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New build house, new build lawn - help to start off the right way.

Posted: 16/03/2013 at 13:35

First post, so go gentle on me!!


We moved into a house late December which was a new build, lawn was included fornt and rear. The house is built on ex farm fields so I was hoping for some reasonable soil. Sadly not, it's clay, really heavy clay.

Anyway, the real point of the post - The lawn was thrown down, pretty much second week in December, it seems to be growing and may well be not far off a cut. There are huge gaps between some of the strips of lawn and more bumps than a octagenarians birthday party. Whether I should have or not I have this last couple of weeks tried to flatten some of the bumps and close some of the gaps, I don't want my 18mth old dropping down a hole .

So I am looking for advise on what next, the lawn is very wet, squelchy underfoot. I was considering the purchase/lend of a roller and hollow tine aerator, flatten some bumps and then try and get some sand or something into maybe help the top to be a little easier draining. Question - is the addition of sand to an aerated lawn actually worse in heavy clay, or will it help. Secondly should I bother with a roller or can I do just as good a job with a pair of wellies.

I expect as the weather dries (hopefully) the gaps will start to grow, is it okay just to throw in a handful of compost to fill these and let the grass grow in to this?

Should I be thinking about feeding the lawn, I was even considering throwing some seed on to try and thicken up the bits where the weather has perhaps got the worst of it.

For information, the area is around 12m x 8m and is SW facing - 2 of the main reasons we bought the place!

Sorry to go on, thanks for reading and thank you in advance for any help.



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