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Posted: Today at 09:35

Mmmmm Hosta, know what we can all look forward to later then


Garden Pictures 2015

Posted: Today at 09:18

You have done amazing WS and can't wait to see how it matures and develops 


Posted: Today at 09:14

Good morning everyone, another beautiful sunny day 

WS your garden looks fabulous 

I agree we need engagement party 

hope everyone feels ok today as sounds like a lot of you over did it yesterday!

i may paint the shed today 

Bekkie you are well bad going after hooligans!!!! Set OH on em! Not you! Xx




Posted: Yesterday at 11:00

Morning panda, just about to hang mine out 

You have two hopes with RB sharing polldark! 

Shabby Chic Anyone?

Posted: Yesterday at 10:58

But I'll see if it will let me have a nosey as sounds good 

Shabby Chic Anyone?

Posted: Yesterday at 10:56

Ps not on face book x 

Shabby Chic Anyone?

Posted: Yesterday at 10:55

I often browse in image googles and lots of the pics I like are on pin interest and now I understand why thank you 

It is a shame when the cats get the birds but guess its just nature and thank fully doesn't happen too often.  I'm sure the old boy cat wouldn't be able to catch em anyways bless him

I bet you will bea fab gardener, no such thing as a rubbish one! Everyone learns by mistakes and they seldom happen as long as you water well all newly planted or moved plants  

As for attaching pics, can you see the tree icon on the tool bar on the box you post in? Just click on that and do as it says.  Don't worry if lots of typing goggley goop comes up, just click on the ok at the bottom and then it can take upto a couple of mins to upload but does work 


Shabby Chic Anyone?

Posted: Yesterday at 10:10

Thankyoufor liking my containers Lesley, you can pin em lol

Sounded like I knew what I was talking about then lol but no I just read Laura's post 

Thank you Laura for that and think I'll try and work it out as really sounds right up my street ? Hope you feel better now and you'll have to fight me for Monty 

As for posting pics, are you on a phone or iPad or lap top?

hope your neighbours cat is ok and thank you for being so kind to him despite him messing in your garden x




Posted: Yesterday at 09:58

Oh RB you are so funny  Always make me laugh out loud 

Bekkie I am totally with you on the bin front! I'm the same with general rubbish which I try and disguise and get rid of as much as I can! You won't believe what an angry woman I turned into when they started all this re cycling and only picked up general fortnightly! 


Having a go at a cut flower patch...

Posted: Yesterday at 09:52

Like you primrose I have scattered some wild flowers in a patch down the end of the garden and keep looking but all iss are nettles 

ChoColate cosmos! Are you kidding me?!! 

Oh BL hope you're having lovely holiday and knew once you found us on this thread yours would be amazing  Hope your sitter is well trained 


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