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Posted: Today at 18:53
Hmmm is all i can say about the rugby....slept through the second half!


Posted: Today at 18:52
Did you turn it of then on again?

Frogspawn 2015

Posted: Today at 18:37
Thats reassuring Lyn, thanks, i had visions of dead frogs floating in the pond! They must be tough little things

Frogspawn 2015

Posted: Today at 18:20
Do the females get drowned? The poor things just seem to get totally overwhelmed!


Posted: Today at 18:15

Did someone say cake and chocs?

Glad you all seem to have had good days

Dove, you seem almost as good as new

Sunflower Lady! Good to "see" you, hope all is well

Have actually got round to sowing some scabious for step sis new build excited, shes bewildered bless her!

Okra and Melons4

Posted: Today at 18:03
Yes, im hoping its closer to 2 ft than 6! Im growing jeruselem artichokes too which get really tall, got a feeling my garden is going to look quite odd this year!

You might be better making a tee pee out of the cloches while the plants are reletively small, ive even used clear storage boxes over things as a mini greenhouse before now, just make sure you put a couple of bricks on the top

Why not have a look online for some polytunnel plastic? Im sure you could cobble something together


Posted: Today at 14:25
Lovely few hours in the garden again today, mostly weeding, pleased to see my GH is still standing, even if one of the legs had come undone again! Have prepared some seed trays, hopefully will sow some flower seeds later

Okra and Melons4

Posted: Today at 09:33
Hi Greg

Im growing the same this year, have you seen hot beds? I wonder if that might be a good method on an allotment .

In the past ive made wind breaks from pound shop tunnel cloches assembled with caned through the seams instead of the wire that comes with them, then push one end of the canes in the ground, you end up with what looks like a beach windbreak, but seethrough

I will be using one of those cheap plastic greenhouses to grow mine, not sure if that would work on an allotment, it depends how exposed and blowy the site is.

Another thing ive found that helps are those silver/reflective windscreen sheilds, either used as a ground sheet and planted through or behind the plants to reflect light and heat, again, i get them from the cheapo stores, they only last a season, so theres no messing around packing things away at the end of the season


Posted: Today at 08:46
Good morning forkers

Wonderfully sunny here today

Have a great day with your grandson RB

Think you mustve needed that sleep Dove! Maybe you could manage some light duties in the greenhouse, out of the wind

Happy hols DD

SGL, a walk on the beach sounds perfick

Have a good day at the park Clari, hope we get some more reggie pics

Been blowy here too Kef, havent been brave enough to check if my GH is still there!

Frogspawn 2015

Posted: Today at 08:36
Thanks Minos

Ive fed them bread in the past, never thought of cat biscuits

Where do you live Minos?

Another question, why were all of the frogs almost black when they first appeared? Theres all sorts of shades and patterns on their skin now, is it the temprature?
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