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WIN or not as the case may be

Posted: 18/09/2016 at 21:00

Hi .... me again!

Worked fine today .... fingers crossed I win.

Bee x

WIN or not as the case may be

Posted: 17/09/2016 at 18:50

Same problem for me ... tried lower and upper case  ... same message  ... also tried refreshing as suggested. 

Clearly a site issue.

Those who don't have grasses!

Posted: 09/09/2016 at 21:45

Thanks Fairygirl .... good to hear that the phormiums will cope with the winter here .... I've an idea where I might try out one or two.

Your garden is lovely ... really like your plant combinations.

Those who don't have grasses!

Posted: 09/09/2016 at 19:11

Hi Fairygirl,

Do phormiums cope with winter Ok with you?

I've always fancied them but I also garden in Scotland (Borders near Jedburgh) and I thought it would be too cold / wet.

I did consider pots but they look as though they could get a bit big & heavy to be bringing into the greenhouse.

Bee x

Things I don't get

Posted: 28/08/2016 at 13:20

I know what you mean scroggin!

On a similar note ...veg. which is shrink wrapped to death  ... really gets my goat ... you can easily spend 10 minutes of your life (which you'll never get back) trying to get into a cucumber. 

Another pet hate is stickers on fruit ... drives me mad.

Rant over ... bee x 


Posted: 13/08/2016 at 13:11

Just loving this Olympics .... the trampolining silver medal last night was fab.

But for me the biggest stars are the 2 synchronised crocodiles and the high-jumping fox .... don't you just love 'em!

Bee x

Recycling genius

Posted: 12/08/2016 at 18:21

Hi B3,

I've been using a couple of mine placed over pennisetum grasses during the winter to keep them dry and a bit warmer ... need to put a brick on top but works well.

Bee x

Daily wildlife moments

Posted: 08/08/2016 at 19:37

Hi PP,

Think your visitor might be a wood wasp .... see below.

Bee X

Disappointing plants

Posted: 07/08/2016 at 19:25

Mine gets plenty of damp (I garden in Scotland!!) but it is a bit of a slug magnet.

I'm a recent convert to nematodes .... so it might get a fighting chance to put on a spurt.

Bee xx

Disappointing plants

Posted: 07/08/2016 at 17:25

Hi Folks,

Good thread ... has cheered me up!

It's Pachysandra terminalis 'Green Carpet' for me .... green carpet my ***e!

Thought it would look good in a winter border area I'm trying to create.

It's limping along and very tatty looking. It's getting moved this autumn and will be on a yellow card if it doesn't improve.

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