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Gardening by the Moon

Posted: 05/02/2016 at 15:54

Both ideas brilliant - Thank you. Will give it a go on Pea and Bean Day!

Gardening by the Moon

Posted: 05/02/2016 at 15:09

Hi - yes I always tuck up the Broad Beans, otherwise they get 'wind rock' I find that the cushioning of the dry dead leaves and then the compost works well, whereas if you compost then add the leaves, stem rot can happen. - I also give them a good talking too, threatening terrible things if they try and die (Don't let them know that I am going to eat them anyway!) - Just in passing, does anyone have some trade secrets about sowing peas without losing most of them so early in the year - Even without the dreaded voles - I just don't get a decent number sprouting. Boots the Bengal already bringing in mice (1 for him and 1 for his pal - sometimes both in his mouth at the same time! - I just wish that he woud remember to kill them first, fed up with hearing scampering under the bed and finding severed heads in the morning!)

Gardening by the Moon

Posted: 03/02/2016 at 10:20

Must get new greenhouse cover - blown off again! Japanese onions doing really well in cucumber frame. Broad Beans chirping up now that I have tucked dead leaves and compost around them up to the 3rd leaves (so about 23 centimetres tall now) Brussel sprouts asked me not to pull them up as they will have brussels on their stems soon!! About the size of peas at the moment!! -Warmer today but chilly wind . Cannot get onto veg patch even if I wanted to just too soggy. Luckily alot of it still planted up with Winter Salads/Celery & Beetroot and seems happy. Fig lost its fleece whilst I was away last week, but no harm done. Fleece now perched on top of poplar tree about 30ft up - I'm not going up there!

Gardening by the Moon

Posted: 02/02/2016 at 10:25

Hi Just to continue in case message cut again through lack of space here is Lunar Calender for 1-17th Feb, slightly more detailed to tie in with above info, so we ease in gently to all this new terminology (which I still find confusing!!)

1/2 Feb - Flower Days Moon Descending in Libra (Air Sign) Pot up Cannas and begonias saved from last year in pots lightly covering roots. Place in full light 15/20DegreesC watering from time to time.

3/4 Feb - Leaf Days Moon descending in Scorpio (Water Sign) If it is not frosty prune box hedges and other conifers Prepare asparagus bed for planting in March.

5/6 Feb - Fruit Days 4.33am Moon Ascending in Sagittarius (Fire Sign) Sow aubergines/pepers and chillies 20C. Sow Peas and Mange touts under cloches.

7/8 Feb - Root Days 2.39 New Moon in Capricorn (Earth Sign) Sow red and white onions and leeks.

9/10 Feb - Flower Days Moon ascending but furthest point from earth so no gardening on 10th/11th - Moon in Virgo (Air Sign) Sow begonias/marigolds and geraniums. Do not cover the begonia seed.

11/12/13 Feb - Leaf Days Moon ascending in Pisces (Water Sign) ( Each month when the Moon is in Pisces sow lettuce  and other leafy salad crops.) Sow cabbage under heat. Sow spinach outdoors.

14 Feb - Fruit Day Moon in Aries (Fire Sign) Under cover and 18/20C Sow tomatoes.

15/16/17 Feb - Root Days Moon in Taurus (Earth Sign) Sow carrots under cover/radishes in coldframe and onions again. The onions should be ready to harvest July-Sept.

So there we are - I hope that I explained a few things that I have learnt clearly. Link this Diary in with the Planets Today Chart and you should see a pattern forming that then ties in with these weather trends. Once again - let's have some more input from other Bio gardeners who can shed more light on this subject.

Happy Gardening!


Gardening by the Moon

Posted: 02/02/2016 at 09:54

Life getting back to normal after mercy dash to UK to check on Mother in Care Home, so sorry for silence. Yes I am in Normandy bang opposite Jersey so we get Jersey weather and TV. As predicted we also had cold snap here -9 then despite rain not stopping at all it has got warmer (around 12/14 degrees C). The prediction for February is warm for the first half of the month with Mercury and Venus in Sagittarius, enhanced by Jupiter. Unfortunately then Mercury & Venus move into Capricorn bringing cold weather to the second half indicating mor rain and a strong possibility of snow. So - we need to talk about weather. First turn on to which is a site I have just found - click on geocentric and you will see a diagram of the position of the moon in relation to the constellations and planets today (and evry day) - I have found this a brilliant aid to what I am about to explain (or try to!!)


The four elements connected with the constellation named by man around 2,000  years ago due to their pattern forms (and not to be confused with the signs of the Zodiac and astrology) are attached to specific groups which effect ground and weather conditions.

Dry & Hot - Fire - Aries/Leo/Sagittarius

Cold & Dry-Earth-Taurus/Virgo/Capricorn

Hot & Humid-Air-Gemini/Libra/Virgo

Wet & Cold-Water-Cancer/Scorpio/Pisces

Hot has a tendency to effect general metabolism. Cold holds back metabolism changes. Dry concentrates sap and helps to resist external humidity and wet conditions. Humid or Wet helps in the repair of the principal nutritifs in the plant.

When the Moon is in front of a Fire Sign - activity is directed towards the creation of fruits and grains. When in front of an Earth Sign - The force is directed towards plant rots and stems. When in front of a Light/Air Sign- It is the flowering section of the plant that is strengthened. When in front of a Water sign- Concentration is placed on leaf growth.

Planetary Aspects - The planets travel around the Sun at different distances & speeds - This means that they are regulary in alignment with the Moon and each other, and they also pass through the different constellations. When you get 1 or 2 planets in the same constellation as the Moon, the cosmic forces are magnified and this effects the weather patterns to extremes of temperature/wind etc. When we observe the sky we can observe 2 planets at any one moment forming an angle in relation to the Earth. For example - When one planet rises and another sets at the same time - they form an angle of 180degrees in relation to the Earth and are defined as being in Opposition. An angle of 0degrees forms a Conjunction. 60Degrees a Sextile 90degrees a Square 120degrees a Trine. So - The Moon can be in Conjunction with Mercury - Sextile with Venus and a Trine with Mars. Harmonius links work well for the growing of plants and are associated with calm weather periods. Un harmonious Links can upset plant cycles causing spurts of weakened growth (eg. Bolting lettuces) susceptability to disease and fungus. Such conditions can last several hours. Which is why we have periods of non gardening days. Looking at the Website I mentioned shows the aspects of the Moon and ties in neatly with the definitions used in the Biodynamic Calender. I'm now beginning to understand why we must do things at certain times (ie before 4.23pm) There is a useful explanation on this site as well re astronomical terms and.


Gardening by the Moon

Posted: 12/01/2016 at 14:00

Um that's what I thought re cuttings. Actually just stick mine straight in ground anywhere and they usually take regardless. Re Rhubarb - stacks and stacks in France, so don't bother to grow it as so cheap to buy and husband doesn't like it anyway. Think I shall fleece Fig. Lots of babies on it which dropped off last year at the first hint of frost. It is called Rouge de Bordeaux and had a fabulous crop the 1st year. Grows well in Northern France apparently - so fingers crossed. Just wrapped lots of leafmouldy strawy compost around broad beans so they are nice and snug. Much colder today. Wish that wind would stop - Fed up with putting polytunnel roof back on - Waiting for delivery of new cover - Hopefully stronger ties provided. Almost ready to give you reasons why Biodynamic weather calender accurate. Just let me finish the last few pages of the Book, plus new Course Notes sent from Germany. Dictionaries lying around all over the house - Teach me to live abroad!!

Gardening by the Moon

Posted: 09/01/2016 at 13:59

Given up on Sprouts - Look like weak and weedy walking sticks with pompoms on top - No buttons at all. However Broccoli just beginning to head up which is far too early and Tuscan Black Kale romping along. Raspberries still coming. 1st Daffofil out yesterday, and 1st irises last w/e. Have decided to eat Pompoms on sprouts next week and throw away walking sticks!! I think my soil id just too sandy for these. Have earther up Autumn Broad Bean plants that are trying to flower (told them not to) Added loads of compost and strawy bits to keep them cosy. Wrapped up purple banana type shrub in fleece. Should I wrap up fig tree??? New last year and in giant pot.

All the Lunar Diaries and Calenders out today. Bought 2 different ones to give us all good x references and, I see one is specifically for Flower & Herb Gardeners and Bee keepers - so this should be interesting. Will get reading and report next week!

Have a good w/e


Gardening by the Moon

Posted: 07/01/2016 at 15:10

In case I ran out of space again - I did want to add a heartfelt best wishes to all those who must have lost their gardens/allotments and perhaps even crops and livestock in the floods. I really hope 2016 brings better luck and dare I say - weather.

Happy Gardening.

Gardening by the Moon

Posted: 07/01/2016 at 15:03

Aaaah! Did type Diary up to 28th but must have run out of space on Message Board as I see it has not come out!  Vin Chaud - Mulled Wine.

16th January - Leaf Day details as per 14/15th missing out hours but allclear on 16th to sow Spring and Salad Bowl lettuce in 12/15degree heat.In cucumber frame sow herbs for cut and come again Spring Salads: Purslane/Savoury and Chives. Continue to harvest Spinach/Lambs Lettuce and Winter Lettuce - remember to fleece up balance of salad/tender crops with bad weather coming.

17/18th January - Fruit Days - Sow Broad Beans outside, earthing them up well once they germinate up to 20cms against Spring Gales 'wind rock'

19/20/21st January - Root Days On a Hot Bed or Under Cover sow turnips, scattering them well to avoid thinning and damage weak Spring root system. Air regularly and keep moist. Harvest April/May. Sow also under cover short shank leeks to prick out in March - I know leeks are not Root Crops but the short shank ones have a really clumpy root system and are better treated as such according to French Market Gardening Guides.

22/23rd January - Flower Days If it is not frosty, plant out bare root Roses remembering to paste mud all over roots (I make a slurry mix in a bucket) to encourage quick root growth. Earth up well avoiding covering graft point, and cut back to 6inches from ground in March.

24th January - Leaf Day - If weather calm and no frost - Air Frames and greenhouse. Cut crossing branches out of trees and treat cuts with Bio Fungicide or Bordeaux Mixture to discourage fungus and nasty bugs.

25/26/27th January - Fruit Days. Earth up Broad Beans and if not frosty brush moss and lichen off tree trunks, then spray with Bordeaux Mixture or Bio Fungicide. Plant out new fruit bushes and prune old ones remembering to take out all old growth. 28th January - No gardening before 5am. (As if you would!)

Gardening by the Moon

Posted: 06/01/2016 at 13:57

Right I'm back!! AND with a vengeance - Just so, so excited having read lots and lots of different books and articles over the Xmas Period -Great with just two of us, we just pull the shutters down for nearly a fortnight and catch up on lots of reading interspersed with mugs of Vin Chaud and good food.

So - First and foremost Happy New Year and Happy Gardening 2016 to all Moonbeams! (Think that is an apt name for us) Here is the Lunar Gardening Calender for 6th January - 28th January 2016, which will be interspersed with sessions on understanding Biodynamics/Weather/Constellations/Planets -and NEW Tidal Effects and how the Chinese work all these factors into their gardening/medecine etc (probably another Thread on the latter!)

First I know that you have been waiting with baited breath re Weather, and I do need to do some explaining about how Biodynamic gardeners establish these predictions (It is quite long winded so just for this message I shall stick to January and general 2016 Weather Calender Predictions)

The first 3 weeks of January see more rain and gales, turning colder from the 8th with a tendancy towards snow 13/14th. In the last 10 days of the month getting colder with gales, but temperatures rising again after 27/28th - So if you haven't already fleeced Plants/Shrubs/Trees, now is the time to do it during the few calm moments in the days to come. If like me, you have been having a constant argument with flyaway fleeces, and my polytunnel roof - Call on the 'man or woman that does' in the household, and use brute force and lots of Rope (Tights work well as they give to the sway of the tree/shrub - my young eucalyptus looks very dashing!) With a cold start to Feb with warmer days 4-10th, watch out for snow and plunging temperatures after the 18th (Lucky this is a short month! - That's as far as I am going but a sneaky look at the end of the year shows me end Nov and most of Dec wintery conditions and Snow - We shall see.)

Now:- 6/7th January - Moon descending Leaf Days Prepare the asparagus bed by adding lots of manure and compost to surface - Or if a new bed dig a trench no less than 1ft (30cms) deep and fill with fine compost. If you have no frost yet, continue to prune trees but paint fungicide over cut surfaces to protect from extreme weather conditiond and bugs etc (Or spray with Bordeaux Mixture).

8/9/10th January - Moon ascending from 6.55pm on 8th so changing from Leaf to Fruit Days. - If no frost, take cuttings from fruit bushes and push down into spare ground to take root in late Spring (Preferably against a North Wall -Does anyone know why?? - French Gardeners say it is to stop cuttings budding up so exhausting potential root growth) Cut existing cuttings taken last year down to 30cms, to encourage better root formation for transplanting to Fruit Beds in late Spring.

11/12th January - New Moon and Root Days, so sow radishes and short carrots in cucumber frame if temperature no lower than 10degrees. Mix the seeds together and harvest the radishes first leaving carrots room to grow. Also confuses carrot fly, as radish roots give off a bitter aroma when pulled.

13th January - Flower Days. Sow cauliflowers on hot bed or in heated propogater 15-18degrees. keep them warm when thinning out in February and plant out under a Tunnel in April for harvest May/July.


14th January - No gardening after 10.40am - This is when the Moon is changing from the New to Full Moon on an ascending cycle and is situated BETWEEN the Earth and the Sun, so the New Moon cannot be seen. And is why on a clear night we sometimes say ' but I can't see the Moon'

15th January - No gardening before 7.20am (Still dark here!) as Moon is 'perigee' - at its closest point to the Earth on its ecliptic path. When you can see it - it looks larger . In most cases it is

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