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Posted: Today at 10:41

Good morning all 

Just woke up! Not very good nights sleep  Hope you're all well and have good days

Hope your mum is ok Lesley and not too black and blue bless her

Its so warm out and garden is completely covered in leaves so both frustrating as not able to clear up but good as looks pretty and can't see the mess beneath 

Just hope frosts hold off till I can get back out there 

Impressions of the posters here

Posted: Today at 00:08

Oh tootles, I'm tone death and bite my nails  Saucy yes  Dirty jokes hmmmm pends who tells em! I much prefer and love the cheeky, sometimes tongue in cheek one liners from forum members such as Pansyface, Lyn, Lesley, RB, Bekkie, KEF and Verdun. Apologies to those I missed but they really make me laugh out loud and often

Monty don new series

Posted: Today at 00:01

Just watched tonights episode and it was awful! So disappointed 


Posted: Yesterday at 23:59

Oh busy that's so sad, I'm so sorry  You gave that lovely old girl a perfect last month, she is in a better place now no matter how terrible you must be feeling now

Just thank goodness you took her in as god knows what would have happened to her. You were her angel xx



Posted: Yesterday at 19:14

Hi all  Had crappy get no where morning with forms and chasing work grrr no HR like in the old days, every single thing has be logged by a ticket via person on phone from out source company!!!  Sorry that's off my chest now....

OH home and takeaway ordered and on line SM on its way ...

Seeing posts from Stacey knocked me into touch so normal service is now resumed 

Hope our Bekkie has had a lovely day 

Hope you all have good evenings xx


Impressions of the posters here

Posted: Yesterday at 19:07

Archie??? More like phantom of the opera!!! 

Impressions of the posters here

Posted: Yesterday at 15:00

I think we need some clues as this is too hard to guess and no one is telling us when we get stuff right 

Verdun I'm not bunking off school today 


That new Blooming m and s baby advert on here!

Posted: Yesterday at 14:53

Creeping me out when out the corner of my eye as I'm trying to write posts that baby's head slowly pops up!!!!  

Yes I am in a bad and stressed out mood today!!!!

Sorry  Xx


Posted: Yesterday at 14:11

You sound an amazing girl Stacey and it appears your little girl is too  Love to you all xxx

Stacey & her chilli bits

Posted: Yesterday at 14:03

Big love to you Stacey, I don't do chillies but was lovely to read your chilli update 

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