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Spent Mushroom Compost

Posted: 04/11/2015 at 17:37

Thank you all for your comments. I was thinking of buying some from online advertisers, if anyone has any views on this?   I am Wellingborough way.

Spent Mushroom Compost

Posted: 04/11/2015 at 11:20

Is this worth investing in?   

Is it actually beneficial?


Posted: 11/04/2015 at 23:51

Thank you v.much for your help.


Posted: 11/04/2015 at 20:19

Iris White Knight, Ambassador, Senlac, Going my Way, Red Orchid, Harbour Blue.

Thank you.


Not sure whether my reply worked so sending again.


Posted: 11/04/2015 at 17:27

Has anyone any advice please on the best way to pot iris?    What soil; gritty; add fertiliser; close to surface; how long will they be happy in a container?


Thank you

A few random questions :)

Posted: 28/09/2014 at 13:45

Does one cut down Montbretia or leave it to its own devices?

Talkback: Field bindweed

Posted: 28/08/2014 at 23:04

What are you spraying bindweed with?

What can you do when it is growing up thro' the grass in your lawn?


Posted: 21/08/2014 at 23:01

Big dog?

Is it Right or Wrong

Posted: 06/07/2014 at 10:46

The reason I queried the milk in compost was because recently I had seen a variety of opinions suggesting it would break down & not cause any problems & I was interested  in further ideas.  We can always learn something new even if contrary to what we have always accepted.

Is it Right or Wrong

Posted: 05/07/2014 at 10:39

Ask local Council as to whether there is a TPO in effect & consult rree surgeon for specialist advice, perhaps include neightbour when tree surgeon arrives?

Does anyone know the rights & wrongs of adding milk to compost heap?   I have several litres to dispose of.

Thank you.

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