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bekkie hughes

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Posted: Yesterday at 20:23
Ive used them as i cant resist the cheapo section! Very mixed, had many dissapointments, but the trachelospurmum jasminoides were fab, i would say as a company, they are ropy, but you can get lucky

Welly Nest

Posted: Yesterday at 20:19
Ta cocka will get down speck savers pronto


Posted: Yesterday at 20:18
She is the ine that has to take me out Lesley! , any how she is going back on a zero hours wotsit, 2 days a week for a year, i think my step dad would be in mortal danger if she stopped work all together!

Welly Nest

Posted: Yesterday at 19:48
Im only looking at it on a teeny phone


Posted: Yesterday at 19:43
Sorry SGL, its david austin , you grass looks really nice, if the paint around your shed handle is the worst bit in your garden, then you obiously have time to come and do my weeding!, wouldnt have noticed if you hadnt said

Welly Nest

Posted: Yesterday at 19:25
Ok, so im thick and a bit blind, which way up is the welly?

Great idea by the way


Posted: Yesterday at 19:22
Woo hoo! Mom just had a retirement presentation, she got DA vouchers and a cream tea, she has asked me to go with her- erm thats whats called a no brainer!


Posted: Yesterday at 19:16
Oh bu###r! You lot have just reminded me i need to move my astrantia, they were tiny when i got them, so stuck them in a spare patch of ground by the cabbages, they are now totally swammped, i hope they are still there!

rosa rugosa

Posted: Yesterday at 16:36
Careful what you wish for RM, they are beautiful thugs


Posted: Yesterday at 16:32
Wow Liri, no winder you cant shop at dotty p's! Thats some heavy rock! Looks really good tho

Hope things get moving for your sister SGL

How good are you Dove! I will pick what needs to be picked tomorrow and send it with mom when she visits

My OH is in bed snoring his head off! But is adamant he isnt over training!
1 to 10 of 3,362

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