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a good turn needs to be considered......

Posted: Today at 20:24
Best thing for a nettle sting is to rub a blackberry on it, failing that an antihistamine should do the trick
Got both forearms stung severely when attempting to show how tough i was to the stupid girly girls when we lost our ball in the brook, never did get any recognition....just looked like popeye!


Posted: Today at 20:16
Read, write but rather lacking in the culinary department Edd!

Leaf curl

Posted: Today at 20:15
I leave mine covered all year round, once a few of the leaves on my trees get it, its a real struggle to get rid again, the victorians used to have specific peach porches which were quite pretty, wonder if you can still get them


Posted: Today at 20:06
Good job i dont live by you SGL, your sheets would be stinky! Ive washed everything on an intensive wash, but can still smell smoke! Will need at least one more fire, and will have to put the bigger logs on freegle or something!

Sounds like a nice evening planned Lesley, hope youve got some nice snacks , moms other dog is the typical brainy collie (cross) they had to do agility with her as the 10 mile walks were getting a bit much for my step dad, that one is so clever, she let herself out and stayed with a neighbour and their german sheps for the night! So they know the drill with the whole obedience thing. Have to say she was on her best behaviour when she was here, didnt even rip up a teddy

Sorry about the rain Panda, hope thats as bad as it gets, theres some nasty weather forcast!

Fritt, bet you are shattered! I think you deserve an evening infront of the tv

That Kew show has inspired me to buy the cook book! Hope that wasnt too much of a shock for any of you!

Leaf curl

Posted: Today at 18:17
I made a rather strange looking shelter out of old poles from those plastic greenhouses and wedged perspex and plastic on the top, has lasted for 12 months so far. You can buy a "disposable" greenhouse for just over ??30 from, that would work, the cover is a bit pants, but that can be replaced.
I would have done what Verdun said if i had the option, unfortunately i dont have the right aspect to have them by the house


Posted: Today at 18:09
Forgot to tell you all, that tiny spaniel mom adopted has today managed to heave the pump out of the pond and chew through the wire...luckily it wasnt on! Naughty puppy! She is starting agility asap to try and grow her some brains, or at least channel what she has!


Posted: Today at 18:06
Youve made good time Lesley is this that op shes been waiting ages for? Good luck

Gosh Yvie, that was a big gap, do you need a trip to M&S? it sounds as you are planning to stock the botanical gardens! Gets addictive dosent it

I dont really mark anniversaries, sometimes have a little think about them by myself, think it will be different when mom goes, everyone else went such a long time ago, only really got mom left. My thoughts are with those who have lost loved ones recently x

wow Hosta! lovely

Matty, sounds like you are feeling better

Winter, i hope you are keeping a photo diary of all of this work!

Well, im truly stunned, himself wouldnt allow me to have a bonfire by myself, he helped!!! The street was filled with smoke and im sure we annoyed all the neighbours! have managed to get around half of what ive cut down already burned, he pulled over a large conifer that i had exposed and cut the roots of and we managed to burn two pallets and my old compost bin, just 9 or so more conifers to go......aggggghhhhh


Posted: Today at 09:36
Ive got one of those little bin wotsits Hosta thanks, had the fire brigade called to an allotment bonfire once, exciting as it was, i dont wish to repeat the experience! . Just wondering if i could smuggle any of it in my general wast bin thats just been emptied!


Posted: Today at 09:26
Off to mek a bumfire as they say round here, wish me luck, the pile of stuff to go is taller than me! Eeek!

Temporary screening

Posted: Today at 07:56

Ive used that reed screening stuff as ive got a mixed hedge thats mainly hawthorn so is seethrough in winter, you need more than one layer though as the little gaps still allow you to see through quite easily. I havent put posts etc in as one day my OH will get round to making a fence....i hope! Ive found it easy enough to tie to the hedge
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