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Posted: Today at 17:42

Ps RB you have pm xx


Posted: Today at 17:40

Oh DD we all feel better for a rant and sorry your OH not so interested as you are in your beautiful garden  Why don't you look back at old pics and then look at it now and see what a big difference each day you have worked so hard and what you have achieved.  It's because you see it every day and can't appreciate just how lovely it is 

As for your feet, is their a rash? Broken skin? Itchy or pain? Allergic to plastic?


Runny beak sorry about OH and hope he is feeling better today xx 

Considering you say you haven't done much I think that hedge counts!!! You def will sleep tonight 

Shame you are gonna lose the nettles to weed killer as wild life does love em and they say you have good soil where nettles grow 

Oh I do hope your robin nests, that will be brill  I haven't made mine yet! That I will def do tomorrow 

Apologies I told everyone it was your birthday! But as you're so special you could be like the queen and have two this year 



Posted: Today at 14:33

Its another lovely day here, so warm and sun in and out like its still summer!

Bulbs I got Lesley were miniature white daffs,miniature red tulips, snow dropsremark red tulips, really nice shape and pink ones like angelique  Sorry not good on posh names 

Just watered the garden as was gasping and only left it two days!!


Posted: Today at 12:37

Oh yuk bekkie! 

What's the star in your garden right now

Posted: Today at 11:59

Beautiful Lyn  And everyonle else who I've just caught up on past couple of days

Beautiful gardens and plants 


Posted: Today at 10:38

Love em 

white mouse

Posted: Today at 10:37

Have you named em yet? 

white mouse

Posted: Today at 10:36

Oh fidget they are beautiful, they do look quite big? I love em 


Posted: Today at 10:16

Come on then fidget! Dont keep us in suspense 

It's my birthday

Posted: Today at 09:38

Sorry I got it wrong! Not RBs birthday  Sorry RB and happy belated birthday BL

thats cos I was trying to catch up when I should have been sleeping 

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