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Quinces from chaenomeles

Posted: 30/08/2017 at 17:46

We make a very acceptable preserve with them. Marmalade was originally made from true Quince by the way.

Wood lice

Posted: 29/08/2017 at 15:28

They like dark damp places. so remove as many of their hiding places as you can.

Generally they do not do much damage except when they are in large numbers and have exhausted their usual dead and decaying food. In strawbs and potatoes they follow up damage done by other things.

I moved some things on the compost heap this morning and the surface was alive with them. Thousands of them, all busy turning the material we put on the heap into nice compost.

Worst case, you could always collect them up and fry gently in butter. They are after all related to shrimps.

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Ground elder control

Posted: 25/08/2017 at 17:50

Better luck than we had. When we tried the ground elder choked out the Tagetes without any trouble at all.

Charlotte Scabbie Potatoes

Posted: 25/08/2017 at 17:49

Common scab. Usually a sign that the soil is too alkaline. Still edible, you just need to peel them.

What Weeds Are These !

Posted: 24/08/2017 at 17:42

Pearl wort is the first. Sagina procumbens

Oxalis corniculata is the second.

First one is a primary coloniser of bare soil. It can be hoed off as it does not have persistent roots, but it is a prolific seeder so will almost always come back.

Second one needs to be burnt off as the seed pods will explode and send millions of seeds about. Pulling out or hoeing is no good as there are thousands of tiny bulbs on the roots. Almost impossible to eradicate.


Posted: 22/08/2017 at 14:15

Looks more like Oxalis corniculata, but whatever the name it is a terrible weed. One of the most widespread too, on every continent except Antarctica.

Roundup if you use it, flame gun if you don't.

Is this a codling moth

Posted: 21/08/2017 at 13:55

Thought this was very interesting.May be useful.

Fruit trees in my village - what are they?

Posted: 20/08/2017 at 17:34

If you wait for the pips in Discovery to go brown then the apples will be past their best. Ditto Katy.

Quince fruit tree problem?

Posted: 20/08/2017 at 08:40

Try reducing the size of the picture to get it to load up.

Having said that it does sound like one of the Blackspot infections. Almost every plant has its own form of this. Some Quince (Cydonia cultivars) are more prone to it than others.

Not a lot one can do. Ours loses its leaves (collected up and burnt) in July most years and then grows a new set before normal leaf loss in autumn.

Poor fruiting this year for us was down to poor weather at flowering time, rather than the leaf spot.

If you could find a systemic fungicide, you could try that.

Plum tree bough split

Posted: 19/08/2017 at 21:11

See my question about Damsons,  except our tree fell over in two pieces.

We actually pick our Victoria plums when they are just turning pink. We find that they ripen in the house without any help from banana skins. We do this otherwise we lose most of the fruit to the birds and then wasps.

The danger from Silver leaf is, I think, a little exaggerated. If there are no trees with it in the vicinity then you are not likely to get it.

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