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Have I overdone it?

Posted: Today at 03:42
Sounds like you have! Im sure a lie in and a couple of painkillers will sort it out


Posted: Yesterday at 20:49
Gremlins been let back out then!

Schools back - time to do some weeding!

Posted: Yesterday at 20:49
Both weeds the top one is some sort of persicaria (not sure of the spelling), cant remember the name of the second one, in my experience more wild flowers than weeds, if you like em, leave em be, they arent as much of a pain as some!

How Tall are your Brussels Sprout

Posted: Yesterday at 20:45
Mine are really just getting going, i doubt it will be homegrown sprouts for crimbo! Will sow some earlier next year- lifestyle permitting!


Posted: Yesterday at 20:44
Havent grown them since i lived at home! Will def grow them again, id forgotten how much i like them

Homegrown Wedding Flowers

Posted: Yesterday at 20:39
Oooo, also, there is a site ive used for little baskets, gift bags etc called candi gifts, well worth a look if you need a fair bit of stuff

Homegrown Wedding Flowers

Posted: Yesterday at 20:37
Another little tip, if anyone lives by David Austin roses, if you get there early (ive only done this on weekends) they have bunches of roses to buy for a few quid, well worth it, they sell out very quickly!

Homegrown Wedding Flowers

Posted: Yesterday at 20:35
I assume so, mine just appeared in the post, never been much of a fan before, but this is a good un! There are so many things that made me think of you, they have collections of seed for flowers just for cutting, a little on the pricey side, but you dont mind for a special occassion


Posted: Yesterday at 20:31
Gosh Fairy, it sounds like you have quite a collection of Iris! Bet they look beautiful


Posted: Yesterday at 20:30
That really was one out of verduns book KEF

Gardengirl! I dont know how you found that, but i love it! Thank you so much, Tia was the dog we had to have put to sleep this time last year, ive looked for plants before but never came up with anything, thanks again

Lots and lots of yummy cake on here tonight, i had been good today til i saw all that cake, ive had to raid the choc i brought for him!

Seems weird on here without Dove/OL/Yvie

Night KEF
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