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Gardening by the Moon

Posted: 02/08/2017 at 17:24

Staggered out of bed this am having been laid low since Friday afternoon with Tonsolitis type bug. Stuffed full of anti biotics, and have just made courgette and camomile cakes for Farmers Market tomorrow, and now collapsed back in chair Your view is lovely GWRS. It has rained solidly all day today which is good because it is a no gardening day as Moon apogee (Moon at furthest point from Earth in cycle and forces weaken plant growth so weeding recommended) - I am NOT going out in this lot!!

So August Weather is apparently going to be over all hot and dry. with cloud rain and a general change in weather 14/15th of the month. Sharp rises in temperature expected 16/17th and after 18th general good weather. I think that we can agree that the heavy rains and storms were accurate for July. How do you feel about the way it has worked out this year? I reserve judgement a little.

Just to the end of the week:-

3 rd August - Leaf Day Prepare new parcels of land for lawn to be sown in September. Keep weeds under control.

4/5th and 6th August - Moon ascending in Sagittarius so Fruit Days. Take a gamble on planting some more Beans and Peas for harvest in October (Perhaps in pots to bring into greenhouse?) Graft Fruit Trees.

7th/8th August -Gardening not recommended due to Eclipse on 7th after 2pm and no gardening on 8th before 5pm as noued descending. Between these times Root Days -Sow white or red onions.

Will get back in the swing of things again soon.

O/H Rescued a bat swimming around in a bucket of water yesterday. Luckily he/she was fine and once dried in the sun flew away -He did not touch it as potential Rabies threat here. We suspect Pushkin may have something to do with why it was in a bucket -remember I told you he was jumping high at dusk trying to catch bats?! -However this was lunchtime which seems strange. Anyway happy ending.

Happy Gardening!

Gardening by the Moon

Posted: 27/07/2017 at 11:38

Don't mention weeds! All that rain has woken them all up and I have been working overtime hoeing. Knapweed galore in lawn. Pesticides and Weedkillers being banned in France from 1st January, which is good, so O/H getting blowtorch! - Yesterday's visit was a delight, and I shall write about it over w/e as have Farmers Market this afternoon. Just time to re-inspect Brocolli where baby green caterpillars have arrived. Will fill dish for robin on compost heap. Have made Plum Duff and Rock Cakes for hungry tourists!! - Delighted with my uploaded photo -Will try to do some more showing progress of raised beds.

Gardening by the Moon

Posted: 26/07/2017 at 15:24

Here is our view. (Testing out uploading photos -Just had lesson at BioD Market Garden!)

Gardening by the Moon

Posted: 26/07/2017 at 10:06

Oh Obelixx, you must be really upset. I know it is normally dry and hot down there, especially compared with us in the lusher Normandy where it seems to be more like the West Country. Will you have to rethink your crops etc? Have you got a local Gardening Club that you can join to see what grows well where? - I would have thought raised beds would be the answer, but they will need lots of extra care. I've decided to up my number to 8 to allow for some additional fruit, as prices seem quite high in the shops this year. A Wine producer who sells his wares from the Loire during the Summer here in the Farmers Market tells me he has lost 80% of his crop this year due to early frosts, and he like many other growers is going to have to surplus wines from previous years to mix in with this year's grapes to make up the shortfall for next year. GWRS -yes we've had plenty of rain too, need extra barrels. Cats catching loads of shrews and voles. So good to have a view isn't it. There is something very peaceful about gazing across fields at dawn and dusk. Plenty of bats here as well -New project for Pushkin! - He jumps really high but has not caught one yet thank goodness. Boots chucked into Ditch by local Tomcat yesterday -Came out wringing wet, black and smelly. So much for being a fierce bengal! -Now he says he cannot possibly go outside without me! -Interesting to read Prele (Mares Tails) used by pharmacies as source of Vitamin C and also excellent contre osteoporosis (spelling?). Still struggling with BioD Book -Interesting titbits to absorb. Off to visit BioD Market Garden this afternoon -Will run ideas past them. Found out Veg Lady next to me on a Saturday morning has been on a BioD Course in Amiens. She is also a bit 'foxed' so we are going to see this Garden together today.

Happy Gardening!

Gardening by the Moon

Posted: 19/07/2017 at 12:12

Hi Everyone

Hope all your plants have not been washed away -Thrilled to fill rain barrels again yesterday. Farmers Market on the beach cancelled due to thunderstorms, so leapt into action despite rain and planted out pumpkins/courgettes and cucumbers into the raised beds as they were climbing out of their pots! Now need to plant out peas/celery and beetroot, oh - and baby broccoli (8 left standing after slug attack!)

Here is the Lunar Calender until the end of the month

19/20/21st July - Moon ascending in Taurus so Root Days. Sow Winter Radishes/Turnips and Carrots.On 21st avoid gardening after 1.05pm as Moon is perigee and at closest point to earth so negative effect on plants especially new sowings..

22nd July - Flower Day Moon on turn to descend. . Take cuttings from Summer flowering shrubs. I have added a 2nd Buddlea to my pickings bed -a beautiful deep purple to match the white which has taken root already.

23/24th July - Leaf Days - New Moon 10.45am on 23rd - Start blanching endive to sweeten the leaves which will be ready in 10-14 days time.

25/26th July - Moon descending in Leo so Fruit Days. On 25th no gardening recommended before 6.55am as noued ascending (I don't think that you would be outside then anyway! Darker in the mornings already here which is sad) Prune Apples and Pears/ Nip tops out of tomatoes courgettes, cucumbers and pumpkins to encourage fruit to ripen and form. Cut down Fruited Raspberries, add compost to baby strawberry plants to give them a boost before Autumn. (I scatter ash around raspberries and strawberries from now onwards after bonfires and then top with manure in October before frosts)

27/28/29th July - Root Days again Prepare New Onion Beds for sowing 6-8th August. Do not add manure or sow them in the same bed as this year.Lift current crops of onions/garlic and shallots. Lift potatoes and thin turnips and carrots sown 10-12th July and beetroot sown 21-23rd July

30/31st July - Flower Days Moon descending in Libra. Plant or divide Irises and Day Lilies. Start planting out Autumn Bulbs. Try some Saffron Bulbs -They seem to be much cheaper this year and you only need a couple of stamens to make a tasty rice dish. (Or you could use pot Marigold which imparts the same flavour!) - Don't forget to add chive flowers to salads and crystallise Day Lilies and Rose Petals for Cake decorations on Flower Days.

So there we have it -July will be over in a fortnight. I find that depressing, but then I look at the new garden and am thrilled to see what I have achieved in just 3 months and am looking forward to the challenges ahead.

Just in passing I have woven the young variegated dog wood branches through trellis and looped my clematis around them. Works a treat as they are so stretchy and the variagated leaves look stunning against my purple Jackmanni. Just keep taking the tips off the dogwood so it does not cover the clematis.

My new Bio-dynamic Book is a bit 'off the wall' but I am persevering -Once I think I understand it -I shall let you know!! -But don't hold your breath! Are there any Biodynamic Gardeners out there to join this Thread??

Happy Gardening!

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Gardening by the Moon

Posted: 17/07/2017 at 12:03

Update for Lunar Calender will be from 19th because I am working away today and tomorrow at Farmers Markets am & pm -So so pleased -picked up 10 mixed Dahlias for 1Euro (84pence!) in supermarket sale on Sunday, all sprouting and all happy in pots.

Uk was great, have booked again for 1 day in August -Cannot recommend Euro Tunnel highly enough -35min and your in UK. Return Ticket with Car £63 on selected crossings.

Gardening by the Moon

Posted: 10/07/2017 at 08:02

Coming to UK today HURRAY! (Only for 24hrs!)-Picking up Biodynamic Gardening Book on Preperations I have ordered from Amazon, so will have lots of interesting tips and wrinkles to report I hope. My Peas thriving at the moment. Cabbage Butterflies have found the Broccoli, but a weird thing has happened. I have noticed a new spider that has taken up lodgings on 7 of the broccoli (several spiders) and the Cabbage White has left these completely alone, whilst consisting laying eggs on the others. It is only a little spider with a white rump. Any ideas? Think I will put this up on the Wildlife Thread when I get back.

Rain last night thank goodness.

Happy Gardening!

Gardening by the Moon

Posted: 08/07/2017 at 16:14

Can't you send some of that rain our way? -We haven't even had thunder!! When I was little I was told it was the Giants moving their wardrobes -A lovely explanation I think.

Gosh what super Rhubarb, well done. Hope you had a good break Obelixx, did you see any interesting plants? (How do you upload yur photos onto this Site??)

Just planted 3 lavender bought for 2.99Euros in Lidl this morning. Nice chunky little things. Petit Provence peas just about to flower so have sown some more. Nearly finished Japanese Onions. Must plant twice the quantity next year. Never realised how much we use onions till I grew my own.

Happy Gardening.

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Uploading Photos

Posted: 06/07/2017 at 15:51

Please can someone tell me how to upload my photos onto this site via Picassa. So many times in Threads we are asked to pop in a photo, and it just doesn't work. Help!

Best Free Garden Design App

Posted: 06/07/2017 at 15:48

Papi Jo -Sorry for Silence. If someone can tell me how to upload photos from Picassa to this site -I will happily show you what I have done before. It is the Bank and the Gravelled Area which are new to me. Tablet with computer technician so have lost US site info -Will give details to you asap.

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