months ago hasn’t done much more than scratch about on it moving slabs etc. In fact the fruit cage which was full of large juicy currants was left to rot on the cane, such a waste. The plot the other side was rented by a chap who I first set eye upon after six months of me having mine, he was a nice chatty chap who had no interest in gardening at all he even admitted that his idea of growing crops was to dig a space in the weeds and plant something then let it look after itself. He came a couple of times with the help of his sister in-law he managed to dig the plot over but the next year he paid for someone to dig it for him but never planted anything and it was unused for another 12 months. He only bothered with the bottom half of this full plot and the neighbour next to him had the top half which was occasionally mown couch grass for his chickens to run free on. As I say this site has a very active committee which raises funds has a good relationship with the local council and police, provide water troughs, have renovated a cabin for their own use, just got the council to provide a new access gate and the rent is £30 per full plot a year. The council officer inspects the site regularly but there are still unused and neglected plots which could be put to better use.

A quick question for Allotmenteers?

Posted: 09/05/2015 at 15:06

Hi could I garner some views regarding allotment etiquette,

Which would you prefer on your allotment site, a person who was friendly and liked to join in with all the allotment activities but who didn't do much gardening preferring to let their plot lay idle unkempt and weedy or someone who didn't make friends easily kept themselves to themselves but had a very productive plot and kept the weeds down.

I know that the ideal allotment friend would be someone in between the two but if you had to choose between the two would you have a preference?

neighbours fence

Posted: 09/05/2015 at 14:48

I have had a Hydrangea Petiolaris growing on a south facing fence it's been there for around 10 years now and it is true that blackbirds love to nest in it as we had a nest this time last year. I took a layered cutting from it about 5 years ago and after growing it in a pot for a couple of years I have planted it behind my garage facing north, it has been there for 3 years and it looks like it is growing well. Good valued plant.

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