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Gardening by the Moon

Posted: 25/11/2016 at 16:04

Very cold and I've got a cold -Making a really hot spicy curry tonight to kick it off before Rouen. Can't greet the public in this state!!. Did my monthly slot on France Bleu Radio (Cooking Programme) Just in passing said that I did Bio Gardening -Now want me to join Gardening Team for weekly slot to talk about Lunar Gardening -Panic!!

Rescued greenhouse roof yet again plus jammed wheelbarrow and pallets hard up against both ends.Picked some chillies to kill my cold - What sort of dancing do you do Obelixx? Line Dancing the craze here plus a little ballroom classes prior to New year's Eve hops.

Have a great weekend all.

Gardening by the Moon

Posted: 22/11/2016 at 15:34

Yes, Autumn Fair was good, and had invite to interesting Bio Conference in January -so something to look forward to before the Garden Fairs start again in Feb with the Fete de Mimosa. Do let us know how you get on with building raised beds etc Obelixx, thinking of trying this out if and when we move -So impressed with French way of doing it 2m x 2m in 12's. -Seems you don't have to rotate everything all the time either, and can form some really nice patterns and colours.

Much colder again, hope none of you have had floods as seen on UK telly. Off to Rouen this w/e for Salon de Gourmandises  - Love buying foody Xmas gifts (and making them to sell as well!). 1st fresh cranberries in the shops here, much bigger than home grown -Couldn't get anything larger than a holly berry when I grew them so gave up! - Must start making mincemeat. Lost greenhouse roof twice already this week -Still Japanese Onions have taken off really well in polystyrene fish boxes -Seemed to like being bared to the elements instead of wrapped up cosily in greenhouse. peppers and chillies also seem OK -which goes against the book. Temp 15degrees but 7 first thing in the morning. Boots the Bengal bought a dead rat through the cat flap last night as a present for PP - Humans not impressed and flung it plus ALL cats out!!

Happy Gardening!

Gardening by the Moon

Posted: 19/11/2016 at 09:41

Phew -Apart from being blown away -Fine thanks! I am thrilled that the Bio D Weather predictions seem to be pretty accurate this month. Missed the Supermoon due to cloud but the high tides have been magnificent. From 19th -25th we seem to be in for more storms and unsettled weather then cold again with possibility of snow after 25th -Let's see. How's The Vendee comparing Obelixx?? Off to Brittany this afternoon for Autumn (Autumn??!) Fete des Plantes.Just split strawberries -got 32 excellent Gento youngsters from 12 original stools planted last year.

Here is Lunar Calender from 19th - 30th November.

19/20th November - Moon descending in Cancer. Leaf Days - Cut Hazel and Bamboo for Bean sticks and weaving. Protect artichokes from wind rock by cutting away largest leaves and earthing up if you have not already done so. Make sure fleece is secure and cloches firm due to high wind predictions.

21/22nd November - Fruit Days. Take cuttings from figs and then fleece Fig Tree securely for the Winter. Brush moss and lichen off tree trunks to allow airflow around trunks and to avoid disease (I don't do this because apart from liking the look of lichen etc - I know that mosses thrive in unpolluted areas -So I don't see the reason for destroying them -Any thoughts?) On 22nd no gardening before 7.55am as Sun entering into Sagittarius with Uranus causing perturbations with Moon's eliptic path -hence the weather. Carry on planting bare root fruit trees, and lightly compost fruit bed. Leaf mould is particularly good as strawberries/raspberries and gooseberries like woodland conditions.

23/24/25/26th November - Root Days as Moon in Virgo - In mild areas finish planting out garlic. Lift Roots according to your needs, holding back best of Jerusalem Artichokes for replanting in the Spring. Create a Silo for by placing bricks on soil in circle 4-6 high. Place roots like beetroot and carrots with tops facing the centre then layer with straw. Use bracken to cover roots left in ground -This lifts off easier than straw when frozen and you wish to dig up some goodies for lunch. Plant tulips and other Winter bulbs if you haven't yet.

27/28th November - Flower Days Moon apogee (Noted UK weather men use this term so shall use it now as listed in French books) (Apogee Moon at furthest point from Earth -Perigee Moon at nearest point to Earth) So on 27th no gardening after 3pm. If it is not frosty prune Summer flowering Clematis. Plant up Christmas Flowering indoor plants.

29/30th November -Leaf Days and New Moon in Scorpio -Cut out dead branches in trees. Transplant young trees -Make transplant hole as wide as circumfrance of branches and a minimum of 80cms deep -add compost and water in well even if it rains. If it's wet rake lawn to lift moss and allow airflow to avoid water pooling on surface.

Happy Gardening everybody -and keep Warm!

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Gardening by the Moon

Posted: 08/11/2016 at 15:09

Welcome Missy Krissy - GWRS -Tried cacti as a child, afraid they just did not inspire me although we had a neighbour many years later who devoted a greenhouse to them and they were superb. Think I'll stick to the great outdoors! Could not find one gardening boot on Sunday morning -eventually heard strange bumping noise -followed sound to see PP trying to pull my boot through cat flap into garden! -Prized it back out of very strong kitten jaws. -Obviously he is going to be a keen gardener!

Supposed to be a huge Moon tonight with Mars seated below left. Have bought all tender plants into greenhouse now/trimmed dahlias and being soft and silly bought in Gento strawberries and divided some, transplanted them into small pots, -instead of 10 - I now have 32! (I tease the plants apart and get between 2 and 3 new ones each Autumn) - Primroses now in full bloom which is a dreadful mistake. Earlier than forecast in BioDynamic Guide -but have any of you had snow? My banana tree succumbed to frost last night -just did not fleece it on time. -Off to UK tomorrow Christmas Shopping, plus need ingredients for Christmas Cakes. One client has ordered 4!!!

Sounds as though you have work cut out Obelixx, but what a super challenge. Think we may go for Bio Plot -UK can't possible get as bad as the States yet (Or can it??!)

Happy Gardening

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Gardening by the Moon

Posted: 04/11/2016 at 16:42

Hi Hollie Hock

No good with house plants -they always die on me! Such a shame as friends always bring one or two when they visit. If they can go outside -that's where they go. Did try trailing plant in bathroom once -That was a great success, but tried to strangle me in the bath one day, having climbed over the shower and along the top of the airing cupboard -So that went outside!! -Very pretty but a bit Sci Fi!

Have a good w/e -At the moment wet wet wet.

Gardening by the Moon

Posted: 03/11/2016 at 16:27

Hi Obelixx - We have chance to buy BioDynamic Smallholding  here, but with Brexit looming - Not sure what to do at present. GWRS -Sorry can't spare Boots the Bengal but can highly recommend the breed for total obedience (well nearly!) -No idea where he is at the moment, gone out with PP!

Met interesting man this morning selling chanterelles -He says that you should only pick wild mushrooms at the New Moon Phase as they are tastier then. Never pick at Full Moon because insects etc are attracted to the caps, and you will find them inedible. We have wonderful Parasols in the fields in October. I have to say I really prefer the Field Mushrooms back in the UK. When we had horses, we often had a good season with dinner plate size specimans -One made an omelette easily. Still I like the little Blue mushrooms we find here 'Bluits' and lots of Inkcaps and Puffballs.

Happy Gardening!

Gardening by the Moon

Posted: 02/11/2016 at 14:28

I see text cut off at 13th Nov - so - Sow lamb's lettuce under cloches and the last batch of green manures giving preference to Rye which has long roots which will work the sub soil structure favourably. Adding vetches will enrich the soil with nitrogen and the cover of rye will protect the less hardy vetch.

14th Nov - Full Moon -No gardening recommended as Moon at nearest point to Earth. This is a Fruit Day, so if really mild and your last opportunity, you could risk a sowing of round seeded peas after 5.15pm

15/16/17th Nov - Root Days. If you wish to make use of empty cucumber frames, sow some round radishes and short variety carrots with spring onions. Open frame on sunny days, otherwise keep closed and fleeced during frost.

So - keep the comments and experiences coming. All input is so so welcome. Be brave - tell us what you think, and don't be frightened to ask questions. We're all on a learning curve with this Lunar Thread.

Happy Gardening!

Gardening by the Moon

Posted: 02/11/2016 at 14:15

Hi everyone,

Sorry I did not clock in with Weather Report yesterday. Forgot it was a Bank Holiday here and such a super sunny day, just had to spend it finishing garden jobs before temperatures drop. Trimmed and  potted on strawberries/potted up fuschias to overwinter in greenhouse/potted up side rhizomes of favourite bearded irises to transplant to a new bed in Spring and cut back roses. Private Pushkin has found the catflap! - This means extra vigilance on the Potager and potty training for kittens which entails shouting loudly 'no' and clapping hands every time he approaches flower or vegetable beds, and leads to him (hopefully) to follow Boots the Bengal to tiddle etc in the back field normally in the molehills! This gets rid of the moles so very useful exercise!

Anyway - as promised I have the predictions from all French and BioDynamic journals for November weather. Interesting to note that they all say without exception that we have warm weather up until the 9th November, then expect North winds and general unsettled days from 12th with the 15/16th seeing a fall in temperature leading to rain and possible snow from 19-25th. Then it is supposed to turn wintery from 25th with more snow likely. With Neptune in Aquarius rain is the most likely forecast, but the dips in temperature caused by Saturn in Scorpio joined on 11th and 19th by the Sun and Mercury causes very unsettled colder days. Obelixx look out for Calendrier Lunaire 2017 by Michel Gros for 7.90Euros, he is the top man for predictions and has a sound grounding in Organic and Biodynamic Gardening -I find him more accurate than most -He also gives distance guides for accuracy, which you should find useful in the Vendee in relationship to us from Jersey up to Northern UK. The most important thing to remember is that we are in the Northern Hemisphere, so the guidelines above will be generally accurate for all of us. The Maria Thun Biodynamic Calender at £6.99 is a 'must' for those taking things really seriously -A little more difficult to follow than some Websites, but a good read. GWRS you are streaks ahead of me on the allotment! - well done and hope you enjoyed your break.

So - here is the Lunar Calender from 2nd -16th November

2nd/3rd Nov - Moon descending in Scorpio so Leaf Days. Start planting bare root trees and shrubs. Gather dead leaves and burn diseased ones, compost the rest or spread over flower beds to give bulbs a warm blanket. Spread compost on Potager and around roses avoiding really fresh manure. This is best placed in a seperate heap, covered with dead leaves and left to ripen for spreading in Feb/March.

4/5/6th Nov - Fruit Days with Moon ascending in Sagittarius. In milder regions sow Broad Beans and round seeded peas, remembering to earth them up well when sprouted. Harvest kiwis and if you want them to ripen quickly put them in a plastic bag with an apple, which will cause them to ripen faster. Gather the last apples and pears. If anyone is reading this in the Sth of France - harvest olives! 

7/8th Nov - Root Days  - Check stored Potatoes and remove any side shoots. Cover early Carrots and Onions with cloches.

9/10th Nov - Moon ascending -Flower Days Avoid gardening on 9th after 10.50am as Moon crossing with Neptune. Clean and feed indoor flowering plants. Check outside to ensure that all fragile plants are now fleeced and protected against stormy weather predictions on 11th.

11/12/13th Nov - Leaf Days. Harvest Brussel Sprouts/Spinach/ Salad Leaves, and pick last herbs outside before they perish or become dormant, a noticeable bitterness in taste accompanies the period before dormancy even if leaves look fresh. Sow lambs lettuce under cloches and the last batch of

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Gardening by the Moon

Posted: 29/10/2016 at 16:30

What's your soil like in the Vendee? My cyclamen are also a bit pasty and we are very sandy, so I have to add loads of leafmould which they love. Hope the move went OK and you are now settled. Our primroses are out!! Have just crystallised some this afternoon. Lots of rogue raspberries in the Potager - I have to ask myself if I really need more! Will have to make a decision on next Fruit Day, when weather willing I shall move the Fruit Bed around a little - Still you can never have too many raspberries! Most Spring bulbs have sprouted already - This always happens to me - Just have to keep covering them up with leafmould. Irises very rebellious!! Welcome Hollyhock. Moon Calenders and Gardening Guides 2017 launched in all the Newsagents this w/e. Must send off to Soil Association in UK for their Info.

Gardening by the Moon

Posted: 28/10/2016 at 15:45

Great time in UK buying up all supplies for garden not available here, inc magazines which are a fraction of the price than by Europe Subscription. Now ready to tackle wild Autumn growth before - and I hate to say this -Snow!

Bio Dynamic Calender says expect temperatures to drop and potential snow after 19th November through into first half december! let's see what happens, but I'm making plans already, Such warm past winters have meant that I have not always been prepared for sudden falls in temperature - So lots of fleece at the ready, and I am not going to sow early crops this side of Xmas, as my success rate with peas and broad beans sown Oct/Nov is 00000!!!! Have you any tips up your sleeves without a greenhouse and outside? For those interested Private Pushkin (new kitten) is receiving hunting tips from Boots the Bengal -At the moment these include how to destroy my Wellington Boots, and how to disembowel a mouse in the bedroom at 3am! PP not allowed outside yet as initially found abandoned in the garden age appx 9wks.

Here is the balance of October's Lunar Calender

27/28/29/30 October -That's a lot of Root Days!-with New Moon at 5.38pm on the 30th and Moon descending in Virgo - Excellent time to finish planting onions/garlic and shallots. (If your soil is really wet in Winter, make a Ridge and sow in that, remembering to earth up regularly even in Winter.) Lift Leeks/Parsnips/Horseradish and Jerusalem Artichokes according to your needs. Protect bare soil around root crops with straw to encourage last surge of ripening and thin carrots sown 21-23 september.Plant Spring Bulbs, particularly those for shady areas, as shallow soil still easy to work under trees and hedges before frosts.

31st October -Flower Day but no gardening recommended after 2.25pm as Moon at furthest point from Earth so weak and weedy growth can be expected from transplanting/sowing or planting. get storage areas organised for dahlias/gladioli/lilies and cannas instead, and start cleaning and storing tools and pots whilst warmer weather permits work outside.

So there we are - Clocks change on Sunday and I feel that Winter starts now.Luckily here we are never dark in Winter until just after 6pm, but the mornings become horrendous with January seeing us still dark at 9am. How I shall miss the long hours of daylight. On Monday I shall tell you what to expect in November. Have a great w/e and Happy Gardening.

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