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Slug invasion

Posted: 20/01/2012 at 17:59

my garden has been devastated by something and it could well be slugs now i have read this!  I never really thought it would be in the winter but maybe it is....

Plants being eaten!

Posted: 20/01/2012 at 17:55

I have a bit of a problem in that something is working its way through my garden and sytematically eating everything off! All of the leves are being eaten like a catapiller would.  I have seen a few red lily beetles but surely they cant be eating everything can they?  What ever it is especially loves the foxglove leaves and well anything really!  New hardy gerranium leaves are also being eaten off as they emerge.  Even the bulbs as they emerge looking a bit moth eared.  I have tulips, daffs, alliums and they are all being nibbled as they push through.  Could it be slugs and snails?  I havent seen any to speak of the only thing I have seen is this red lily beetle. It is really started to devastate things coming through and things that last through the winter.

lily beetle

Posted: 20/01/2012 at 17:49

Hi I have had lily beatle too which beause of the relatively mild winter weather is doing rather well in my garden.  I can still see them now in the garden even though there are no lilies.  The problem I am having is that everything in my garden is being eaten! Can it be the lily beatle? I cant see any other pests?

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Plants being eaten!

all the plants are be eaten off by something. 
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