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bettina richards

About me:My happy place is sitting in my garden with my beautiful border collie Boo. I live in the beautiful town of st.ives in cornwall. I think that the best place to be on a spring morning is drinking a cup of tea while Boo sniffs around and i sit thinking of all the things i want to grow and do in the coming gardening year. I usually keep a notebook with me and take notes on ideas and new plants i would like to grow..the highlight of the month for me is buying my new copy of gardeners world magazine.. I have divided my garden into 3 large back garden is mostly a shady woodland garden, with trees and a pond,with a shady boarder on one side, i like to keep this garden for nature so stack logs under the trees for wild life to hide..i love nature and try to do my bit with lots of bird houses and feeders..the front of my house is south facing so gets very warm..on one side is my mediterranean style garden, i grow lots things in pots a fig, lemon, limes,olive, blueberry as well as tomatoes chillies aubergines etc..on the other side of the front garden is my potager/cottage garden i grow cottage type flowers but also vegetables..i am very proud of my garden and although i am only an amateur gardener and am learning all the time i get so much joy in watching the garden change through the seasons, and when the summer comes there is nothing better then sitting with a glass of red wine, watching the sun go down..and contemplating on my gardening year.
more coming soon...