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Talkback: How to choose slug-resistant plants - part two

Posted: 23/04/2015 at 19:18

I sometimes collect slugs as night falls then chuck them into the pond for Koi supper. They love 'em - especially those long orange slimey ones.  But the best ever deterent is frogs and toads. When I first arrived at my place the garden was a wilderness, the pond choked with weeds and with frogs.  That year after dark I would often see 20 or more hopping around the lawn and not a slug anywhere. But we gardeners interfere, tidy things up, the habitat changes, frog numbers decline. The Slugs - 1 Gardeners - 0.

having a moan about...

Posted: 09/02/2013 at 23:28

Yes, the cold weather is frustrating when you want to get going in the garden. I have an apple tree and around the base are loads of bulbs. First up are the Snowdrops. They have been in bloom for two weeks already. It's so wonderful at this time of year to see them so pure and white and in such profusion. It tells me winter is on its last knockings and spring is just around the corner.  Next will be the Crocuses, then Daffs, then the Tulips & Bluebells. So get loads of bulbs in next year - they are a great alarm clock and they make you feel optimistic really early on, and you can start planning when they bloom.

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