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Talkback: Pea and bean weevils

Posted: 02/06/2014 at 15:21


I tried planting out but it is very labour intensive. Best thing to do is sow peas in October and then they will be reasonably large plants by the time the weevil comes and wont suffer so much. Also, keep them under netting so the moth can't lay its eggs in the actual peas, pick off and kill any weevils you see and the best tip i can give is to spray it with a solution of water with boiled down rhubarb leaf juice in it as an organic deterrent - this is meant to work quite well.


I know some people don't like killing the little blighters and some wont like the thought of spraying mildly poisonous rhubarb leaf juice on their peas but you have to think; which is the lesser of two weevils? 

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