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Posted: 09/02/2015 at 14:20

My promo Code is on the back of the latest Catalogue from T & M


Posted: 09/02/2015 at 13:57

We start buying Xmas Presents from us to us (there are only 2 of 'us') straight after Easter from Charity Shops and £1 shops. I wrap the presents as soon as we get home labelling them with our initials so that come Xmas Eve I then mark on the gift tag which animal they are from eg: To Master love Patch. We have completely forgotten what we have bought and have wonderful surprises plus cheap Xmas'

Peach leaf Curl

Posted: 03/02/2015 at 14:56

Well I've wrapped it up all snug and warm, but, how will insects get in to pollinate? ie - when do I risk unwrapping it again?

Are Gardening Magazines Overseas related to UK?

Posted: 03/02/2015 at 14:50

Back in the Autumn I was surprised to see Carol's photo in my weekly French Gardening Mag at the same time as my Monthly Gardeners World - Whilst it was the same photo there was no article by her in the French Mag. This week I see Alan Titchmarsh pruning on the inside back cover of the French mag listed for next week. I assume Royalties are paid for photos - or perhaps there is a free Library avaialable OR perhaps they don't know that their photos are being used? - Copyright and all that. Has any other reader abroad seen the same thing? I just thought they should know.

Greenhouse in Winter

Posted: 03/02/2015 at 14:42

Broad Beans doing really well in cold greenhouse. Grabbed myself some polystyrene fishboxes lying around the Market last week - Could I pop some things in these? Suggestions please - Temp hovering around 9 degrees. Always been afraid of sowing too early as seem to lose so many young plants though they sprout readily enough.


Posted: 03/02/2015 at 14:39

Just in passing - I did divide my 'Grasse' Lavender and they have taken beautifully - Now have new big clumps that I have trimmed into jolly balls of joy. Can highly recommend this instead of buying new stock. Cuttings nowhere near as successful. Pretty but weak and feeble!

Biodynamic Gardening

Posted: 03/02/2015 at 14:35

Just finished wading through my Mother's gardening notes that she made in the late 60's/70's when she belonged to a Biodynamic Steiner Group in Sussex - comparing her comments with the French and British Calenders & Guides - It all seems to gel. Just getting my brain into gear to set it down here!

Old Wive's Tales/Tips and Wrinkles

Posted: 03/02/2015 at 14:29

I thought it was Foxgloves because they give off a smidgeon (as micro micro scopic) of digitalis raising pulse rate - Victorians deemed it not only Bad Luck but believed they bought death into a house - Sorry to be so cheerful! Just in passing learnt this morning that if you plant thyme (say in a square bed) around lettuces it deters slugs.

Gardening by the Moon

Posted: 30/01/2015 at 16:48

First daffodil out this week! First Iris out last week! Snow forecast for next week so both have made bad mistakes!

Anyway here is Lunar Calender up to 15th Feb finishing this year. If you would like me to continue please let me know, as I was going to add extra info from 1st Feb for those interested in Bio Dynamic Gardening under Bio Dynamic Thread.

30th Jan - 15th Feb 2015

30th Jan - Root Day Sow Radish and carrots under cover, mixing the seed together. When you crop the radishes in a month's time, you will have left space for carrots to grow on. Sow turnips under cover.

31st Jan 1st Feb - Flower Days Prepare plot for Artichokes. If no frost plant out climbing shrubs like wisteria and honeysuckle.

2/3 Feb - Leaf Days If soil is not frozen, Plant hedging shrubs either bare root or container grown

4/5/6 Feb - Fruit Days (No gardening on 6th before 11.30am) Prune fruit and take cuttings from currants, popping spurs direct into vacant ground. Sweep moss and lichen off fruit tree trunks and then treat with Bordeaux Mixture.

7/8/9/10 Feb - Root Days (No gardening on 8th after 12.05pm) In all regions on non manured soil sow shallots with points showing abive ground but do not water in. - These should be ready for harvesting in July. Plant Rose Garlic. Thin turnips sowed between 1-4th January.

11/12 Feb - Flower Days After hard frost take off covering from artichokes to allow air to circulate and freshen tops (Cover again at night) Divide snowdrops in the green. Plant Anemones de Caen and renonculus. Prick out begonias sown 22-23rd January

13/14 Feb - Leaf Days Prune Box hedges. Cut Hazel for pea and bean sticks.Prick out lettuce and cabbage sown 24-26th January

15/16th Feb - Fruit Days In heated greenhouse 18-20degrees - sow tomatoes/aubergines/chillis and peppers.

Happy Gardening


Posted: 17/01/2015 at 16:29

Ah - I thought it was strange as when I check my 'posts' comments are there but no email notification. I would love to answer threads sooner and I do look at my emails every day after I have finished in the office just to unwind. Please contact me!!!!

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