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Gardening by the Moon

Posted: 20/06/2017 at 15:09

Hi Everyone

Watered Potager at 5am then off to Farmers Market. Put Stand up 6am and then walked dog along the beach, wonderful still morning, an artist's dream. Strange to see the Moon in the sky all day on Sunday -did anyone else notice this? Bought myself 2 Musque de Provence pumpkin plants this mornig for the princely sum of 1Euro -86p!!. Apparently they are great for roasting and soups plus keep until April. Tomatoes are fruiting up on the Terrace, the broad beans are flowering and at the moment the Cabbage White's have not found my broccoli plants. Raised Bed No 2 nearly ready for Petit Provence Peas that have sprouted well in pots. -So despite moving I am catching up well with vegetable growing. Just need to buy courgettes/cucumbers/beetroot and celery plants as too late to guarantee a crop from sowing this year, although may try a few as indicated on dates below.

So here is the Lunar Calender 19th-26th June

19/20th June - Moon ascending in Pisces so Leaf Days. Choose the middle of the day to pick herbs for drying before they flower. Sow all salads.

21st June - From 5.45pm 20th June onwards Fruit Day as Moon slips in front of Aries - Sow cucumbers courgettes outside and set some melons off in the greenhouse. (I think I shall try sowing some cucumbers as have a packet to use up)

22/23rd June - Root Days with Moon ascending in Taurus. Sow Beetroot again for Autumn crops. Sow Swedes and Winter Radish like 'Mooli' On 23rd avoid gardening as Moon perigee (at closest point in monthly cycle to the Earth.

24/25th June - New Moon 3.31am on 24th Flower Days Prune shrubs that have finished flowering Layer Wisteria. Plant out Broccoli sown 19/20th May.

26th June - Moon descending in Cancer Leaf Day - Generally tidy up leaf crops and weed areas thoroughly as this is the time when weeds can take a hold . Make a purin with prele (Mare's Tails) to give all plants a 'lift' particularly during warm weather. It refreshes the structure of the plant and is particularly effective on Leaf Days.

Just taken a quick glimpse at weather predictions for July -Stormy and humid, but more on that next time!

Happy Gardening!

Gardening by the Moon

Posted: 14/06/2017 at 08:59

Supposed to be really hot today. Watered at 6am much to the delight of cats who had shower at same time!! -Bengals LOVE water. Rescued Pushkin from Magpies last night. Found him wailing up tree being pecked at. That'll teach him! Broad Beans and Runners and Roses smiling at me this am after nettle bath. Making Nettle and Goat Cheese scones today for Farmers Market tomorrow. The oven calls!

Happy Gardening!

Gardening by the Moon

Posted: 13/06/2017 at 15:30

Hi - O/H definately enjoyed Calva Distillery!! I have made Raised Bed Number 1 successfully -Filling it with Runner Beans and Perpetual Spinach. Lined it with newspaper initially directly on top of lawn, then added old compost to line it, then lawn mowings. Then  a bed of nettle tops and then 4 x 50litre bags of good organic compost. Watered each layer and left it for 24hrs before adding next one. Now watching with baited breath Oh size -1.20m x 1.20m.30cms deep.

Here are the plants to use as fungicides and there are some surprises!

Onions (Infusion dilute to 20%)

Nettles (Purin dilute to 15%)

Prele (Mares Tails Maceration dilute to 15%)

Horseradish (Decoction diliure to 20%)

Tarragon (Infusion dilute to 20%)

Tansy (Maceration dilute to 20%)


Garlic (Maceration and left for 3-4days dilute 15%)

Bracken (Purin dilute to 10%) Useful against shrews and voles)

Pyrethrum (Maceration and left 1 day dilute to 20%)

Elderflowers (Infused and diluted to 20%)

Tansy (Decoction dilute to 20%)

Tomato Leaves (Maceration and left 3-4days dilute to 15%)

Insect Repellants

Absinthe( infusion or Decoction diluted to 15%) Also good against slugs

Nasturtiums (Decoction diluted to 25%)

Euphorbia (Maceration and left 5days diluted to 15%) Good against slugs and moles

Lavander (Infusion diluted to 15%) Good against ants.

Ivy (Maceration diluted to 10%)

Rue Maceration left 6days diluted to 60%) Particularly good against rats & mice

Plant Stimulants

Achillea (Maceration left 2-3days dilute to 10%

Thistle (Infusion diluted to 25%)

Camomile (Decoction diluted to 10%

Comfrey (Infusion or Purin diluted to 5%)

Nettles (Infusion or Purin diluted to 5%) (I have one rain barrel devoted to nettles which I just throw in every time I weed -Works wonders against blackspot in Roses)

Dandelion (Infusion of Purin diluted 5-10%)

So - Don't just chuck those weeds away -Make use of them -they really do work.

Dilution example:- 20% equals 1 part product to 4 parts water.

Happy gardening!

Gardening by the Moon

Posted: 06/06/2017 at 15:25

Hi Everyone - Computer crash put pay to 1st June weather report - Back from technician this am, so now up and running again. Calvados Distillery was a joy, not for the Calva starting at £50 a bottle!!! But for the stunning 16th century chateau where we were exhibiting and the wonderful baby plants that the head gardener let me have during a walk with the dog through the shady parkland.

Not sure May weather went according to Lunar Plan! Seemed to be wetter than predicted. June is supposed to be cooler until the 7th with changeable yet humid condition with heavy shower periods until 13th. 14th-16th should be warm but thundery. 21-23rd fresher but still wet days. From 24th hotter weather will arrive and a hot and dry Summer is then predicted. -I do have to add that the Calender that I followed from the 24th december until 12th night has actually been accurate which is interesting.

Now is the time to gather elderflowers and make an infusion to water over thrips and blackfly (20% dilution - ie 1 part product to 4 parts water ) and joy of joys I have found prele (Mares Tails) growing along the stream This is invaluable as a fungicide (Mashed up in boiling water first - then left for 3-4 days and diluted to 15%) Used against mildew and blight.For those interested I can give you a list of plants to use as fungicides/insecticides and plant stimulants from the notes of my last Biodynamic Course.Best Lunar dates for making preperations to prevent disease are 4th/24th/27th and 28th June. best date is 24th June for preparing purin for fertilisation.

Here is the Lunar Calender 6 - 17th June.

6/7th June - Moon descending in Libra - Air so Flower Days. Thin out cauliflowers and broccoli planted out 19/20th May Earth up and firm soil well around stems.

8/9/10th June - Full Moon 2.09pm on 9th - Leaf Days. Thin out salads sown 21-23rd May Prick out Brussel Sprouts and Winter Cabbages.

11/12th June - Moon ascending in Sagittarius so Fruit Days. Sow more French/Runner Beans and Peas and Mangetouts adding a row of nasturtiums in front and behind to attract blackfly. Sow Sweet corn . Start to harvest strawberries and raspberries.

13/14th June - Moon ascending in Capricorn so Root Days - Sow chicory and carrots.remember to water carrots as they emerge with a maceration of garlic to deter carrot fly that relish warmer evenings.

15/16/17th June - Flower Days (Avoid gardening on 15th before 8.45am as Noeud descending) If good weather start to gather herbs and flowers for herbal teas. Lime/Camomile and Mallow particularly good at this time.Sow biannuals. forget me nots/pansies/violas and hardy perennials.

Once again sorry for time lapse - Beaten by technology I'm afraid.

Happy gardening.

Bog Plants

Posted: 31/05/2017 at 16:23

Thank you so much for all the input -I thought we had about 15feet square, but after the storms at the w/e this has stretched to about 30ft long by 12ft. We have cornus flanking the garden on 2 sides and a stream (well a wet ditch really) between us and a marshy field. Did soil test at front on clay 'neutral ph' at the back 'slightly acid' -will all bulbs rot -or are there some that will do well in Spring?? Lily of the Valley is thriving. Will Lilies like it? The whole plot is about Quarter of an acre so loads to play with. Putting in Raised Beds for veg, as many parts will be too soggy -Are there any veg that don't mind damp?

Bog Plants

Posted: 24/05/2017 at 16:44

Large chunk of lawn in sunny s/w facing  really boggy spot. I have never grown plants in a bog garden and know that Gunnera will be too big and don't like dark green nothingy type plants. Apart from Irises and Astilbes, and ideas? Hostas/Ferns and Cornus are thriving there. Is there a small type opf Gunnera plant that I could try?? All ideas welcome _ I dont want to drain anything as this could be a soakaway for the house. Only been here a month!

Gardening by the Moon

Posted: 19/05/2017 at 15:42


Hope Push and Boots don't attempt to catch toads as like the UK ones they have horrible poisonous bubbly stuff that they release around predators. These ones don't really come out of the water and live in reed beds. Sounds like turkeys 'gobbling'.at dawn and dusk.

Just stopped raining so must get back into shrubbery and continue clearing undergrowth. Only local Twinning Fair this w/e. I am Guest of Honour Exhibiting at Calvados Distillery 3/4/5th June near Honfleur. O/H looking forward to this one -Wonder why!!!

Have found no slugs or snails yet in this garden - That's a 'first' -No empty shells either. Plenty of ants though and a new arrival -one mole -quickly dealt with by Boots last night!

Have a great w/e. Happy Gardening.

Gardening by the Moon

Posted: 18/05/2017 at 09:08

I know the feeling but it is really exciting creating a new patch -Just so much to do really quickly at this time of year. I have put the Lily and Iris Bed on hold until the Autumn, they are happy in pots at the moment and I can pop them in key areas to gaze at when they flower. -Its the currants and raspberries that I need to get in!!! The prospective Fruit Bed along the drive is murder to dig - May pop these in Raised beds - Have not told O/H yet!! - Overnight rain left an enormous puddle in lawn outside kitchen window - Had noted how damp it was here when we viewed the place - A Bog Garden perhaps?? New project not tried before! - Only about 1metre across - Any ideas what I could grow here? Have just plonked pots of Marsh Irises and Japanese Irises on it at the moment to see how deep it gets (Just comes up to the ankle at the moment then dries out to a squelch. - Morning chorus joined in by Crapauds in Fishing Lake next door - What a racket -All cats gone to inspect!! Have you got any near you. (For UK readers Crapauds are Toads and their BIG)

Off to get some Bio Terreau. Speak later.

Gardening by the Moon

Posted: 17/05/2017 at 14:49

Hi Everyone - Plant Fair lived up to all expectations, came home clutching 2 super Red Robin Potentillas that I got in exchange for some stilton & celery scones! Forced myself not to buy anything else as so much left to plant in new garden -Lawn disappearing rapidly!!! - Pushkin caught first rabbit yesterday - great triumph, - it was exploring my new Potager area. - Delighted to hear your news Obelixx, keep hunting. I was eyeing up pallets this morning at Mr Bricolage, but was glared at by workman on bulldozer, so pretended that I was looking at chain link fencing instead!!

Anyway - Here is Lunar Calender 17th-31st May

17 -18th May - Root Days Moon ascending in Capricorn. Sow some beetroot/leeks & Chicory. If planting out Beetroot wait for Leaf Days as initially this is a very weak point to strengthen on transplanting. I had always thought transplanting beetroot should be done on a Root Day, but last year had better luck and stronger plants on Leaf Days.

19-20th May - Flower Days With descending noeud, no gardening before 7.35am on 19th (I don't think you would be anyway!?) Sow cauliflower and broccoli in Nursery Bed, Sow catch crop Annuals to fill empty spaces in Summer. - My Purple Sprouting Broccoli which I bought back from UK is coming on well in pots, will be planting out in new bed soon.

21/22/23rd May - Leaf Days Moon in Pisces - Now you can plant out beetroot plants. I was told to cut the leaves back but never been brave enough - have you tried this method? When the Moon is in Pisces sow salad crops once a month. Sow Brussel Sprouts and Winter Cabbage in Nursery Bed.

24th May - Fruit Day - New Moon -Renew sowings of courgettes and cucumbers.

25/26/27th May - Root Days - Moon perigee on 26th so no gardening recommended before 7.25am Sow carrots and Winter Radishes in alternate rows, the carrots will sweeten the radishes. Thin out both plants every 10cms.

28 & up to 9.13am on the 29th May - Flower Day Lift & Divide Narcissi/Tulips/Hyacinths. Take cuttings from Flowering Shrubs. Plant out Petunias sown 26th Feb.

29/30th May - Moon descending in Cancer - Leaf Days Thin out Leeks. Plant Celery and Sweet Fennel sown 24-26th April.

31st May - Fruit Day but no gardening recommended between 7.50am and 16.05pm Take a Break! Noeud ascending.

Hoping your having a lovely holiday GWRS and the Beer is good in that Pub! Miss a British Pint!

All advice welcomed from everybody. Keep this Thread lively.

Happy Gardening.

Gardening by the Moon

Posted: 02/05/2017 at 13:57

Hi Obelixx - Apart from the scaffolding planks that the builders oposite gave me I have bought 6 raised bed kits from Super-U and intend to add 2 more from 'Point Vert' as advertised last week. I find Super-U and Point Vert are the most competetive out here to look at -The others very fragile construction and I think would rot really quickly. If I can get computer to take photos I shall put them up. Off to UK now to stock up on other goodies I can't get here!

Happy Gardening.

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