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Tips Aubergines/peppers Chillies

Posted: 24/06/2015 at 16:45

Do I have to limit number of peppers or aubergines fruiting to get decent sizes?

Just in passing on the subject of tomatoes - Tomato leaves make an excellent strong insecticide against ants/mosquitos/leek moths & cabbage white butterflies. Put trimmings in plastic bucket add 3 times their volume in rainwater, leave for several days (fermentation starts the 3rd day) Filter when nice and smelly and pour over the soil around brassicas/onion family and ant nests. Not only does this brew act as a deterrent, but it also encourages strong plant growth. You could just chuck the leaves on the compost, but I prefer to make a 'Brew' and recycle. The biodynamic way.

New Potatoes

Posted: 24/06/2015 at 16:35

Have felt lots of weird shapes with Ratte. Potato Salad tonight so will let you know what I find in pot! Just in passing I tip pot into wheelbarrow then once I have removed goodies, I tip spent compost (minus haulm which tends to sprout again if any tubers left by mistake) around spare areas in veg plot.

More Peas?

Posted: 24/06/2015 at 16:32

Never crossed my mind that they would even sprout!! Thought they would have been sterelized. I assume that you don't know what type they were?


Posted: 24/06/2015 at 11:41

I always transplant my brassicas up to first leaf,  neighbouring gardener says earth them up regularly especially cabbages to encourage hearting. Ideas please.

More Peas?

Posted: 24/06/2015 at 11:38

Just finished my first peas sown in March Petit Provencal. Absolutely stunning crop. I have Kelvedon Wonder podding up now and Mangetouts are just climbing frames. Can I get another crop in this Season and which one would you recommend for a decent yield. Packets say sow throughout May/June am I too late to pop in another?

New Potatoes

Posted: 24/06/2015 at 11:33

My pot grown Ratte & Amandine Potatoes have not flowered but have died back. How do I know when to harvest. Do I still water them? Pots feel nice and heavy.

Tips Aubergines/peppers Chillies

Posted: 24/06/2015 at 11:28

I have never grown aubergines/peppers or chillies before having never had a greenhouse. Bought some nice young F1 plants and now they are all in flower and appear to be doing really well. Someone told me that I must take out leaves to the nearest flower like tomatoes. a) Is this correct and b) should I be feeding them and how much water do they need? A neighbour tells me peppers fall off like young apples and there is a danger of some grub making holes in larger pepppers turning them brown? All advice welcome

Gardening by the Moon

Posted: 24/06/2015 at 10:57

Here is second part of info re treatments for plants without chemicals:-

Plants used as macerations/decoctions or purins:

Wormwood - strongest insecticide wear gloves during preperation as Decoction. (We would say Infusion) - Used against Cabbage white butterflies/aphids & greenfly

Tomato Leaves - Very strong insecticide use as Purin to spray against ants/moths on leeks/Cabbage white butterfly/mosquitos

Tagetes - Stronger than insecticide use as decoction (Infusion) Spray tomatoes against whitefly and cabbage family against caterpillars

Santolina - Insecticide use as Decoction (Infusion) Spray Fruit trees/potager and roses against red & white spider aphids and caterpillars.

Rue - Stronger than insecticide wear gloves during preperation as Purin against slugs/weevils/aphids.

Chillies - Maceration for use against red spider and whitefly plus aphids

Turnips - Insecticide use leaves only as Decoction (Infusion) spray around tomatoes (not on leaves) against whitefly and aphids.

Lavender - Stronger than insecticide use flowers and stalks as Purin against ants/aphids/greenfly

Bracken - Insecticide use as Purin and spray all plants against slugs/snails/click beetles/vine beetle & aphids

Begonias -Stronger than insecticide use leaves only in maceration on all plants against slugs and aphids.

Rhubarb - Stronger than insecticide use leaves only as decoction (Infusion) Spray Ornamental shrubs and roses against greenfly/Snail and slug larvae and caterpillars.

Ivy - Insecticide as a purin use against greenfly & Aphids on Fruit Trees

ONLY ONE POINT to bear in mind, these concoctions are used as insecticides and they do not differentiate between good and bad insects, so target pests carefully. So much to absorb in this biodynamic list of info. At least it means that we don't have to throw spent leaves on the compost heap all the time. There are other uses! I'm surprised to find that you can use Broom/Cabbage/Wild Sorrel/Dandelions/Meadowsweet & Silver Birch leaves for all sorts of things. Precise recipes available.

Do let me have your comments. Have just pottered round the Potager with a much needed cup of coffee and am thrilled with transplanted beans/courgettes/cucumbers & tomatoes from yesterday. Before Lunar Trials I used to find that transplants looked a bit limp the 1st day and appear to struggle to meet new environment from pot to soil. Is it because I chose Fruit Days as instructed I wonder.

All thoughts please welcome.

Gardening by the Moon

Posted: 23/06/2015 at 14:39

Good to hear from you. No it does not take time - just a problem getting my brain into gear to work out how to 'treat' each plant and how to 'use' which plant! Will add more info tomorrow. Just rushing today to get last tomatoes/courgettes/cucumbers out. Keep getting side tracked by stray weeds and new self seeded goodies that just 'must' be popped somewhere else. Eating last Broad Beans and 1st Crop Peas tonight. Never seem to grow enough broad beans, will have to try harder!

Received invite to wonderful Bio Potager Fair in September this morning. Have sowed some of their Heritage Tomato Seeds this year with great results.

Gardening by the Moon

Posted: 22/06/2015 at 15:56

There are 3 methods to make preperations. 1. 'Maceration' Soaking whole plant material in cold water for several days to make mild preventative treatments (Normally used to increase strength in young plants) 2. 'Decoction' Dowsing herbs/flowers and some vegetables in hot NOT boiling water to infuse, then allow to get cold.( Normally used to release oils as an insecticide). 3. 'Purin' Chopping herbs/flowers and indeed some vegetables (cabbage leaves or tomato leaves) into small pieces thus releasing juices and soaking in cold water and allowing to ferment for up to 3 weeks to make extracts.

Whilst we already know about Comfrey & Nettle Brews. I have been introduced to other plants with specific beneficial ingredients used to increase vigour in young plants/ to help prevent rust/mildew and fungicidal problems and to use as repulsants against slugs/caterpillars/red & white spider plus other unwanted creepy crawlies.

To make 'Macerations' Place chopped leaves in plastic bucket (never use wood or metal as there is a reaction between the juices and these materials destroying the purity of the finished product) Add 3 times their volume cold rain water. Allow to soak for 5-10 days (Fermentation commences the 3rd Day) Filter and dilute to 20% (1 part Maceration to 5 parts water)

A 'Decoction' is a faster method to obtain the same result as 'Maceration' and stronger smells to repulse insects/voles - (Yes voles!)/slugs/caterpillars. Once again fill aplastic bucket with plant material and pour over 20 times the volume hot NOT boiling water (tap water is OK for this although a purist would boil rain water. Then allow to get cold completely.Filter and keep in bottles store at 12 degrees C in the dark.

For a 'Purin' Chop plant material insto small pieces including flowers and leaves and place in plastic bucket. Soak in 10 times its volume in warm or cold water for 24hrs at 18 degrees C.Then filter and store.

As an anti fungicide the following plants are used:-

Tansy - Decoction - Spray over Roses/Tomatoes/Potatoes

Elderberry - Decoction - Spray Fruit trees and Roses

Sage - Purin - Spray over Fruit Trees and Roses

Sorrel -Maceration - Sponge over fruit trees against canker

Nettles - Decoction - Spray Fruit trees & Roses

Origano - Decoction - Spray Camelias/Rhododendrons as a fumigant

Garlic - Decoction or Maceration - Spray for Peach Leaf Curl/Rust

Star Anise - Purin - Spray Potatoes against Mildew & Grey Mould

Nasturtiums - Decoction - Spray Fruit Trees against Canker

Chives - Decoction - Spray Cucumbers/Courgettes/Roses/ Currants - against Mildew & Grey Mould

Just a taster of what you can use without resorting to chemicals.






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