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Posted: 13/03/2012 at 10:01

Thank you Fonzie. I have explored the use of chemical deterrents but unfortunately they are far too expensive for me. I have followed Dean Lovett's advice & have not yet applied any fertiliser. I have also applied Sulphate of Iron to hopefully act as a irritant as you describe. Up to now I have not seen any wormcasts. Fingers crossed. What happens when I apply fertiliser (I must do as the grass is virtually nonexistent) is anyones guess. Thanks for the advice


Posted: 09/03/2012 at 09:47

Could anyone tell me what the chilli pepper symbol means on the forum index??????

Welcome to the plants forum

Posted: 07/03/2012 at 12:43

Could someone tell me what the chilli pepper symbol means on the forum index????


Posted: 07/03/2012 at 12:34

I intend growing geraniums in pots this season. I buy my plants from B&Q in cell trays. I need advice regarding pinching out to avoid plants going leggy. I have not grown them before. I read somewhere that geraniums produce more flowers if they are left unwatered. Should I leave them to virtually dry out before watering? What is the feeding (if any) & watering programme? I usually mix in Growmore to the compost before planting bedding plants. Is this OK for geraniums???? 


Posted: 07/03/2012 at 12:18

I have the same problem & agree with what has been said. Moss likes shady, damp conditions & poor drainage. Try this - Apply Sulphate of Iron 4oz sq. yard to the moss area. After a short time the moss will turn black & die. Throughily scarify the area till no moss remains. Dig aeration holes with a fork lifting up the sod will do no harm (trust me) although initially it will look awful. Apply a mixture of compost & sharp sand (not builders sand) 50/50 to the area. Resow with a shade tolerate grass seed.

Note! Apply Sulphate of Iron periodically throughout the year.

For a more radical approach try relaying area with a broad leaf meadow turf or even couch grass. Both of which seem to grow fairly well under trees.  


Posted: 21/02/2012 at 17:23

Sahira Ward - Thank you for this web page. At last a possible chemical solution. But albeit a very costly one. Intend exploring use of Sulphur95 & Carbenzamin. Whatever these products are.


Posted: 21/02/2012 at 16:34

Please forgive me if I sound rude it is not my intention. However it would help matters if the problem was understood in the first place.

It is no use telling me to "wait for a dry day" to brush off casts when I have already said that they are permently wet due to shade. Neither is it any use telling me to fertilise the lawn when I  already do this.

up51r - Going by your comments I would suggest that you are the one bing rude.

moonchild2 - Please read my posts. I once had a beautiful almost golf green standard lawn so it is certainly not a lost battle. Your comments are simply unhelpful & some, of the more cynical, might say rather rude. 

HOLEDIGGER - Thank you for your comments. I don't think this will work but once again thank you.

denise butcher - Thank you for your sympathy at least you have first hand experience of the problem.

jim ansell - Chemicals are available to deter, not eradicate worms, from lawns. But, to my knowledge, only under licence.(golf clubs, bowling clubs)

Once again thank you for your help. Well most of you anyway. Lets put this to bed now. The worms have won.


Posted: 11/02/2012 at 11:33

To donutsmrs - Sorry you seem to be missing the point entirely. Unless we have a red hot long, long summer the casts never have a chance to dry out. Read my reply I do remove all mower clippings & leaves.

David Barker - Please read my reply. I do feed in winter , spring & summer. You are lucky to have no wormcasts. I live in the N West - Chester area & wormcasts over the last 3 years have become a major problem in this area. My sons lawn - 1 mile away - has a large infestation. Many other lawns - some up to 15 miles away - are also infested.

There is no simple solution to this problem. I have tried everything I know all the solutions posted have been tried.

I need a botanical expert. Anyone out there????????


Posted: 09/02/2012 at 11:56

I have tried brushing casts off with a swish. Sorry it doesn't work. Swish just flattens casts resulting in slimy mess. The lawn is at the front of the house (north facing) approx. 40 sq. metres. I cannot wait for a dry day as casts are always wet due to shade. I pick up all mower cuttings.

I have a strict regime for feeding the lawn. Winter low nitrogen feed to encourage root growth. Spring high nitrogen feed to encourage grass growth. Occasional (once in summer) application Sulphate of Ammonia. I suspect this may be the problem that maybe worms like a good fertilised soil??????

Thanks for your help but I think I will just have to accept defeat. Worms 1 BILLY C a big fat zero. 


Posted: 07/02/2012 at 09:23

Over the last three years my once beautiful lawn has been devastated by wormcasts, They appear in there hundreds regulary at anytime of year including winter.

It was once a pleasure to cut my luxuriant, lush, grass but now the mower simply flattens the wormcasts slimy mess which kills the grass.

From the internet I have discovered that worm deterents are only available under licence. (Golf clubs etc.) I have tried treating with - Sulphate of Iron & Sulphate of Lime with no effect. My lawn is in permanent shade so casts are always wet & never fully dry out. So it is not possible to wait till they dry out & then brush them off.

If I do get a reply please do not say that worms are good for the soil & casts are rich in nutrients. To me they are just one big slimy mess that I am desperate to eradicate. HELP!!!!!!!!!!!!!!  

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