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Posted: Today at 06:25

Those pics are amazing!


Posted: Yesterday at 23:13
Sorry Panda, i thought that was its common name, i couldmt remember the propper one!


Posted: Yesterday at 21:36
How did you sneak that in without me seeing it when i posted Panda???

That looks a beautiful place, nice camera skills

Love the plants, is that angels fishing rod? Pretty


Posted: Yesterday at 21:34
Sorry Yvie, i forgot about your spa day, im such an air head! Glad you had a great time, did your daughter have a good time too, did you say it was your younger daughter that you went with, or am i getting mixed up again?

cabbage plants

Posted: Yesterday at 20:37
I use DT Brown/Marshalls for brassica plants, the other option is to autmn sow for next year


Posted: Yesterday at 20:33
Love the paint job GG


Posted: Yesterday at 20:32
Pauline, they didnt get close enough for me to ask, and i was laughing too much anyway!

Will try the cougettes tomorrow

butternut squash

Posted: Yesterday at 20:24
How big are the ones that drop off? Have you been hand pollinating? It often helps
Ive never grown them in pots, but ot sounds like you are doing everything right
Some fruit always drop off, it seems like you will never get any fruit, dont worry, you will


Posted: Yesterday at 18:35
I adore butter! Slowly trying to go vegan as it stops me eating all the bad things, not sure if i will get there, but will give it another go, tried it once all in one go, only lasted a few weeks!


Posted: Yesterday at 18:11
Glad you all seem to have had a good day

Took the dog for a walk along the canal tow path, its not everyday you see two grown men paddling canoes down the canal TOWING A BATH????

I am trying to eat less dairy, is there anything else i could fry these cougettes in that will be as nice? My m.i.l has made courgette cake a few years back, i dont do baking!

As far as space goes, these are the climbing ones which im trying for the first time, im very impressed so far
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