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Posted: Today at 20:54
Evening all

Dove, i hope they figure out where they have put your pa soon

Mrs G, hope you decide on your trees soon , beware the david austin book and website, someone went a little mad when they were touching the colours up! Most are very different "in the flesh", i was really dissapointed with a couple when i saw tgem

Love that story Fidget!


Posted: Today at 12:19
Poor thing Yvie, do more spots mean its running its course and will be done soon?

Your garden is very lovely liri, you should be very proud, i understand how you got so many muscles now!

You do so much BL! Just your posts make me tired!

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Posted: Today at 12:16
Monty's Itallian gardens were on this week, his french ones were on a few weeks before , my OH gets up at 6am for the gym, always wakes me up with his music, but at least i get a lovely morning of programmes

Narrow Garden Issue

Posted: Today at 08:42
Domestic Fruit trees are good too, most can be kept to a very small size if you need to, i have a smallish garden and 19 fruit trees! I grow most of them as cordons, so i promise, it is possible to have trees in a small space

I dont know what surrounds your garden or what the neighbouring gardens are like, but food in isolation wont attract a massive range of things as they need cover from predators and somewhere to breed, would you consider a mixed hedge? I know its a scary thought but it can be kept very narrow, so wouldnt take up masses of room. I imagine you could do a similar thing with a row of climbers along your fence

Evergreen scented climbing/rambling rose

Posted: Today at 08:34

I grow alberic barbier (spelling wrong, but close enough), it evergreen apart from the coldest winters, but as the other guys have said, you would have to grow something else with it as it dosent repeat flower and has no scent!
I have read that rose "bobby james" is very highly scented, you could always grow them together????

I also grow the climbers mentioned above, they are all gorgeous you really couldnt go wrong with them

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Posted: Today at 08:24
Id love a jet pack!

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Posted: Today at 08:22
I remember thinking the internet wouldnt catch on!

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Posted: Today at 08:20
I reckon "live" tv will die out eventually anyhow, its just things moving ever forward! Then it will simply be a case of choose what you want to watch and when, no advert breaks, no having your favourite programme moved.

Mind you i thought we would have sky cars by now too!

Worries & troubles that affect Forum friends.

Posted: Today at 08:09
Best wishes Fishy x


Posted: Today at 08:05
Good morning
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