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Gardening by the Moon

Posted: 29/09/2016 at 16:55

Fantastic Fair last w/e 'Festival of 10001 Legumes' (vegetables)- Learnt that if you plant absynth near your beans it will attract all the blackfly on your plot turning the whole plant black, which in turn attract the ladybirds (Or you can then spray with a Bio Infusion). This weekend Festival of Legumes Oublies (Forgotten vegetables) with a chance to buy heritage varieties and lectures on how to treat blight with plant concoctions. Look out for Lunar Calender and Weather Guide October before I leave tomorrow.

Moving House in Winter

Posted: 27/09/2016 at 15:00

My current Potager was a Hen Pen 23 square metres and we have grown superb veg for the past 6yrs. I have started to pot on treasures, taking babies from around the edges of giant adults. The rose cuttings that I took earlier in the year are doing well. I am however being really hard on myself - I want to create a new garden in a semi-established garden, so my old stalwarts will stay behind having moved 3 times already. I think they should stay here as they are settled. There are so many new joys (varieties) out there that I feel I should take the plunge and have a change. It's the time of year that worries me.

Moving House in Winter

Posted: 20/09/2016 at 16:46

Whilst I am excited about taking on a new garden (haven't found it yet!- I don't want to leave the one I've  altered already) but there again a fresh slate can often be stimulating, so I am fnding the current piece on Gardeners World (TVprogramme) really interesting. Other half wants a brand new house plus plot which daunts me completely (houses and plots of around 1200sq metres readily available here- I would prefer a modern place but a semi-established garden, How have any of you coped with a brand new bare earth plot?? Try and encourage me in case other half wins! We are not youngsters anymore! Any good books out there?

Gardening by the Moon

Posted: 20/09/2016 at 16:38


My mother was a bio-dynamic gardener and very high up in the Steiner anthroposophy movement, so I was weaned on the gardening methods. Maria Thun's Bio dynamic Calender is excellent for the weather/cropping and explains methods well, and I refer to it as my source in an earlier post. The Lunar Calender by French Bio Dynamic Gardener Michel Goss is an excellent source and many French Moon Gardening Mags. - I also went on a Course in Germany last year, which was excellent. Some of it does seem very far fetched, but hey - I believe in trying anything once and have been really surprised with the results between my 'normal' Bio gardening patch and the BD one. Bought October Issue Kitchen Garden on fleeting visit to UK earlier this month and found excellent article on BD Gardening. At the expense of being bombed out of the Forum for mentioning other mag (Hope not!) I do wish Gardeners World would cover this subject more.

Moving House in Winter

Posted: 16/09/2016 at 11:30

Thanks for that but in France you take everything with you if you wish including the kitchen sink!!! All plants quoted are only 2yrs old, hence the reason I do not want to leave them. Should I pot on the roses or can I get away with moving them as bare root plants? Sorry to be ignorant but not very good with flowers, other than dahlias and spring bulbs.

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Gardening by the Moon

Posted: 16/09/2016 at 11:25

Hi everyone,

Autumn Fair very good despite dreadful weather - Off on Bio-Dynamic Course 26th Looking forward to Lectures by Young Farmers on Farming and Milking Techniques using Bio-dynamic principles - Seems to be an up and coming trend. Thanks for the link obelixx - always good to have new input.Horrible getting up early to do the Farmers Markets now as so dark - Only compensation is that the Moon and planets are clearly visible and sunrise is wonderful. Boots the Bengal keener on staying in bed at the moment!

Here is the Lunar Calender for 17th - 30th September

17th-19th Sept - Leaf Days Moon ascending in Gemini. (remember in Moon ascending plant sap rising) Avoid gardening after 12.55pm on 18th Moon nearest in cycle to Earth. -Sow Salad crops and prepare surface for new lawns, then scatter grass seed freely making sure that it is protected from birds and kept moist for 3-4 weeks.

20th Sept - Fruit Day With Moon ascending this is an excellent time to gather Autumn apples and pears as the fruit lasts longer when stored at this time. Also harvest last strawberries and raspberries, remove all dead leaves from strawberries, leaving maximum light plus airflow around ripening fruit.

21/22/23rd Sept - Root Days , Moon in Taurus, Keep sowing radishes undercover to harvest in 3-4 weeks. Sow Carrots for Spring harvesting April/May. Earth them up regularly and in preference cover lightly with straw or fleece to protect leaves against the cold.

24th/and up to mid-day 25th Sept - Moon descending so plants take root readily and can be transplanted more successfully. Sap movement is slower during the descending Moon. so it is a good time to fell trees and spread compost.Flower Day - Plant Spring Bulbs and Shrubs. Prick out Bi-annuals sown 18-20th August.

After midday 25th Sept and 26th - Moon passes into Cancer so Leaf Days - Transplant Brassicas sown 20-23rd August, making sure that you firm them in well up to the basal leaves to avoid wind rock later.

27/28/29th Sept - Fruit Days. Plant pot grown raspberries/gooseberries/currants and the last strawberry plants.

30th Sept - Moon in Scorpio - Root Day, Spread spent compost from containers over potager or flower beds.

So there we are another month gone! Hope you have not been too wet, or indeed too hot and have not lost any further crops to blight. Happy Gardening! and keep the comments coming.

Moving House in Winter

Posted: 16/09/2016 at 10:46

We may be moving end November beginning December. When should I lift Summer Flowering Asian Lilies and Kniphofias. Should I dry the bulbs of the lilies and replant in the Spring or as with kniphofias (I assume) pot them up to take with us? Re the Roses - Can I trim them down end October to soil level then lift and move them bare root or potted?. - Or am I wasting my time, bite the bullet and buy new stock?

Gardening by the Moon

Posted: 05/09/2016 at 12:03

Hi Daisy and welcome. After 25yrs here, I do have trouble speaking English when I come to UK. Still find the telephone hard though as the French tend to babble away then put the phone down and not actually tell you who they are! Face to face is much better. Old French 'Patois' is more difficult to follow and many ancient gardeners chatter away in this - very similar to Welsh, and spoken widely on Jersey.

I had heard Monet's Garden was quite English in style - I have not been there. Off to super Autumn Fair this w/e, but absolutely fatal as free to all exhibitors so plant prices really low as lots of end of stock lines. This is where I pick up new types of Irises/Day Lilies and lovely shrubs. Running out of space though - Will have to have a major re-think next season - Many plants need moving/splitting or re-newing -Ah - Renewing sounds good! - Means buying!!! -

Gardening by the Moon

Posted: 31/08/2016 at 16:05

Hi everyone - 37 Degrees at Garden Fair last w/e so really hot in Monet's Garden?? Bought myself 2 Mango Punch Coreopsis - Fabulous rusty gold colour plus masses of buds - Bang went the profits from the Fair!! Conferences interesting but not much info to pass on that we all don't know already.

Hope you are having/had a super trip GWRS. SS - Moon in Gemini/Libra or Aquarius on Flower Days (Constellations of the Air Signs) and in Taurus/Virgo and Capricorn on Root Days (Constellations of the Earth Signs) - I picked some blighted tomatoes but they have continued to develop horrible grey/brown patches. - Think I will pick balance of green ones and make Jam with Cinnamon/Basil and Vanilla - Very successful last year mixed with a few red ones for colour - Makes a great addition to Soda Bread dough before baking.

Anyway - Here we are on the edge of September and thank goodness calmer automnal days predicted apart from around the Equinox (22nd September) when high winds and fresher air are expected in the Bio Weather Charts. From 7-16th expect hot days dipping to comfortable warmth from 25th. Wet and windy weather from 22nd should keep humidity at bay, but expect some cooler misty evenings and foggy mornings from 16th.The 1st September sees an Eclipse of the Sun so no gardening on this day, and the 16th an Eclipse of the Moon also means perturbations so avoid gardening that day too. Times recommended for Fruit Harvest are best when Moon in Aries or Sagittarius. Sow Green Manures when the Moon is in Leo or Sagittarius for a better swathe.

Here is the Lunar Calender 1st - 16th September

1st/2nd September - (1st Eclipse of the Sun so gardening to be avoided) Fruit Days - With pickings of peaches and apricots finished (My Peche de Vigne ripens end September so I don't touch it) Prune these trees.

3/4/5th September - Moon descending in Virgo so Root Days - Harvest Beetroot/Turnips/Radishes/Carrots and Celeriac if you want to eat them at their best and not store them at the moment. Lift the last potatoes and onions and keep them in a dry dark place.

6/7th September - Flower Days - Do not garden on 6th September until after 2.40pm as Moon at furthest point in cylcle from Earth so weaker forces on plantings. Plant all acid loving shrubs , divide or plant new Lily of the Valley in a shady place covering the roots lightly.

8/9th September - Leaf Days Moon in Scorpio - Plant pot grown evergreens and conifers. Prick out cabbages sown 20/23rd August - Blanch celery.

10/11/12th September - Moon rising from 11.03pm on 10th in Sagittarius so Fruit Days (and Seeds) - Harvest beans and pod them for dried pulses. Cut remaining Vine tomatoes including some leaves and leave them on racks in sunshine to ripen off. This can also be done with unripe Grapes. Take seed from favourite ripe tomatoes for storage until sowing next year.

13/14th September - Moon in Capricorn so Root Days - Continue sowing radishes for last crops of the Season.

15/16th September - Flower Days but avoid gardening on 16th as not only Eclipse of the Moon but Full Moon 8.05pm on 16th so perturbance of magnetic forces. On 15th Sow annual sweet peas in pots overwintering them under frames. At the foot of a wall or hedgerow sow Perrenial Sweet Peas for flowering March April 2017.

17/18/19th September will be Leaf Days again so times to sow Winter Salads. More info then.

Do keep the comments coming. Happy Gardening

Gardening by the Moon

Posted: 24/08/2016 at 16:43

Welcome Somerset Stroller - Hope to hear lots more from you!

Covered peas with fleece and no more ravaging - so birds must have been the culprits. 33 degrees here yesterday! - Threw washing up water over everything flowery (Don't use this at all on veg) - Roses said 'thank you' - Missed one, dowsing Boots the Bengal during the procedure- One very angry cat!

Raspberries have nearly finished, scavenging fields for blackberries now. Exhibiting at Garden Fair south of Rouen again this w/e, Interesting Bio Lectures on Saturday and Sunday re alternative composting and new Brews I have not heard of before - Will slip off the Stand leaving O/H in charge (not wise as he eats the profits!), listen and report back next week.

-Oh thank goodness - it's raining! Talk about contrairy weather!

Happy Gardening - Oh Obelixx - Have you moved yet? and GWRS did you go on the French Hols?

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