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Any idea what this is?

Posted: 31/05/2017 at 21:16

Possibly Viburnum tinus under attack form Viburnum beetle.

What is this plant?

Posted: 31/05/2017 at 11:20

Rather nice Deutzia. Lots of different ones.

Vomit plant?

Posted: 29/05/2017 at 20:33

Sorry, but until they have killed the plant the buggits will carry on making smells and eating the plant. Needs either spraying frequently with a systemic insecticide or digging out and replacing.

Vomit plant?

Posted: 29/05/2017 at 17:41

That is V. tinus being ravaged by Viburnum beetle. It is this creature which gives off the awful smell. Some liken it to dog faeces.

Alliums qu

Posted: 29/05/2017 at 10:35

Planting them deeply is really necessary.

1. Generally the bigger the Allium the less likely they are to multiply quickly, though in fertile soil they will. The smaller kinds multiply faster than you can weed them out.

I let the big one seed around and they flower in a few years.

2. They are winter growers and once the flowers appear the leaves have done their jobs and begin to die back. The people who show them remove the leaves and just leave the flower stalk. Once that  has finished,ie gone to seed, you may dig up the bulbs .

3. Sorry cannot really help on this I have never dug any of ours up and stored them. If the bulbs are rootless then yes, you should be able to store them. Cool and dry would be best. They do need planting in about September though.

Iris id

Posted: 28/05/2017 at 20:25

One of the Iris sibirica tribe, but there are a lot of them.

Plant I'd please

Posted: 28/05/2017 at 15:01

One of the forms Of Deutzia

What is this plant and is it easy to grow?

Posted: 27/05/2017 at 17:06

Plant the big hollow bulb on its side so that water does not sit in the hollow and rot the bulb.

Watch out for molluscs as they love the leaves. They are also a food plant of the dreaded lily beetle so you need to keep an eye open for them too.

Looking after an Aruncus

Posted: 27/05/2017 at 17:03

No where in my garden can be described as 'damp shade' and the A.dioicus is now 10 feet across. It needs severely reducing next winter. 

ID weed

Posted: 27/05/2017 at 11:52

It sure is. Hard to kill too when it appears on top of seed pots.

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