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Gardening by the Moon

Posted: 11/03/2016 at 16:33

Great excitement today - Got on to Veg plot without sinking in! Sowed Rondo and Petit Provence Peas. The Sutton Broad Beans, plus popped some white onion sets (Silver Moon) in a spare patch which I pull as spring onions. Such a joy to get going at last. Don't want to be in UK next week - want to be in the garden!! - Great to know about other websites. Always good to compare, you get a more rounded picture.

Watch out for Lunar Calender on Monday before I jump on the ferry.

Gardening by the Moon

Posted: 09/03/2016 at 15:06

Glad no gardening today and tomorrow as indicated on Lunar Calender. Howling gale - Just rescued 2 seed trays trying to leave home over hedge! Peas are up HURRAY!!

Will do Lunar Calender from 15th for a fortnight before I go to UK. Can't type on I-pads or phones. Have not got Xray eyes for small keyboards!! Need my big ABC computer at home.

why so expensive?

Posted: 09/03/2016 at 15:02

That's not how it showed up on my last 2 years Invoices - I always got the most expensive choice, provided I placed it right on my Order cheaper or free. - What's a goth??? - Have just sown Glacier cherry tomatoes - delighted with them last year. Sweeter than Sungold and just as prolific.

Grow bags, where are they?

Posted: 09/03/2016 at 14:58

Wish they would look at content  (ie peat) but I am afraid to say that cheap and cheerful wins the day for the manufacturers, and very few seem to be eco minded. Whilst Jo Public only want to pay £1 there will always be inferior products.

Grow bags, where are they?

Posted: 08/03/2016 at 16:20

I think Growbags have got thinner as opposed to smaller!! Not organic so I don't use them. Prefer to buy Bio Compost in 40/50litre bags and grow direct in them. They last much longer because deeper and richer mix. Good to scatter on plot after use too whereas in the dim distant past when I did try Growbags they were so dusty and had no nutrition left at all when I had finished growing toms in them.

why so expensive?

Posted: 08/03/2016 at 16:16

Sungold getting much cheaper now as quite an old type - New varieties F1s always pricey initially. I try to get the most expensive free by making it the 4th/5th choice with T & M when 4/5th choice £1 or free.

Gardening by the Moon

Posted: 08/03/2016 at 16:12

Off to Uk next week for Mother's 90th!!! Gardening List for shopping VERY long!! Going to Norfolk - does anyone know any good gardens and/or garden centres to visit as we have 2/3 days in hand.

Gardening by the Moon

Posted: 08/03/2016 at 15:24

No and I chose a polythene covered one as high winds in the poplars nearby too great a risk to a glasshouse, the branches snap off all the time (I use them as bean and pea sticks) - Many moons ago I had a beautiful Alton Greenhouse in UK, Moved house and had to leave it behind as just could not dismantle it successfully. Did heat that with paraffin heater, but did not really benefit as out at work all the time and only got in it at w/ends. A waste really. I am really pleased with the poly covered ones here as green poly so shaded from Summer sun already and really sturdy frames plus bigger models readily available, much cheaper than UK. I paid the equivalent of £60 for 12ft x 6ft 18mths ago. New Covers £23

Gardening by the Moon

Posted: 07/03/2016 at 14:28

So glad it is supposed to warm up this week, desperate to get on outside if  the ground dries up enough. I'm interested to try sowing early peas in clumps of 5 instead of rows. Hoping I might find this a useful method of infilling between other crops that have not finished in time for me to sow fresh rows. No sign of peppers sprouting yet sown 14th Feb but all chillies/aubergines and toms now up in Kitchen. Greenhouse still only 12C - Daren't try anything in there yet, although Japanese Onions doing well in cold frame, and pot plants have over wintered well. Garden Centre starting Sales already - so off to get Bio seed compost/seaweed granules (for onions) and Ferramol this week.

Gardening by the Moon

Posted: 04/03/2016 at 15:12

Great excitement - 1st Chilli up today plus ANOTHER aubergine! all from sowing 14th Feb, which is the earliest that I have ever tried. Glad nothing for me to do this weekend as exhibiting at Gastronomic Fair - Just spent all say making cookies/cakes and -yes-marmelade. - I tried the Lakeland one when I ran out last year. Lemon very good. Surprised about Seville Oranges, we seemed to have alot available this year. Opened 1st Jar of Violet Jam to add stickiness for almonds - Wonderful smell of Spring Flowers -JOY! - Looking forward to G/W and Monty tonight. Sun's just come out - going to walk Boots the Bengal and Dog. Wild Boar back in woods so will have to be careful as Hunting Season finishes this w/e and the wildlife gets braver. Saw 5 Roebuck this morning in back field. White rumps flashing as they sped over Meadow. So elegant.

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