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Posted: Today at 08:58


Mrs G! please dont apologise for talking about other things than gardening, its a good thing that we can all discuss whatever we need to on here, i hadnt realised my council tax goes to all of those things , probably hadnt read the leaflet properly, but have learnt something today, hope you get the outcome you need 

best wishes to everyone, must go, need to tidy myself up before my shopping is delivered, the poor chap really dosent need to see me in my pj's ....again!

It's my birthday

Posted: Yesterday at 23:09

Impressions of the posters here

Posted: Yesterday at 23:07

i love how mental (in a good way) this post is, has really made me giggle , you lot are a great bunch x


Posted: Yesterday at 19:59

evening all

thanks for all the birthday wishes.. must be getting old, had to go for a nap after a few jobs in the garden and getting some horse poo

sent you an email BM, got a feeling the gremlins have been at it again!

best wishes Stacey, good to see you still have your sense of humour

Impressions of the posters here

Posted: Yesterday at 19:51

is that a  pic of you SGL?

Impressions of the posters here

Posted: Yesterday at 17:08

hazely yellow SGL, bit odd , come on, tell us what you look like 

the  plants you like are really interesting, not sure what to choose, maybe highly scented old style roses, more of a veg girl i suppose

i bet for Frank its something elegant, just like a dancer

for verdun, something unusual, a little more difficult to grow?

BM would like something simple and stylish, it would probably be white

SGL, afraid you have let the cat out of he bag with your name, but it does really suit you

Impressions of the posters here

Posted: Yesterday at 16:00

5'6 SGL?  i wish! , try 5'3 and as far across as i am up! used to be glam but its all far too much trouble these days, right with the frizy hair, and i would be on the ginger side, it i didnt dye it, well done tho, pretty close 

Thanks for the cake RB , i imagine you to have dark hair, probably look younger than you are and have a firey temper, but only when needed

gran, in my mind you have light hair, probably dont take care of yourself as well as you should because you are so busy 

this thread makes me wonder if our favorite plants reflect anything about our personalities???

It's my birthday

Posted: Yesterday at 15:49

thanks for all the happy birthdays and the cake  x


Posted: Yesterday at 09:11

im the sensible one Pauline 


Posted: Yesterday at 09:07

BM, git 

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